Benefits of Sleeping on a Hybrid Mattress

Healthy sleeping habits are a must for everyone, whether they’re adults, kids, or teenagers. With the right amount of time spent in dreamland each night, we can perform at our full potential during the day. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to drift straight off to sleep at night or to stay asleep for a decent number of hours.

There are several sleeping disorders that might be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s more likely that the main problem is your mattress. The right mattress will help you in falling asleep comfortably and staying that way throughout the night. This will enhance the body’s healing process and enhance both physical plus mental health.

However, there are several mattress choices available in the market right now, which could be quite overwhelming for a novice buyer. The prices and quality can vary greatly, so you might be most comfortable going for a hybrid mattress for your first choice. These mattresses are designed to give you the benefits of both innerspring and foam options, though there might be a compromise somewhere.

Defining Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses include any kind of mattress that has several materials inside, especially those with a coil support layer and some memory foam. The precise composition will vary according to the manufacturer, brand, and style of the mattress we’re looking at.

The coil support system is usually a steel one, which helps in reducing motion transfer. This means that it wouldn’t move around much, allowing two people to share a bed without disturbing one another with their movements. There should also be some sort of cooling material inside to lower the body temperature and provide comfortable sleep. Finally, a hybrid mattress has a comfort layer on top, which could vary in firmness.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress


Hybrid mattresses can be quite expensive, especially if you go for the high-end options. It’s still worth investing in for the many benefits, though. Let’s have look at some of them now:

1. Some Bounce

Memory foam is known as one of the most comfortable options for mattresses, but many people might not be fond of that sinking feeling it creates. The resultant heating effect is not what you want when you’re trying to get to sleep.

With a hybrid mattress, you get the pocket coil with a bit of bounce. This avoids sinking and helps to maintain proper airflow.

2. Comfort Level

The top layers of a hybrid mattress are usually comprised of comfort foam. These will provide a contouring effect, while the pocket-coil springs will have a soothing and weightless feeling. It might even feel like sleeping on a cloud, or at least a bed in a fancy hotel.

3. A Solid Investment

Hybrid mattresses have several material combinations inside, with the pattern varying according to brands. This will customize the item to your needs—a back sleeper, for instance, would need a firmer support than a side sleeper. Even if you opt for a lower-cost brand name, you stand to get a quality hybrid mattress that’s suited to your needs.

4. Breathability

With their dense quality, memory foam mattresses aren’t the best when it comes to breathability. Hybrids, on the other hand, have an innerspring core that allows for better airflow and a cooler temperature to sleep in.

People with a heavier weight will usually have the problem of sleeping hot, which could wake them up in the middle of the night. For such people, there are hybrid mattresses with cooling-gel foam as well as a cooling fabric layer that can further help to maintain a lower body temperature.

5. Versatility

Basic mattresses don’t allow for much customization, but hybrid options will help you get just what’s required without much hassle. For instance, you can go for latex foam, polyfoam, or memory foam for the comfort layers inside. For the top, some might prefer quilted cushioning while others would prefer a pillow top.

Hybrids are also good for varying levels of firmness. Some are quite soft, while others are excessively firm.

6. Reducing Motion Transfer

Hybrid mattresses also help to minimize motion transfer for those who sleep lightly. This is because of the individually-wrapped springs inside, which move separately from one another.

However, traditional innerspring layers would have all the springs moving at once, which isn’t good for reducing motion transfer. If you’re a fussy sleeper, make sure you get the individual springs to limit movement when your partner gets up to use the bathroom, drink some water, or generally move about in their sleep.

7. Edge Support

Edge support refers to the perimeter of the mattress, where one usually sits during the day. This is an important aspect of mattresses, as the edges can sag easily and look unsightly if you get a foam mattress.

However, hybrid mattresses have great edge support due to the spring system inside. They provide support all through the mattress, increasing the surface where you can sleep comfortably. This also means that you can sit at the edge of your bed without worrying about ruining the mattress shape over time.

8. Reducing Pain

Many people suffer from body aches, joint pain, and several other conditions where they need something extra to ensure their comfort at night. Hybrids will not just give us that comfort, but also provide the support we need for pain relief. This will also prevent the painful conditions from getting worse.

Elderly people and those who have demanding jobs usually require mattresses with pressure point relief. With the foam and pocket springs inside, hybrid mattresses give sleepers this relief, especially when it comes to the shoulders, hips, back, and neck.

Where to Buy
Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam and Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress, Queen
Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Queen
Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)


The Best Hybrid Mattresses

The very best hybrid mattress for anyone would depend on their current needs and requirements for a comfortable sleep. The options below are considered to be some of the best in the industry and are a good place to start:

Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam and Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress

This company has excellent customer service and is known for providing quality products with an honest guarantee. There are 6 inches of pocketed coils here, which give us both support and limited motion transfer. The base foam will also help to keep the mattress durable and stable. There’s also the bonus of a ventilated cover, which will ensure a cool surface while you’re sleeping.

Inside, we have CertiPUR-US-certified foam, which is guaranteed not to contain substances that can be harsh on our skin. Overall, this is a mattress that will provide relief, prevent overheating, and respond to movements without producing a sinking effect.

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This mattress comes from a company that uses quality natural ingredients in order to ensure and comfortable and safe sleep. With a limited synthetic content, we can be fairly sure that this item won’t have that disturbing odor that so often comes after unboxing a new mattress.

With a 14-inch thickness and 7.25 inches of foam-filled springs, this hybrid mattress is great for limiting motion transfer. This makes it a logical option for couples, parents who co-sleep with kids, or siblings sharing a bed. There’s also gel-infused memory foam inside for that contouring comfort and cooling effect.

Overall, this is a decent mattress for preventing pressure on sensitive points and providing stability at the edges. The resulting comfort should enhance your sleep, which can in turn stave off chronic pain and other health issues. The 10-year warranty should take care of any complaints, though the sizes available are sadly limited.

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

This hybrid mattress comes at a reasonable price and is specially designed for spine alignment. No matter what kind of a sleeper you are, this mattress could help with your posture and give comfortable support where it’s most needed.

The layers inside contain a gel-infused foam that can do away with any uncomfortable heat, while the other layers work well for pressure relief as well as providing proper support. We can enjoy some bounce with the spring coils, which also make for easier movement.


Having the right hybrid mattress for your beauty sleep can help to reset your circadian rhythm and prevent most issues caused by too-little rest. Now that you know about the benefits of this mattress option, it should be a priority when you update your bedroom.