Best floor mat alarm systems

Floor Mat Alarm System is an excellent solution for caregivers and families that have elderly members and patients. For caregivers, these mats are the best way to monitor falls and keep track of patients and family members who sleepwalk or wander around. Floor mats are multipurpose in a way that you can use them if you have infants or pets in the house. The best floor mat alarm systems come with multiple tones and volume variations. The pager is easy to set and requires zero installation. A good mat also requires being non-slippery so that the risk of fall or slip is next to zero. 

Here are some of the best floor mat alarm systems that offer durability, precision and endless support to caregivers. 

Where to Buy
Floor Mat Exit Alarm for Elderly Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering
Vive Wireless Floor Alarm Mat
Floor Mat & Wireless Pager
Secure Caregiver Alert System Bedside Floor Mat Sensor with Fall Alarm Monitor
Ideal Security SK630 SOLO Pressure Mat Alarm
Pressure Activated Alarm Mat
Secure Caregiver Alert System Wireless Remote Pager


Floor Mat Exit Alarm for Elderly Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering by  Smart Caregiver Corporation

This floor mat alarm system by Smart Caregiver Corporation is made up of heavy duty durable material and non-slip beveled edges that keep the mat firm on the ground preventing falls. The measurement of the mat is 24” X 48”. It comes with an on/off switch so that you can reset the alarm as per your requirement. The LED light is a useful feature that indicates the functionality of the monitor and low battery. Additionally, you can also adjust the volume, set different tones and add a blinking visual alert to the system to make it more beneficial 

Vive Wireless Floor Alarm Mat – Fall Sensor Kit for Elderly, Seniors, Dementia Patients

Vive’s floor alarm mat is especially designed for seniors that suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The mat measures 35.5 X 23.6”. It is made up of antimicrobial pad, that is latex-free making it Non-slip and waterproof; that keeps all kinds of dirt, dust and water away. Since the mat is wireless, the caregiver doesn’t have to worry about the elders getting caught with wires. As soon as the person steps onto the mat, a remote alarm is sent to the caregiver, without making any noise on the mat which may panic the patient or elderly. Vive is best functional with an alarm pager that is sold separately and gives unlimited customized configurations. 

Floor Mat & Wireless Pager No Alarm Noise in Patient’s Room! by Smart Caregiver 

This wireless mat is known for it’s no-noising feature that will not disturb the elderly or patient but definitely alarm the caregiver every time the mat has a step on. It includes a pager with three volume, tone and vibration options. You can conveniently keep the belt on any shelf, bag, pocket or even clip to your belt. Along with a durable rubber material, the mat is non-slip and prevents the elderly from tripping. The overall feel of the mat is very soft and gentle since it isn’t made of any chemicals or salt that may harm the skin. 

Secure Caregiver Alert System Bedside Floor Mat Sensor with Fall Alarm Monitor, Nurse Call Button & Wireless Pager

More than just an alarm mat, this floor mat also features a nurse call button and a wireless pager with multiple configurations. The pager can be clipped, worn or placed and works equally good everywhere. The pager allows you to set the tone and volume as per your patient’s comfort along with vibration and LED light indicators. The pressure sensitive floor mat can fit to the bed side, doorway or sofa. It is not only for elders but also very useful for kids who have sleepwalking disorder. If you are looking for a very loud alarm system, this is perhaps what you need.

Ideal Security SK630 SOLO Pressure Mat

Ideal Security mat is not only for indoor purposes but also a durable and purposeful mat to place it outdoors for security. The mat is made of a waterproof material, with easy to set-up system that requires no installation. The alarm comes with 3 modes, loud, pleasant chime and off mode when you want to hear no alarm. The loud alarm mode is pretty loud (105 dB) and lasts up to 30 seconds for anyone inside the house to be alert. Ideal Security mat is not only ideal for elders, patients but also very helpful to houses with infants and pets. 

Pressure Activated Alarm Mat w/ Siren & Strobe

This battery operated floor mat is not as big as other mats but certainly a useful one that serves the purpose. It’s best to place on the stairs or outside the door to be aware if anyone comes around. Since its small and handy, you can take it around or hide it under the doormat without anyone knowing about it. The mat features a pressure sensitive pad that rings a pleasant tune when a foot falls over it. The siren alarm volume can go to 120Db with a red light that can trigger your eyes. 

Secure Caregiver Alert System Wireless Remote Pager 

Although Secure Caregiver is a trusted name in best floor mat alarm systems, this one is their all-rounder edition. It’s a bit pricey as compared to other mats but an investment that will last for years if used with care. The mat comes with a wireless pager with a radius within 500 –foot that can be clipped to the clothes, placed around the house or simply kept in the bag or pocket. The mat included in this set is antimicrobial, latex-free and irreversible. At a time, the pager can monitor four devices and easily compatible to other secure products. 


In recent years, floor mats have gained popularity due to their accuracy and usefulness. With time, this technology is being improved with newer features and compatibility to give patients, elders and their caregivers’ safe and easy lifestyle. If you are a first timer, before buying any of our above suggested products, do look out for video demos so that you know how to use these mats and take care of it.