Best Lens Cleaning Wipes

All people that are wearing glasses suffer from having foggy lenses, which are often brought by our breath or the weather conditions. Cleaning these foggy lenses can be quite a struggle, especially if we only use our clothes or our handkerchief to clean them and keep them in pristine condition. Luckily, there are several products we can buy in stores that can help us clean the lenses of our glasses easier and faster, and one of these products is the pack of cleaning wipes.

a clean pair of glasses

A cleaning wipe would look like an ordinary tissue paper at first glance, but upon use, you will see that it has special ingredients contained within the paper that help keep your lenses clear and less foggy. These cleaning wipes are beneficial to be used by the elderly or the disabled, as the product will help them clean their glasses with little to no effort. There are hundreds of different brands for you to choose from, but there are only a few that are considered the best. To help you choose which pack you should buy, here is a list of some of the best lens cleaning wipes you can buy online.

Where to Buy
Nice ‘n Clean Lens Cleaning Wipes
ZEISS Lens Wipes
Care Touch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes
Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Lens Cleaning Wipes
Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Lens Cleaning Tissues

1. Nice ‘n Clean Lens Cleaning Wipes

First on the list is the Nice ‘n Clean Lens Cleaning Wipes, a great product that is effective in removing the fogginess on your glasses and on camera lenses. Besides removing fogginess, the texture of the Nice ‘n Clean Wipes also allows to remove dirt and dust from the lenses, so you won’t be bothered seeing any dark spots on your glasses. The Nice ‘n Clean Lens Cleaning Wipes has an ammonia-free formula so that your lenses won’t yellow whenever you constantly use the product. The link indicated on the name of the product has 100 wipes per pack, so you will have plenty of wipes that can last for weeks and even months, depending on how frequently you use them.

2. ZEISS Lens Wipes

A popular product that you can buy is the ZEISS Lens Wipes, which are pre-moistened wipes similar to the Nice ‘n Clean wipes, but the former has no fragrance, so you won’t smell any chemicals after using the product on your glasses. The Zeiss Lens Wipes is safe to use for all type of lenses, so you can utilize them to clean not only glasses but also binoculars and camera lenses. After use, the ZEISS Lens wipes don’t leave residues that can often appear as streaky marks. Each pack of the ZEISS Lens Wipes indicated on the link above contains 200 wipes, which can last for about one to two months.

3. Care Touch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes

The next product on the list is the Care Touch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes, a pack containing 210 wipes for cleaning different types of lenses, including DSLR camera lenses and phone camera lenses. In addition to lenses, the Care Touch wipes can also be utilized to clean screens for laptops, tablets, and smartphones so that they wouldn’t look foggy, oily, and full of dust. The wipes can be used for screen because of its smooth texture that doesn’t scratch or dent anything that it touches. As mentioned previously, each pack of the Care Touch product contains 210 wipes that is quite a lot for one to three months of use.

4. Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Lens Cleaning Wipes

The simplest one on the list is the Flents Wipe ‘N Clean Lens Cleaning Wipes, a pack that contains wipes that are basic and no-frills, which makes them more suitable for people that just want to simply clean their lenses with a simple product. The Flents wipes have a soft and smooth texture that doesn’t scratch your lenses, and they are also quite large that makes them clean more areas or surfaces of the lenses simultaneously. Aside from lenses, the wipes can also clean computer screens, smartphone screens, car mirrors, and even monitors. The link on the name of the product is for the 4-pack, wherein each pack would contain 75 wipes. The fewer lens wipes count for each box makes the Flents pack much more portable than the other products on this list, so they are easier to place inside backpacks or other types of bags.

5. Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Lens Cleaning Tissues

Last on the list is the Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Lens Cleaning Tissues, another good product with a neat package that can serve as a storage box for the wipes. Like many other products on this list, the Bausch & Lomb wipes can be utilized not only for cleaning lenses but also for wiping off the dust, fogginess, and oiliness of computer, tablet, and smartphone screens. The box that contains the wipes is also quite compact, so you can bring it with you anywhere whenever you are on a picnic or on an outdoor trip. In addition, the box can also act as a dispenser for the wipes because it has a unique folding design at the bottom that can close and open easily. Each pack of the Bausch & Lomb product contains 100 wipes that last for weeks depending on how many people use the wipes.

These lens cleaning wipes are the best in cleaning and removing dust, fog, and oil from your glasses’ lenses. You can try all of these wipes out to see which one works the best for you, or you can just buy the one with the best reviews online.