Benefits of Using an Emergency Call System When Caring For Elderly

It is not a good idea to leave our parents alone at home when they get older. At this age, they are not capable of doing everything on their own. Illness and age can stop them from doing even little chores. At this age, all your old parents want is the comfort of their home and independence.

The perfect solution for both of you is hiring a caretaker for them. He/she will visit them and help them with daily tasks. But some people don’t like letting strangers into their house, and they don’t trust them when it comes to their parents. So another solution that will also give you peace of mind is to get a medical alarm system.

What is a Medical Alarm System?

A medical alarm or alert system is a simple device that sends an emergency signal to emergency personnel. This device signals that the user needs helps or is in an emergency. It can also be set up to directly contact a call center having all the medical experts available to help all the time.

These medical alarm systems are specially designed for seniors who have to spend some time alone at home. They come in different sizes and shapes. You have to press the button, or sometimes it is set up so that after recognizing an emergency, it automatically sends signals to emergency personnel. It has potentially lifesaving benefits. It helps when you are unable to contact emergency services in an accident or when the person is incapacitated. One can easily carry a medical alarm system with them all the time or hang it on their neck.

Types of Medical Alarm System

There are two types of medical alarm systems, i.e., Monitored and Unmonitored. Before buying any of them, you should know what they are and how they work.

A monitored alarm system connects them to a live person on the other line. That is how they send a call or send help where required. It may also help you see the person live on your mobile or computer screen.

On the other hand, an Unmonitored Alarm System goes through a list of programmed numbers. These programmed numbers assist them in asking for help. Then they have the choice to call either police or a family member or a friend to help them in that specific emergency.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Medical Alarm System for Your Old Parents

Old Parents

A medical alarm system can be used for anyone, but it is specifically used for the elder, disabled, or for those who are going through some serious medical condition. Although you have mostly seen it used by older adults, it still has a variety of uses. They have been updated with the latest technology, which makes them even more convenient. Following are some benefits of using them:

1. Easy To Use

alarm systems

You can set up these alarm systems according to your personal needs. It may look technical, but once you get it, you can easily do it. It is easy to install. Most of them automatically get register on the network, and you can respond to emergency contacts. Some devices monitor and sense your activities throughout the day and send an alert in an emergency.

2. Makes You Feel Independent

This is the best benefit for the ones who don’t want to have caretakers around. These devices provide around the clock monitoring and assistance in case of emergency. Now you can keep a check, and you know that you will be notified in case of emergency. You can feel safe and comfortable even when you are on your own.

3. Money-Saving

It may seem irrelevant, but it’s a fact that a medical alarm system saves you money. It removes the need to hire a nurse, which means you don’t have to pay caretakers every month. Many affordable systems are available at fair and reasonable prices. You need to pay once, and after that, you can easily have peace of mind. Moreover, there is no need to worry about any financial burden because of these.

4. Immediate Help

Why do people use these medical alarm systems in the first place? Their primary purpose is to notify a certain person immediately in case of any emergency to provide help on time. Usually, a medical alarm system directly connects you to the emergency services at the push of the button. Proper medical care is important, and it makes a big difference in your chances of surviving if provided on time.

5. Keeping a Check 24/7

Medical alarm systems are ready to use 24/7. It is always available because an accident can happen anytime and anywhere. So knowing that your device will always be available, switched on, and monitoring you all the time is important.

6. Location Tracking

This feature has been introduced in the latest emergency call systems and helping a lot since then. You can easily know your loved ones’ location, and it gives you updated information about their location. It makes sure that help is directly sent to the place where it is exactly needed.

Moreover, with location tracking, you can also check where your elderly loved ones are headed.

7. Quite Comfortable

A lot of emergency call systems have now included a wearable device in their kits as well. You can trigger it wherever you are. They are very small; you can easily carry them around. You can wear it on your neck or place it in your purse or bag. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to use for all senior citizens. You can carry them and go wherever you want without any distraction.

8. Automatic Detection

There is a chance that due to an accident, your elderly loved one is incapacitated and can’t press the medical alert button for help. For such situations, these devices have fall detection sensors that immediately detect an emergency and sends signals for medical help without pressing the button. It is an important feature introduced in the latest emergency call system devices.

So, if you are looking for the best emergency call system to take better care of your elderly, make sure to loom for this feature.

9. Works Best For Your Kids Too

The best thing about these emergency alarm systems is that they are can also be used for kids besides older people. As parents worry about their children when they are not home on time, emergency call systems are a perfect choice. These alarm systems have an inbuilt GPS. All you need to do is set it up, and you can easily keep an eye on your kid’s whereabouts. You can connect to them in case of an emergency. In this way, your children can have their independence, and you will be less worried about them.

10. Mobile Systems

Many of these systems use a local cellular network. Because of this, the emergency call system works even when your elderly loved one is out somewhere. This gives you peace of mind that you can easily reach out for assistance in any event of an emergency. And in this way, seniors can have their independence, and they don’t have to get trapped in their homes.



There are many types of emergency call systems available in the market. Check them out and get one for yourself that suits you best. You must try them, especially if you have older adults living with you and you have to keep a check on them. These are absolutely worth it!

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