Best Memory Foam Insoles

Our occupation requires us to be on our feet all the time. That’s why it’s best to invest a good-quality footwear and related accessories so that they provide comfort to your feet and minimize the likelihood of pain or injury.

Choosing a product which feels comfortable can be a challenge, since comfort is relative. There are already tons of different materials telling you how you can find the perfect mattress for you, but things can be pretty tricky when it comes to shoes.

Who needs insoles made from memory foam?

These memory foam insoles are just basically shoe inserts made from memory foam. They offer great comfort as this material has the ability to follow your feet’s contours, thus providing excellent support to your feet. Anyone deserves to wear comfortable footwear and they will definitely enjoy the benefits of using such insoles, which  are explored below:

Benefits of Memory Foam Insoles

Still not convinced that memory foam insoles are great additions to your shoes? Here are its benefits to help you decide whether they’re a great match for you.

Help Relieve Pressure Points

Since memory foam molds to the shape of your foot, you can be sure that your every nook and cranny of your foot’s sole will be supported by this type insole. This ensures that every part of your foot will get ample cushioning and there won’t be any areas left that will take the burden of your weight or impact, which will otherwise make walking or running even more difficult.

Provide excellent support to your feet

Another benefit that memory foam insoles and inserts offer is excellent arch support, because they can adapt to the shape of your foot. Whether you have high or low arches or just about any kind of foot shape, the memory foam in these inserts will help provide ample support in order to prevent foot pains and aches.

Provide cushioning for your feet

These memory foam insoles are also often used to provide extra cushioning to one’s feet, which is helpful for people who are engaged in frequent high-impact activities. Its great ability to absorb shock is good for your knees, thus ensuring no matter how punishing your workouts and other activities may be, you’re still able to protect your body from serious damage.

Minimize your fatigue

With ample cushioning, these foam insoles can also help minimize fatigue. Once these insoles are inserted into your shoes, being on your feet won’t be as terrible as before as it was. Your feet will feel less tired than before, you will be able to function more no your necessary tasks or do more of the things that you enjoy.

Factors to consider before choosing memory foam insoles

Where to Buy
HappyStep Shoe Insoles
Dr. Scholl’s Insoles with Air-Pillo Cushioning
Kidsole Children’s Athletic Insoles
Softior Women’s Memory Foam Insoles
VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles
MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole
Pathbreaker Unisex Memory Foam Shoes Insoles


Now that you have knowledge of memory foam products, you might be interested in getting a pair or two. Here are the following things that you should consider when shopping for a good memory foam insoles or inserts:


Memory foams are made differently from one another and they don’t come exactly cheap. You will definitely want a memory foam insole that’s longer-lasting, so it’s best to look out for products that are made from high-quality materials to ensure excellent performance and more uses.

Temperature Control

One of the biggest drawbacks of a memory foam insole is its tendency to trap heat, which makes your foot feel really hot and uncomfortable especially when used for long periods. This can be a problem especially if you intend to wear these insoles for most of the day.

Perhaps the best way to avoid this problem is to search for products that have corrected overheating issues either by eliminating components from the memory foam which cause them, or by adding newer materials that can help improve better airflow in the insoles.

Your feet

Everyone has different feet, and you need to factor that when choosing memory foam insoles. Like other people’s feet, your own has their own size, shape, condition and needs. Are you flat-footed? Or do your feet have high arches? Memory foam insoles come in different sizes and may address to specific foot conditions. Knowing what your feet exactly need will definitely help you in choosing the ideal pair of insoles.


Aside from the different sizes, memory foam insoles also come in different designs, with each being made for several purposes. The design should match the shape, sizes and the structural condition of your foot to help you address the common comfort issues you may have with your shoes.

1. HappyStep Shoe Insoles

These insoles are highly recommended for runners. It has a full arch shell design, that ensures the ideal fit and stability. Each insole is made with high-density foam which gives adequate support and cushioning to your foot. However, these insoles feel so light that your feet will feel less strain, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities like jogging or workouts, or be able to carry out regular tasks.

However, people with wide feet may find a problem with these insoles as they can be a bit too narrow. So if you are wide-footer, these insoles might not be for you.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Insoles with Air-Pillo Cushioning

Dr. Scholl is one of the most reputed brands in orthotic and comfort insoles. So it’s not a surprise at all that they also offer a great variety of products. These insoles are equipped with the manufacturer’s own Air-Pillo cushioning system which ensures comfort, plus its own Sure-Grip foam which prevents the insoles from accumulating or getting out of place, which can be quite uncomfortable.

If you have had overheating issues with other memory foam insoles in the past, your feet will find a friend here with Dr. Scholl’s insoles! They also cooling vents to keep your shoes well-ventilated, preventing your feet from feeling hot and sweaty.

3. Kidsole Children’s Athletic Insoles

Active kids deserve the best pair of insoles to withstand impact as they go with their playtime, favorite sports or any other favorite activities! These insoles feature contoured heel cups to provide great low arch for you kid’s feet. They also have cooling vents for proper airflow, as well as a micro-bead technology so that each of the soles have a secure grip inside the shoe. However they may not be great for kids with high arches.

4. Softior Women’s Memory Foam Insoles

There are a lot of working women nowadays and many of their jobs require them to be up on their feet all day. Plus, it’s a known fact that many women love to wear high heel shoes — while they make women appear statuesque and look great, they are otherwise a pain to their feet.

Hardworking women’s feet will find a best friend with Softior Women’s Memory Foam Insoles. Aside from the comfort and aesthetic factor, what makes these insoles so special is that they are designed to accommodate feet that suffer discomfort from Morton’s Neuroma, which is usually caused by wearing high heels too frequently.

5. VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles 

These insoles are made from high-quality materials: memory foam, gel and velvet. The combination of materials ensures durability, breathability, and constant use. It’s built with a U shape heel cup with natural arch support that helps stabilize the foot. You can also customize the size of the insoles by simply cutting it to match the size of your shoes. No matter what or how you do, your these insoles won’t get out of place!

6. MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole

If you are looking for insoles that take the beating out of your feet and provide comfort to them at the same time, the MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole is the perfect choice. No wonder, these insoles are extensively researched, developed and tested by certified podiatrists. That’s why they are guaranteed clinically proven to reduce foot pain, absorb shock and provide comfort to your weather-beaten feet. These hygienic insoles come in many designs, too. A bit pricey, though.

7. Pathbreaker Unisex Memory Foam Shoes Insoles

If you are a fan of Pathbreaker products but you don’t like pink-colored insoles or if you have very large feet, then you should go for Pathbreaker Unisex Memory Foam Shoes Insoles as a great alternative. They have pretty much the same features and specs but the difference is that these insoles are black and can accommodate up to size 10 shoes (men). They are breathable too, so say goodbye to hot feet!


These memory foam insoles can make you feel you’re walking on the mattress for most of the day. With the right fit, you won’t even notice that your feet get tired and still find yourself that you have so much energy left after many hours of being on your feet all day long.