Best Body Gait and Transfer Belts

As people age, they require more and more assistance in carrying out simple daily tasks that they used to perform independently and with ease. Said elderly, or those people with specific disabilities that limit their mobility, often make use of certain tools to help themselves while shifting from the bed to a wheelchair or vice versa as well as other day to day activities. Some of these tools have already been covered on this site in great length, like foldable wheelchairs and mobility scooters, or bath seats and bed rails, and today we will cover body gait belts, a tool greatly used in nursing homes and hospitals as well as by caretakers who are looking after a disabled or elderly loved one at their home.

So, what exactly is the function of a gait belt? Simply put, it is a belt that you strap on around someone’s waist, and then hold them up by holding on to the belt. A body gait belt isn’t supposed to be worn around the abdomen or chest mind you, as that can lead to serious injuries lest the patient slip through or else, trip over, and fall. A gait belt has to be worn around the person’s waist, and made to snugly fit the person without being too tight or too loose. There just has to be enough room between the belt and the person’s body for you to be able to insert your fingers. Gait belts also are not meant for people that are completely dependent on others for mobility, and are instead only recommended for people who require partial assistance or who do not wish to burden their spine too much.

To use a gait belt, you first ensure a correct fitting on the person, and then lock the belt’s hooks or clasps securely so that it stays in place. With that done, you should grab the person by the belt, and lift them up and guide them to where they need to be moved to. Once the short travel is complete, be sure to remove the belt off of the person. Gait belts are pretty handy for assisting people in moving around, and in some places, their use is even required by law at nursing homes and similar institutions.

Buying Guide

When buying a body gait belt, decide on what type of belt you would want to use. You can for a belt with the standard metal buckle with the loops and teeth, or a plastic variant that snaps into place and provides a quick release. If choosing the plastic buckle, you would want to make sure you settle on a good quality product that doesn’t break or slip open. You would also need to decide on the material of the belt. The standard options are belts made of nylon, canvas, or leather. Which one you choose depends on which material you find the most durable or comfortable.

Then there comes the matter of the design of the gait belt in question. No one would want a belt that is uncomfortable to wear, or digs into the skin, especially if extended wear is required. There are plain, slim belts as well as thicker, padded models available. Some gait belts come with a pair of straps or handles you can grab to lift the person wearing it, without having to grab the belt itself.

Some belts have straps that loop over the wearer’s shoulders, or around their legs to provide better support and help them stay upright without having to exert themselves too much. In the end, which design, material, and type you settle on depends entirely on what you find comfortable using or wearing, and which design you feel the most secure in.

Lastly, you will have to learn what each belt is best for. Some are better suited for simply lifting a patient up off of a chair or bed until they can stand by themselves, while yet others are designed for continuous external support and are supposed to be used for simply transferring the patient from one place to another.

Here’s a handy list of some of the nicest body gait belts available to buy. Skimming through this list you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy, so without further ado:

Where to Buy
EMI 60" Gait Transfer Belt Royal with Metal Buckle 100% Cotton 624-M-Roy
Gait Belt Walking Transfer belt with 6 Plastic Padded Caregiver Handles and Quick Release Buckle for Patient,Elderly Physical Therapy (Blue)
Patient Transfer Handling Belt, Padded Walking Gait Belt with Quick Release Buckle, Physical Therapy, Size Large
Gait Belt Transfer Walking Belt with Multi Handles- Medical Nursing Walking Assist Aid for Elderly, Seniors, Therapy (7 Purple Handles 60",Plastic Release Buckle)
Quick Release Transfer Gait Belt 60" Nylon W/Plastic Buckle in Royal Blue


1. Elite Medical Instruments EMI 60″ Gait Transfer Belt Royal with Metal Buckle 100% Cotton

  • Pleasing royal blue color.
  • Suitable for transferring patients from place to place with assistance.
  • Made of 100% cotton and soft on the body.
  • Has a secure metal buckle that makes sure the belt doesn’t loosen during use.
  • Affordable price.

2. E.D STEP Gait Belt Walking Transfer belt with 6 Plastic Padded Caregiver Handles and Quick Release Buckle

  • An affordable and good quality body gait belt.
  • Stylish black and blue color design.
  • Has plastic padded handles that are soft on the caretaker’s hands and allow them to keep a firm grip.
  • High quality build material and stitching ensures durability of the belt.
  • Soft, wide pad at the back of the belt for added comfort and support.
  • Easily adjustable size with plenty of room for all kinds of waist sizes.
  • Has a quick release plastic buckle that is simple to use and buckles or unbuckles instantly.
  • Provides safe transfers as the caretakers are provided with comfortable handles.

3. Patient Aid Patient Transfer Handling Belt Padded Walking Gait Belt with Quick Release Buckle

  • Ideal for multiple transfers daily owing to its comfortable completely padded design.
  • Handles are placed diagonally for an ergonomically advantageous grip for the caregiver.
  • Comes with a quick release plastic buckles for easy buckling and unbuckling.
  • Reduces back pain during walking due to its comfortable and soft manufacturing.
  • Has an anti-slider material lining the inside of the belt to stop it slipping on the patient.
  • Belt size can be readjusted without having to unbuckle.
  • Belt is available in two different sizes, each with their own adjustment portions.

4. BESTPACK Gait Belt Transfer Walking Belt with Multi Handles

  • Seven strategically placed handles ensure caretaker can hold the belt from any angle.
  • Made of a strong and durable material.
  • Has a back support for more comfort and less strain on the tailbone.
  • Easily adjustable size and a quick release plastic buckle make it ideal for quick transfers.

5. Val Med Quick Release Transfer Gait Belt 60″ Nylon withPlastic Buckle

  • Pleasant royal blue color.
  • Extra large belt size.
  • A simple and easy to use plastic buckle that can be buckled and unbuckled extremely quick.
  • Belt is made of 100% nylon.
  • Can be cleaned and dried at high temperatures without suffering damage.
  • Nylon construction makes it a comfortable belt to wear for the patient.
Where to Buy
AliMed Gait Belt- Pastel with Plastic Buckle 54"L
AliMed Wipeable Gait Belt, Blue 54"L
Vive Transfer Belt with Handles - Medical Nursing Safety Gait Patient Assist
Jeamive Multifunctional Nursing Belt,Transfer Belt Walking Gait Belt with Leg Loops Nursing Safety Assist Device Aide Transfer Sling for Seniors,Handicap,Occupational & Physical Therapy
Jeamive Transfer Belt with Leg Loops, Medical Nursing Safety Gait Assist Device - Occupational & Physical Therapy for Bariatrics,Pediatric,Elderly


6. AliMed Gait Belt- Pastel with Plastic Buckle

  • Belt has a simple plastic buckle with the quick release snapping lock.
  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Comfortable to wear and lean on for support as the soft build doesn’t cut into the body.
  • Made of high-quality materials that remain strong and make a durable, long-lasting body belt.
  • Large size belt fits people of all sizes.
  • Securely holds on to the wearer.

7. AliMed Wipeable Gait Belt

  • Easily releasable plastic buckle is made of a smooth material that is easily cleanable.
  • Simple to use buckle paired with an easy to adjust belt.
  • Material is closed off at all edges, ensuring bacteria and microbes cannot penetrate tiny spaces.
  • Simple construction makes it acceptable inside MRI machines.
  • Large size can be adjusted for almost all kinds of people.

8. Vive Transfer Belt with Handles – Medical Nursing Safety Gait Patient Assist

  • Constructed with strong nylon webbing, the belt stitching is reinforced for exceptional durability
  • The teeth on the metal buckle creates a strong hold and will not let go until the release latch is lifted
  • Grab handles provide extra support for added safety while lifting.
  • Makes transferring patients from beds, chairs and wheelchairs simple. Great for home or hospital use.
  • Durable metal buckle for bariatrics .

9. Jeamive Multifunctional Nursing Belt

  • Soft nylon build material ensures comfort at all times of wearing this transfer belt.
  • Extra band can be tightened around the waist to keep it from loosening.
  • Extra thick padding in the belt provides wearer with superior comfort.
  • Leg straps help stop the gait belt from slipping up from the waist of the user.
  • Leg straps help distribute weight evenly over the belt.
  • Built-in cotton and polyester fabric make the belt extremely pleasant to use.
  • Good quality stitching and materials used enhance the belt’s durability.

10. Jeamive Transfer Belt with Leg Loops

  • Natural design makes this belt comfortable to wear for the patient and easy to use for the caregiver.
  • Multiple handles ensure grips from differing angles and good support for the wearer.
  • Padded handles with reinforced build material make them easy to hold on to for long periods.
  • Leg straps evenly distribute the weight of the wearer and stop the belt from riding up the waist.
  • Easy to use plastic buckles allow you to adjust the leg straps to the perfect fit.


Those were some of the transfer belts you can buy right now. We covered the most important bits of what goes into these body gait belts, after this it’s up to you to decide just what you desire in the belt you’re going to purchase. Whatever that may be, this list is a good entry point into buying a body gait belt.