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Best Infrared Motion Sensors

Infrared radiation exists in this world with a higher wavelength than visible light. In common language, this is a type of electromagnetic radiation that we cannot see but detect with the help of sensors. Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors, Passive Infrared or PIRs can detect different levels of infrared radiation. These sensors are excellent at detecting motion and used in many alarms and motion sensors. 

Humans and animals also radiate infrared energy, and this helps PIRs to detect movement through infrared energy and motion itself. These alarms are small, affordable, and easy to use in any space. That’s why you will commonly see their application in security systems of homes and offices. 

Another reason why motion detectors are great is for caregivers of patients or older adults. Just like bed alarms, they can can detect if a person has left their bed, signaling the caregiver instantly to take control. Mothers with toddlers can also benefit from these motion sensors. 

We have made a list of different types and sizes of PIRs so you can choose one that suits your setting. Whether you’re searching for an infrared motion sensor for an assisted living facility or your home, you’re sure to find a suitable product.  

Where to Buy

Wireless Motion Sensor

Safety Beam

SONOFF Motion Sensor

XGAO Wireless Alarm

Portable wireless alarm

Wireless Motion Sensor

This infrared motion detector alarm comes with two remote controls. This alarm can help you detect movement in an area of up to 4 meters. The two-part set comprises of remote controllers and wireless motion detector alarm. Batteries for the motion detector are not included. It is especially useful for home security and for caregivers looking after elderly patients who can wander.

Do not install the motion detector anywhere near a hot/cold source like vents, air conditioners or coolers. How you install the infrared sensor it the most important, so that it covers a safe distance and detects motion of humans, pets, children, etc. 

The sensor becomes active when someone is in its range but gives a 5-second delay for the owner to shut it off. If someone else has entered the range, the alarm will start buzzing after 5 seconds and has to be shut off with the remote controller. Similarly, you can place it near patients with the wall mount and be informed whenever the patient leaves their bed.

Safety Beam

This is a high tech infrared sensor which detects motion in seconds. It is suitable for all kinds of uses where motion detection is required and sounds either a loud alarm or a soft little chime. The infrared rays go up to 60 feet, which makes it an ideal product for shops and grocery stores. 

This safety beam alarm is ideal if you have little children or patients who need to be monitored all the time. The alarm works best when placed high, ideally 1 foot off the ground. There is an option to set the volume low, medium, or high. The set includes two AC adapters but doesn’t include the AA batteries. 

SONOFF Motion Sensor

This innovative alarm makes security and monitoring easy. The best thing about this alarm is that it can send alerts to your smartphone in real-time. Moreover, you can sync it with a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Home. This also enables voice-controlled commands to the alarm.

The SONOFF motion sensor is backed by dual infrared technology, double temperature compensation technology, and low-power microprocessors. The whole system is very easy to install at a home or office. There are no wires to be dealt with, just need to put up the wall mount. 

The alarm is suitable for both rooms and open spaces like garages, hospital units, etc. AA batteries are required, and not included in the shipment. 

XGAO Wireless Alarm

This wireless infrared motion detector is an excellent investment for any setting where monitoring is required. You can set it up with a wall mount on a suitable height and control the alarm through a remote controller.

The detection range of this alarm is 8 meters, and the promise of long-range detection is fulfilled in this sensor. Anyone can easily install the sensor with the help of a wall mount that is included in the shipment. After setting up and turning it on, leave the space within 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the alarm will only wait for 5 seconds to detect the owner and then go off. 

If you have to use this alarm for monitoring a patient or older adult, you can also put up a customized tone or record voice as an alarm. Mp3 files can be put in the alarm with the help of USB cable. This alarm is suitable for both indoor and outdoors as it is weatherproof. 

Portable wireless alarm

This portable mini alarm is packed with exciting new technologies. It is an intelligent alarm technology that senses human body temperature to detect nearby movement. Double element infrared sensor, artificial intelligence, three weight technology, and double temperature compensation make this product a worthy buy. 

It has a transmission distance of 150 m and a detection range of 12 m. The sensor also plays down false alarm to make monitoring effective and precise. Batteries are not included in the shipment. 


We have only listed five useful infrared sensors, but the market has many options catering to all needs. You can choose the model that suits your needs the best. Some alarms are suitable for outdoors, some are good for indoors, and some are a good fit for all spaces. Then there is the option to choose between wireless and corded, static or portable sensors. 

Technology has also evolved to sync these devices to be controlled with smartphones and controllers. You can refine your search by looking for a Fresnel lens in the sensor with a higher detection range. Nearly all PIRs work the same, so the differentiating factor is only their built. 


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