5 Tips to Start Your Day Right

Mornings can be a very difficult time of the day for most people, as a lot of them would usually be forced to wake up in the morning in order to go to work or school. Many of us would often want to sleep all morning, but that is not actually a good way to start your day right, especially when you want to be productive every day.

Fortunately, there are tips and steps that you can follow so that you can start every morning feeling wonderful and productive. To know more about these tips, we are here to provide you with details about them so that you can follow them easily and conveniently. Here are the top five tips to start your day right.

Always Wake Up Early

The first tip we will provide you is arguably one of the most important tips, and this tip is to always wake up early in the morning. By waking up early, you will be able to do more productive things before you actually go to work, to school, or just before the afternoon comes. 

Waking early will also give you time to think about the things that you will do in the morning, and it is also a great time to be alone and just have time for reflection. Moreover, waking up early allows you to follow the other tips we will mention below, which is why this is considered one of the most important tips, as you wouldn’t be able to do the others if you don’t wake up early. 

In order for you to wake up early, you will also have to sleep early, which can be difficult to do if you are already used to sleeping late. However, breaking that habit is easy if you have the motivation to do so. There are many ways for you to sleep early, and one of the best ways is to listen to or watch ASMR videos on YouTube, which would often put you to sleep in just a few minutes. So, sleep early and wake up early in order to start your day right.

Follow a Morning Routine

typical breakfast

The next step after waking up early is to follow a specific routine every morning. It is actually up to you as to what you want to do after getting out of bed, but there are certain activities that we recommend for you to do. Here are these activities that you should follow to have a proper morning routine.

  • Make your bed – In order to start the day feeling productive, you should begin with making your bed or tidying it so that it would look much neater instead of being messy. Making your bed would boost your productivity and your motivation to do other activities in the morning or throughout the day.
  • Meditate – You should spend a few minutes meditating while sitting on a chair or even while standing up. Meditating would enable your mind to be at peace, which would then help you to remain calm and collected every day.
  • Brush your teeth – A lot of people would say that you should brush your teeth after eating breakfast, but some experts would say that brushing your teeth after waking up is more effective in removing or getting rid of the bacteria that are building up in your mouth while you are sleeping.
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast – Of course, if you want to have energy throughout the morning and afternoon before lunch, you should eat a healthy breakfast. There are many recipes for breakfast meals that you can follow online, so deciding on what to eat isn’t too difficult.

These are just very simple activities that you can do during the morning, and they also don’t take a lot of time to do. If you wake up early, you can just spend at least 45 minutes doing most of the activities we mentioned, so you would still have plenty of time left to do other things.

Get a Little Bit of Exercise

Even though many people would say that exercising is a very tiring activity that shouldn’t be done minutes or hours before you go to work or school, exercise is actually needed if you want to boost your energy during the morning and afternoon. Whenever you exercise, your body releases hormones called endorphins, which would help you to feel much more positive while also reducing your stress levels.

If you really want to start the day right, you should get a little bit of exercise in the morning so that you will have more energy and less stress while you are at work or school. Of course, you really shouldn’t perform a full workout on the days when you have to work or study, so you should just do a few minutes of stretching, jogging in place, or doing yoga. The ideal duration of the morning exercise should be 15 to 30 minutes, but you can go for much longer if you have more time.

Some exercise may cause our thighs to rub against each other, leading to the development of inner thigh chafing. To prevent this, you may check out our post on How to Avoid Inner Thigh Chafing for the best tips and tricks.

Have a Morning Shower or Bath

taking a morning shower

After getting a little bit of exercise, you should then have a morning shower or bath. A morning shower has plenty of benefits, which include improving blood circulation, increasing immunity against bacteria and viruses, decreasing stress, and improving the health of your skin. Also, if you are going to work or school, you should take a morning shower first for proper hygiene before leaving the house, as the morning shower or bath would allow your body to have a more pleasant odor.

Think Positive

Another important tip that you should follow to start the day right is to always think positive, as it would allow your mind to have less stress and fewer problems to worry about. The tips we have provided above can help you in having a much more positive mindset, although it is still up to you if you truly want to have more positivity in your life. 

If you often think about negative thoughts, the exercise, the morning shower, and everything you do during your morning routine would be for nothing, as the negativity would just overpower every activity. Always have a positive mindset during the morning so that you will be much calmer and have a better focus while working or studying throughout the day.