Best Magnet Pull String Alarm Systems

If you have a loved one who suffers from Dementia or any other memory loss disorder, you see them failing to perform normal functions every day. Same is the case with very old adults like your parents or grandparents. The responsibility lies on their caregivers to make living easy for these individuals.

Even a slight mistake can hurt such a patient badly, and result in severe consequences. Luckily, there are many devices in the market which can help you overcome this situation and alert you on the right time.

Magnetic pull-cord alarms are easily available, and they can help you perform the tough task of fall prevention with ease. Since you cannot sit in front of the patient at all times, the magnetic pull-cord system is the best resolve. 

The cord is attached to the monitor with a magnetic base, and as soon as the patient moves, tension in this string causes the alarm to go off. Don’t worry about false alarms, most of these devices are designed to overlook false signals and alert you only when there is a real problem. 

Some features of the pull-cord alarm are same for all devices, like

  • Sturdy alarm monitor with multiple volume levels
  • A magnetic cord
  • Batteries 
  • Light signal for low battery 
  • On/off switch

Every brand tries to make your experience the best by offering anti-breakage designs, accurate alert systems and safe warranty. Here are some good options available in the market:

Where to Buy
Bed and Chair Alarm
Tamper Proof Magnetic Alarm
Secure MAG-3 Magnetic Alarm
Secure MAG-5 Alarm
Medline Advantage Magnetic Alarm


Bed and Chair Alarm

This economical bed exit alarm is approved by FDA. It comes with a wireless monitor, a rubber sheath, 3 mounts and a magnetic pull cord. The wireless monitor is secured in ABS molded plastic, and will not break or crack on falling. The rubber sheath further protects the monitor from breakage.

The monitor can be easily mounted on the wall, bedside or hooked to a location with the help of three mounts. To use, attach the magnetic to the monitor and put the cord’s clip to the patient’s clothing. As soon as the patient moves or leaves their bed, the cord will snap and alert the caregiver. 

It is a good device for assisted living, especially if your patient has the tendency to silence or break an alarm. Patients with Dementia, Alzheimers and other disorders can be monitored without fail, and fall prevention becomes easy. 

Tamper Proof Magnetic Alarm

The magnetic pull cord technology makes this alarm the most effective device for a caregiver or hospital. Best thing is that you can activate this alarm from any direction and caregivers can be alerted loud and clear. This set is tamper proof, so the patient cannot meddle with it or turn it off. 

The cord can go from 28 inches till 58 inches, and alarm can go off from any direction. If your patient often uses a chair or a wheelchair, you can easily mount the alarm on the back of their chair, out of their sight. It can be mounted on the headboard of any bed, to prevent falling and injury. 

The alarm runs on battery and its volume can be adjusted from low to high, based on your requirement. 

Secure MAG-3 Magnetic Alarm

The Secure brand has been creating devices to aid caregivers in their tough duties for years. This magnetic alarm can be mounted on a wheelchair, recliner, bed or door to prevent the patient from wandering or hurting themselves. 

There are three volume levels in the alarm, going from low to high. There is a tiny light in the alarm box to identify alarm in working and when the battery is low. The casing of this device is made with ABS plastic to reduce the chances of breaking and cracking. The on/off switch is designed in a way that the patient cannot switch alarm off.

Never use this alarm with someone who is wearing a pacemaker. The cord can be secured to a patient and is especially designed to avoid false alarms. Cord can be activated from any direction with its rounded shape, as square designs are proven to be less effective.

Secure MAG-5 Alarm

The Secure MAG-5 is also a magnetic pull cord alarm packed with thrice the features for a great price. It effectively looks after your loved ones as they are sitting on a wheelchair, recliner or lying in bed. The cord will snap away on the slightest motion, alerting you to come and check up on your loved one. 

The length of this pull cord varied between 28 inches until 58 inches, and alarm can go off from any direction. The Secure products have helped patients in more than 7000 nursing homes in North America. You can never miss charging because lights blink when the device needs batteries. There are two volume levels and an additional Velcro strap providing more flexibility and holding the alarm. 

Medline Advantage Magnetic Alarm

This device is equally efficient in hospitals and homes where caregivers look after elderly patients. The magnetic cord will tether to the alarm and provides complete satisfaction to its users. You can clip the cord to the patient using alligator clip, in a place where they cannot see.

Mounting and installation is easy, simply hook or fasten the alarm with Velcro to any chair or bed. As soon as the patient will move, they will set off the alert. It has a battery low indicator and an indicator when alarm is in function. AAA batteries are required to power this alarm. 


That ends our list of the best pull string fall prevention alarms in existence. Consider getting one for your home to prevent falls and have a peace of mind about your loved ones. We can vouch for these systems with confidence because they came from reliable pull string alarm manufacturers, which mean you’ll be able to get a decent ROI on your investment. Good luck!