Best Couch Canes

A couch cane is a handle or a sidebar that aids people in getting up from a couch, chair or any seated position. It can be extremely useful for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s as with the progression of the disease, assistance is needed in even the simplest of movements.

As the disease advances and physical symptoms take their toll, it may get risky for patients to get up without support. They may become prone to falling or slipping. Various measures need to be put in place to ensure a safe environment for the patients in the later stages of the disease. As the symptoms worsen, the patients may require assistance while eating, wheelchairs to commute, canes for support, etc.

Couch canes can be attached to the chair/couch and can be held for support while getting up. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best couch canes that you can buy to provide support to your loved ones!

When buying a couch cane, you might want to keep in mind the following factors just to make sure you purchase the one that suits your needs perfectly:

  • Should be easily adjustable for different heights, positions, and postures;
  • The type of the couch cane, whether the patient would find more ease in using a handle couch cane or a sidebar one;
  • Portability of the cane if need be for it to be moved from one couch to another;
  • Should be slide/skid-proof to ensure that no accidents take place;
  • Comfortable grip handles that allow getting up with ease.

Keeping the above points into consideration, we have picked a few of the best couch canes available for you to buy!

Where to Buy
Stander CouchCane - Ergonomic Safety Support Handle + Adjustable Living Room Standing Aid for Chair Couch & Lift Chair + Organizer Pouch
Portable Couch Standing Aid for Seniors by STAND A ROO -NO Assembly Required -Stand Assist for Elderly, Disabled and Expecting Mothers - Medical Grade Materials
Portable Chair Assist - Helps Rise from Seated Position - Mobility Standing Aid
Secure PAR-1 Standing Assist Rail with Padded Grab Bar Handles, Chrome - Elderly, Handicapped, Disabled Stand Support Lift Aid for Home and Travel - Folding Design for Easy Transport
Able Life Able Tray Table, Adjustable Bamboo Swivel Tv & Laptop Table With Ergonomic Stand Assist Safety Handle, Independent Living Aid
Able Life Universal Stand Assist - Adjustable Standing Mobility Aid + Assist Handle for Couch Chair & Sofa + Dual Cushioned Support Handles for Fall Protection
Stand A Roo Dual Arm Aluminum Couch Cane Helps You Rise From Seated Position


1. Stander Couch Cane – Ergonomic Safety Support Handle + Adjustable Living Room Standing Aid for Chair Couch & Lift Chair

This couch cane by Stander has a handle adjustment of 34”- 40” in height which can cater to different patients. This adjustable handle allows for the desired hand position for maintaining appropriate balance. The base of this couch cane is adjustable around 20”-36” which means it can be attached to various types of chairs and couches. It can bear weight up to 250lbs and the product itself weighs around 20lbs. This couch cane comes with anti-skid pads that help in preventing slipping instances and also protect floor surfaces.

Each unit contains an attached saddlebag which can be used to store small, personal items for easy and fast access. This four-pocket organizer that fits over the handle can be used to avoid the unnecessary need of getting up again and again by keeping the needed items close to you in the organizer.

The cane also comes with an add-on tray that needs to be purchased separately. It is made of wood and is highly durable. This tray has a cup holder and can help in providing ease at mealtimes. It has a 360degrees rotation for easy and convenient use on couch, sofas, recliners, etc.

2. Portable Couch Standing Aid for Seniors by Stand-A-Roo

This dual arm couch standing aid by Stand-A-Roo is the first standing aid that does not require assembly in any form! From the box to the couch, in just seconds, Stand-A-Roo standing aid promises an easy and trouble-free installation with just two clicks of the button.

The arms of this standing aid are made of super-strong anodized aluminum and can bear up to 350lbs of weight! It comes with a non-slip grip padding to avoid any accidents and to provide extra support and comfort.

Stand-A-Roo Dual Arm is easily adjustable and portable! Weighing at around 3lbs, it can be effortlessly shifted to other beds or couches. It also folds into a compact size making it super easy to pack and carry around while traveling. The Dual Arm can also be stored anywhere without any problems! It has a height range between 10” to 18” and width range from 19” to 33” making the Dual Arm extremely accommodating to most cushion/sofa sizes. However, one condition of this product that needs to be noted is that it requires the couch to have removable cushions to make the attachment possible.

The comfort and sturdiness of the Stand-A-Roo Dual Arm coupled with the high portability and adjustability, make it a product worth buying for the sake of your loved ones!

3. Portable Chair Assist – Helps Rise from Seated Position – Mobility Standing Aid

This portable chair assist has a star feature that differentiates it from all the others! It has three padded handholds that make it super convenient and easy to get up from different sitting positions. It can also assist in getting up from the floor or picking up dropped items.

The cane has an all-metal construction with a sturdy, tip-resistant base to avoid any harmful incidents! The three handles stand at 16”, 26” and 22” off the floor to assist in varying grips in different situations and heights.

Easily movable from one place to another, this chair-assist is highly portable! Works equally great beside a bed as well and weighs around 6lbs.

With this portable chair-assist and it’s three handle system, you can ensure maximum independence for your loved ones!

4. Secure PAR-1 Standing Assist Rail with Padded Grab Bar Handles, Chrome

The PAR-1 standing assist rail by Secure provides elderly patients with a strong and sturdy support while getting up from a seated position.

The rail unfolds easily to be kept beside the patient to provide a handle for support. The easily-foldable feature allows it to be stored without taking much space! it is light-weight at around 3lbs which makes it a great aid to be used while traveling!

The handles on this assist rail are padded which makes them super comfortable with a secure grip. The feet of the rail are also covered with rubber which prevents any slipping disasters. The durable chrome-plated steel frame can stand up to the everyday wear and tear.

5. Able Life Able Tray Table, Adjustable Bamboo Swivel Tv& Laptop Table with Ergonomic Stand Assist Safety Handle, Independent Living Aid

Able Life’s ergonomic standing assist provides balance and support when sitting and standing from your favorite couch, lift chair, or recliner!

It comes with a multi-use bamboo TV tray table that can be used to keep a laptop, books, food and other table-top activities. It provides ease during mealtime as it has an in-built cup-holder and a separate utensil compartment! The tray supports around 30lbs of weight and can be swiveled 360 degrees to be kept out of the way when not in use.

The stand assist can be easily installed under the feet of most of the couches/chairs. The product comes with its assembly tools and nothing additional is required for installation. This product, however, is not intended for freestanding use. The dual-sided rubber stability pads ensure a firm grip and also ensure that your floor is not damaged.

The Able Tray and Stand Assist can be customized to your comfort and preference; tray height adjusts from 26 to 32 inches; support handle height adjusts from 34 to 40 inches; base length adjusts from 20 to 36 inches.

6. Able Life Universal Stand Assist – Adjustable Standing Mobility Aid + Assist Handle for Couch Chair & Sofa + Dual Cushioned Support Handles for Fall Protection

This Able Life Stand Assist has dual support handles that provide a better grip and help in fall prevention. The slender frame sits underneath or around the cushion/chair and is easily compatible with most sofas, couches, chairs, and recliners! If the couch has a removable cushion, the frame can be placed underneath it, however, if the cushions are fixed, the frame can be placed so that it rests in the creases around the cushion.

The sleek minimalistic style of the frame blends in with the rest of your furniture and does not spoil the look of your interiors! The powder-coated steel construction makes it strong, sturdy and reliable!

The weight of this product is around 7lbs which makes it easily portable. It can support up to 300lbs of weight. The height is adjustable around 22”-32”, the width can be adjusted between 19”-26” whereas the depth adjustment can be made between 23”-26”.

7. Dual Arm Aluminum Couch Cane Helps by Stand-A-Roo

This Dual Arm standing assist easily fits under your cushion to provide support to the elderly while getting up. The light-weight aluminum construction of the frame makes it highly portable and easy to move between couches and chairs. It comes with secure grip handles that reduce the risk of falling accidents.


Before purchasing anything, one must conduct a thorough cost versus benefit analysis of all the potential products at hand. If the benefits outweigh the cost which means that the product is worth the price, then one should invest. Also, one needs to make sure that the patients’ personal preferences and requirements are kept in mind while making a purchase decision! Providing the best comfort and ease to patients is the main objective of caregivers, hence, ensuring a thorough decision is made is vital!