Best Insoles for High and Medium Arches

The Plantar Fascia is the long band ligament which runs from your heel to the ball of the foot and supports the arch. This ligament can become weakened, swollen and inflamed due to excessive wear and tear over time. If you have severe Plantar Fasciitis and want to alleviate the pain, you should consider a shoe insole.

Orthotic insoles help with Plantar Fasciitis by cushioning your footsteps and reducing the impact your inflamed tissue feels, which reduces pain. It can also support your feet and help you walk better.

Benefits of the Plantar Fasciitis Inserts


The insoles are one of the fastest ways to help you, in spite of your Plantar Fasciitis condition. It is always in touch and you can use it whenever you need to.


The supplemental Plantar Fasciitis insoles for shoes are frequently better than the included insole when you buy your shoes.


All these insoles are multipurpose which means you can use them for anything you want to, like for running shoes, walking shoes, boots, slippers, any types of footwear.

Deep heel cup

The inserts have a deep heel cup in order to provide more comfort and cushioning. This feature provides additional support to reduce the strain on your feet and legs in total.

Heals different foot pain

The insoles for Plantar Fasciitis are built to help you with different foot health issues. There are insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and arch pain, insoles for over-pronation, insoles for standing, insoles for supination, insoles for diabetes & arthritis, and insoles for heel spurs and heel pain. Pick the insole which is suited to your foot problem. Moreover, you can use the insoles for heel pain, and they are also able to help you with Achilles tendinitis and heel spur pain.

Disadvantages of the Plantar Fasciitis Insoles versus Regular Insoles

  • They cost more than the regular insoles. Sometimes it may be cheaper to get a decent pair of supportive shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.
  • The most unfavorable feature of the Plantar Fasciitis inserts is their poor durability, since they are always in direct contact with your foot and they will wear out easily and will need to be replaced.
  • The most inconvenient point is a long break-in period. Some people reported that they had trouble with arch support. In case that the arch support is a bit powerful it has difficulties with an adaptation to the foot. Arch support insole features a cushioned, a semi-rigid, or a rigid plate to prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing.

How to choose the Best Insoles for High and Medium Arches

Extra Metatarsal arch support

Aside from treating Plantar Fasciitis, these insoles also help support the Metatarsal. The metatarsal arch is the longer upper bone in the foot. If you spend the whole day on your feet, this Metatarsal arch is one of the most notable reasons for the foot pain. The best arch support insoles will provide the required support for this secondary arch.

Indispensable Heel cup and heels spur support

The shock absorption is a big feature of any supportive footwear, unfortunately, even some of the shoes for preventing foot problems lack cushioning. You can use the Plantar Fasciitis insoles to improve the shock absorbing ability.

There are specific gel insoles for Plantar Fasciitis which can protect your feet. In short, the main purpose of those insoles is to reduce incoming damage for the heel pain, and these shoe insoles are a great way to decrease the heel spur pain.

Where to Buy
Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch Insole
Sof Sole Womens Plantar Fascia 3/4 Insole
Birkenstock Unisex Birko Sport Arch Support - Sport
Sole Softec Response Custom Footbed
Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles, Men's Small


Proper arch support

The most important thing is the arch support when it comes to the Plantar Fasciitis footwear. The regular shoes can be felt like the most convenient in the world. To cure heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis, the first thing your shoes must have is the decent arch support. On the other hand, the shoe inserts for the arch support is a good way to upgrade your regular shoes. The shoe inserts are the most reliable trick to make those kinds of shoes suitable for your feet.

If you’re looking for the perfect insoles for High and Medium Arches, here are some of the Insoles for that specific injury which is available in the market today.

1. Sorbothane Ultra Graphite

This Sorbothane ultra graphite is the foam shoe inserts for Plantar Fasciitis. Its main feature is its shocking absorbing ability. What makes this insert a great choice is its graphite material in the arch area. This is the right insole if you are looking for the comfortable Plantar Fasciitis insole for a fair price.

Pros: superb cushioning, enhanced comfort, great arch support

Cons: poor quality, not suitable for high arches

2. Sof Sole Gel Insole

This insole helps you reduce the strain and relieve the heel spur pain. These arch support insoles have a nylon plate and are able to provide the proper support and cushioning.

Pros: proper arch support, reliable pain relief

Cons: sizing problems

3. Birkenstock Birko Sport

This insole is designed to provide the best arch and heel support, and they also provide great comfort and security. The Birko sport has the firm support, which means you can use them if you have Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, pronation, and flat feet. The insoles may seem a bit hard at first but it is a required condition to deliver the proper support.

Pros: memory foam cushioning, great support, excellent quality

Cons: lack of breathability

4. SOLE Softec Response

This is the common polyester insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain. In general, they do not have any noticeable advantages in comparison with other insoles. Its most significant point is the lowest cushioning layer ever. These arch support inserts are preferably used for the sports activities.

Pros: perfect fit, supreme comfort, great for sports activities

Cons: quite expensive, heel slipping

5. Dr. Scholl’s Active Stories

These insoles are designed for sports activities. They are able to protect your plantar fascia, heels, knees and the foot in general. Plus, they also provide the best cushioning. The manufacturer states that this arch support inserts can absorb up to 40% of the incoming impact.

Pros: great for sports activities, proper arch support, friendly price

Cons: pretty solid material, lack of cushioning

Where to Buy
Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Shoe Insoles
New Balance Insoles 3810 Ultra Support Shoe
Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics
Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles, Women's 11-12.5/Men's 10-11.5
Superfeet BLUE Insoles, Professional-Grade Orthotic Insert for Medium Thickness and Arch, Blue


6. Powerstep Pinnacle

This insole is considered the best overall. It is suitable for any type of arches. The sweetest part of these insoles is their remarkable cushioning ability and it also provides the best comfort and cushioning for heel and arch strain.

Pros: supports all the arch types, ultimate comfort, perfect fit

Cons: long break-in period

7. New Balance 3810

These insoles are great all-purpose Plantar Fasciitis inserts since you can use them for literally anything. They have a great combination of the flexible arch support and cushioning and the most compelling evidence of the excellent support is a metatarsal pad. The main feature of this is its ability to redistribute the pressure and weight on your feet.

Pros: superb comfort and cushioning, proper stability, great durability

Cons: not suitable for all arch types, bit pricey

8. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics

These insoles are your guarantee of the foot and heel pain relief. They are most suitable for people with pronation, however, these arch support inserts are good enough for all types of foot arches, such as Plantar Fasciitis. It has a polyurethane pad to provide the best cushioning.

Pros: deep heel cup, fabric cover, stabilizing footbed

Cons: lack of support

9. Spenco Total Support max

If you’re looking for rigid supportive insoles, this Spenco total support max Plantar Fasciitis insert is your choice. It is lightweight polyester insoles with the rigid arch support which means they provide the maximum stability possible. This insert could be a perfect assistant for an athlete.

Pros: good quality, rigid support, superior comfort, excellent durability

Cons: not fit for supination, a mismatch in sizing

10. SuperFeet

These insoles are good inserts for any types of arches, plus they are medium-sized, so the perfect fit and natural feelings are provided to you. A basin material of the Superfeet is a durable plastic, so you can ensure that they will serve you for a long time. It provides an instant pain and strain relief and you can wear them during the day.

Pros: great for all arch types, instant strain relief, durable plastic material

Cons: have a break-in period, lack of cushioning, sizing

The shock absorbing insoles will strongly increase the support and cushioning of your foot. These insoles are designed to prevent premature foot fatigue and for are considered best insoles for high and medium arches.