Best Elderly Remote Controlled Heated Insoles for Winters

The winter season is deemed by many to be the most fun season out of all, as it gives plenty of holidays and day-offs for people to enjoy visiting loved ones or have dinners with them. However, the winter is also one of the harshest seasons, as the extreme cold can be quite uncomfortable for some, especially the elderly that have frail bodies. Luckily, there are several products that can help them keep warm during the cold season, and one of those products is the remote-controlled heated insole.

different insoles for shoes

A heated insole is an item that would keep your feet warm if you are wearing shoes. There are different types of heated insoles that you can buy online and in physical stores, but the one that we are going to focus on in this article is the remote-controlled insole, which allows you to control or turn off the heat of the insoles in just a press of a button. Through the use of a remote controller, you will be able to control the heat of the elderly’s insoles if he or she gets too uncomfortable with the heat or if he or she wants to have warmer insoles. To get you started on which brands and models to buy, here are some of the best remote-controlled heated insoles for cold winters.

Where to Buy
Dr. Warm Rechargeable Heated Insole
Thermic C-Pack Set
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal Heated Insole
MANTUOLE Smart Heated Insoles
FUTESJ Foot Warmer Heated Insole

1. Dr. Warm Rechargeable Heated Insole

The Dr. Warm Heated Insole features a hidden battery pack on its heel, meaning that the wearer wouldn’t have an uncomfortable experience having a large battery pack strap on his or her ankles or heels, which is a common complaint about most rechargeable heated insoles. Since the battery pack is hidden below the heel of the insole, it is much more comfortable to have in your shoes since it looks and feels like just a regular insole. However, even though the battery of this product is relatively small, you will still be able to provide warmth for your feet in 3 to 5 hours, depending on your settings.

The remote controller that comes with the insoles is compact and light, so it is easy to bring with you anywhere at home or outdoors. There are three heat settings that you can turn on using the controller, the first setting provides the lowest heat at about 45 degrees Celsius, the second setting has medium heat at 55 degrees Celsius, and the last setting gives the highest heat at 66 degrees Celsius. The battery life of the insoles would depend on how high the heat settings are, so the lower the heat, the longer its life will be. Once its battery is depleted, you can recharge it using the USB cable and power supply that comes inside the box. If you want to adjust its size, the insoles have a size guide at the bottom that you can follow to cut it into the right shape.

2. Thermic C-Pack Set

The second product on the list is the Thermic C-Pack Set, which features a large battery pack that can be strapped on the shoes or the boots to provide more than 17 hours of heat for the insoles. The Thermic C-Pack Set is more suitable for outdoor trips, as its large battery pack may be too cumbersome for the elderly to have indoors. On the other hand, the insole’s battery pack will provide them long-lasting heat, unlike the first product on the list that will only give them 3 to 5 hours of heat.

What’s great about this product is that its battery pack can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, so you have the ability to control the heat settings of the insoles using an app on your phone. Speaking of its settings, there are three levels of heat that you can choose for the insoles, which are low, medium, and high. If the elderly has a preferred insole to wear in their shoes, you can just use those insoles instead of the ones that come with the battery pack and just place the heating part of the product under the heel of each insole.

3. Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal Heated Insole

If you and the person you are taking care of are living in an area that could have harsh weather conditions during the winter, then you may need to have the Hotronic FootWarmer S4, a universal heated insole that has a large battery pack that can provide heat in the insoles for more than 18 hours. Much like the Thermic insole, the Hotronic heated insole has a large battery pack that needs to be hooked on the shoes, boots, or anywhere near the feet for it to provide heat for the feet, so it may be quite uncomfortable to use by the elderly. But they wouldn’t even notice that their shoes are hooked to the heated insoles if they are only sitting or lying down, so just make sure that you keep an eye on them if they move around so that you can carry the battery packs for them.

Unfortunately, the Hotronic insoles don’t have any Bluetooth features, so you would have to control the heat of the insoles manually through the battery packs. You can control the heat of the insoles by choosing different settings on the battery pack. The highest setting would give you up to 78 degrees Celsius of heat, while the lowest setting would provide 37 degrees Celsius of heat. Although the product comes with universal insoles, the Hotronic heat pad can fit in any insoles since it can be placed neatly under the heel of any insole.

4. MANTUOLE Smart Heated Insoles

Now that we’ve enumerated the insoles with large battery packs let us now get back to the portable rechargeable heated insoles by talking about the MANTUOLE Smart Heated Insoles, which has a hidden battery pack below the heel on the insole, similar to the battery found in the Dr. Warm insoles. However, what’s different in the MANTUOLE insoles is that it doesn’t have a remote controller, as you would need to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and your phone will then become the controller.

Through the smartphone, you can control the temperature of the insoles, with the highest being 45 degrees Celsius and the lowest being 35 degrees Celsius. Once the battery of the insoles runs out of life, you can recharge it using its fast-charging USB charger, which can give you a full battery in just two to three hours.

5. FUTESJ Foot Warmer Heated Insole

Another rechargeable heated insole with a hidden battery pack that you can buy online is the FUTESJ Foot Warmer, which heats up not only the heel but also the forefoot area for a maximized heating function. Similar to the Dr. Warm insoles, the FUTESJ insoles have a remote controller where you can turn on/off or change the heat settings of the insoles on the fly. So, you won’t need to connect the insole to your Bluetooth to just change the temperature of the product.

As with most heated insoles, the FUTESJ has three heat settings. The lowest setting will give you up to 40 degrees Celsius of heat, the middle setting has up to 50 degrees Celsius of heat, and the highest setting provides 60 degrees Celsius of warmth for your foot. In addition, since the insoles have rechargeable batteries, you can easily give them more battery life by plugging them into a USB charger that comes with the package.

Picking the most suitable heated insoles out of the five listed in this article will depend on the elderly’s preferences, so you may need to consult him or her about which one looks the most comfortable and functional. If you want to provide long-lasting warmth for the feet, you may want to suggest getting the insoles with bigger battery packs, but for a hassle-free and unrestricted experience, they may like the insoles with the smaller or hidden battery packs.