A Guide to Reacher Grabber Tools for Patients and Elderly People

Bending down to grab an item on the floor can be difficult for a lot of elderly people and patients with disabilities or special needs, as the action would usually require them to bend their backs or legs, which can then cause immense pain for those that have weaker bones and muscles.

Fortunately, there is now a specific device that people can use to grab something on the floor without the need for them to bend down, and this device is called the reacher or grabber. To know more about this device, here is a guide to reacher grabber tools for patients and elderly people.

What are Reacher Grabber Tools?

using a reacher

The reacher, also known as a grabber, is a tool or device that is specifically used to pick up small items from the floor. The reacher features a claw-like mechanism at its foot or head that clamps down on the item that you want to pick up, and the handle of the reacher has a trigger that activates the claw-like mechanism.

The reacher looks like a cane at first glance because of its long arm, and this feature is specifically designed for the tool’s foot or head to reach the floor better. On the other hand, the handle of the reacher looks like a firearm with a trigger. This firearm or pistol design is supposed to make it easier for the elderly and patients with special needs to hold the reacher and activate the trigger.

What are the Different Types of Reacher Grabber Tools?

types of reachers

There are different types of reachers or grabbers that are available in stores, and each of these types has unique features that can be helpful for the people that will be using these tools. Here are the different types of reacher grabber tools that you should know about.

Foldable Reacher

The foldable reacher features a foldable arm that enables the tool to become more compact. This type of reacher or grabber is perfect for those that want to store the tool in narrower or smaller spaces. In addition, the foldable reacher is also a great choice for people that are always outdoors, as this type of grabber can easily be packed inside a bag or on the sides of it.

Magnetic Tip Reacher

The magnetic tip reacher, as its name already suggests, is the type of grabber that has a magnetic tip, which makes it easier to pick up objects that are made of metal and other materials that can be attracted by a magnet.

Rotating Head Reacher

The rotating head reacher features a claw-like mechanism that can rotate 360 degrees. This feature allows the grabber to reach narrow spaces or to grab onto items without the need for the user to move in a circular motion just to change the orientation or position of the claw-like head.

Suction Cup Reacher

The suction cup reacher has suction cups on each end of the claw hand. These suction cups are useful for grabbing onto items that can be difficult to get using a standard reacher. Some of the items that are difficult to grab include slippery items and items that are made from softer materials.

What are the Benefits of Reacher Grabber Tools?

The reacher or grabber is one of the most useful tools for seniors and patients with special needs. Here are some of the best benefits of using reacher grabber tools.

Reach Items on the Floor Easily

person on a wheelchair using a reacher

The main benefit of using a reacher or grabber is to reach and grab items on the floor easily. Picking up items on the floor, as we have said previously, can be painful for the elderly and patients with disabilities, as they would need to bend their backs or fold their legs just to reach the item that they intend to pick up. With the help of a reacher, they don’t have to experience the pain from bending and folding specific body parts anymore, as they can just use the reacher to grab the item on the floor with ease.

Get Items on Higher Shelves or Cabinets

If there are items that seniors or disabled patients would want to get from shelves or cabinets that are installed higher on a wall, they can just use a reacher or grabber to easily get the items they need. Instead of reaching down, the grabber should be positioned upwards so that the user will have an easier time reaching items on a ceiling or the top portion of a wall.

And this is a simple guide to reacher grabber tools, their different types, and their benefits. A reacher or grabber is a must-have at home if you have an elderly patient or loved one, as this tool will allow the elderly to reach for items that they cannot normally reach without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Grab Items Under the Bed or Sofa

box of medicine grabbed by a reacher

Another benefit of using a reacher or grabber is to grab items under the bed or sofa, which is already a difficult task even for children and adults that have healthy bodies. Getting items that have rolled or moved under the furthest areas of the bed or sofa can be difficult, as your arms may sometimes not be long enough to reach those areas. By using a reacher, you will be able to get items under the bed or sofa easily without the need to exert too much effort.

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