Best Easy Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands

Most elderly people don’t possess the same strength that they once had when they were younger anymore, and the lack of strength prevents them from doing even the simplest tasks like closing a door or opening a jar. Luckily, there are many products online that their caregivers can buy to help them do the simple tasks even if they are not strong anymore, and for this article, we will be focusing on the products that can make opening jars easier for them and also for those that are suffering from arthritis. Including in this article is a list of some of the best easy jar openers that you can buy online, and each product will be given a short description that will tell you its basic features. So, let’s get started with the first jar opener that you can buy for arthritic hands.

1. Kichwit Jar Opener

First on the list is the Kichwit Jar Opener, a simple tool that makes it easy for people to open jars in an instant. This jar opener is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable and rust-resistant. The Kichtwit opener can open jars that have a lid that is between 1 inch and 3.7 inches in size, and in order for it to fit in a specific lid size, you would first need to adjust the clamp on the opener by turning the handle counter-clockwise while it is sitting on the lid. After adjusting the clamp, you can then turn the handle a little bit more so that the teeth of the clamps are partially sinking into the lid. Finally, hold the jar and turn the jar opener to open the lid.

Each purchase of the Kichwit Jar Opener will give you a bonus bottle opener keychain that is handy for opening bottles on the go. The downside to this jar opener is you still need to exert force to turn the tool counter-clockwise, although the strength that you need is still lower than what you would need to open the jar normally. This jar opener is a suitable gift for those with arthritic hands since they don’t have to use much force in opening jars.

2. Handupfree Automatic Jar Opener

Next up is the Handupfree Jar Opener, a convenient product that opens jars automatically without the need to turn or hold it. The only thing you need in order for the automatic jar opener to work is a pair of AA batteries, and all you have to do to open a jar is to place the opener on top of the lid and to hold the button on the tool’s top until its two sets of clamps at the bottom are holding the jar. After the clamps are set, you can then let go of the button, and the tool will automatically open the lid for you.

The Handupfree Jar Opener is made from durable ABS plastic materials that can withstand wear and tear. In addition, since most of its parts are made of plastic, you wouldn’t have to worry about it rusting or getting corroded when in contact with water. The drawback to the jar opener is that it would need two AA batteries to operate, but as long as you have a supply of AA batteries at home, this wouldn’t really be a problem. This tool is perfect for arthritic hands that cannot turn items with force anymore, as the hard part of opening a jar is already taken care of by the jar opener.

3. OXO Good Grips Jar Opener

For those that want to have a simpler jar opener at home, the OXO Good Grips Jar Opener will suit their needs, as it is a no-nonsense tool that doesn’t require batteries or any fancy mechanisms for it to do its function. The OXO jar opener will give you a better grip than just trying to open a jar normally, as it features a comfortable handle where you will place your hands while opening a lid. All you have to do to utilize the tool is to first remove the protective rubber piece covering the teeth of the opener, slide the tool over the lid of the jar, and twist the handle counter-clockwise to open the lid.

Much like the Kichwit opener, the OXO jar opener is also made of stainless steel, so it is sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant. However, the steel parts of the opener are accompanied by ABS plastic parts that would give you a safer and more comfortable grip on the tool. The one con to the OXO opener is that it is so simple that it doesn’t have any unique features, but this con can actually be beneficial for senior citizens that just want to have an easy-to-use tool.

4. LAMINET Easy Open Jar Opener

Another simple tool that you can buy is the LAMINET Easy Open Jar Opener, which has different sizes of openers for you to choose from. You can open the smallest bottle caps up to a medium-sized jar lid with this jar opener, and all you have to do is to pick one opening size on the tool and then clamp that opening manually before turning the tool counter-clockwise. The interior of the jar opener is made of durable plastic so that it can withstand force, while its exterior is made of silicone for a slip-free and comfortable grip.

Because it doesn’t have any metal parts, the LAMINET opener is easy to clean since you don’t need to worry about it getting rust after cleaning multiple times. However, the jar opener would still require force from its user for it to work properly, much like the OXO opener. Be sure to help the elderly open a jar whenever they are having a difficult time using this tool.

5. EZ Off Jar Opener

The most peculiar tool on the list is the EZ Off Jar Opener, which is a weird opener because it needs to be stuck under a cabinet or a table for it to be used properly. Once you have screwed it securely under a table or cabinet, you can then easily use its feature by just placing the lid of a jar on top of it and turning the jar counter-clockwise.

opening a jar with difficulty

What’s great about this opening tool is that it is hidden, so you don’t have to worry about its appearance not matching well with your other kitchen tools or supplies. In addition, since it is stuck in only one place, there wouldn’t be any problems about losing it somewhere around the house since it is just underneath a cabinet, table, or desk. The downside to this opener is that you would need to hold the jar with your hands to open its lid, so this is not a great opener to have for elderly people that cannot hold items for a long time.

These are five of the best jar openers that can be used by the elderly and those with arthritic hands. Some of the tools on the list may be hard for some people to use, to make sure that you teach them how to use the opener first so that they can get used to utilizing it in the future.