Best Motion Sensors with Pagers

It happens so often that caregivers are consumed with their responsibility which leaves them very less time for their own. Thanks to technology, motion sensors are now a functional part of the health industry. 

A motion sensor alarm works on infrared technology to detect movement around your loved one. As soon as they try to move or leave their bed/chair, you can get instant alert. So, if you need to take a shower or leave the room for some time, you can trust on the motion detector and paging system.

The system is made to reduce noise from the patient’s room. You will quietly receive an alert and rush to the room. These pagers receive signals for up to 500 ft. and can be mounted to a wall near you or placed in the pocket. For optimum performance, place the motion detector near the door or the bed.

Where to Buy
Motion Sensor & Pager
Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager and PIR Motion Sensor for Elderly Patient Wandering and Fall Prevention
Caregiver Pager with Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad
Caregiver Pager with Weight Sensing Floor Mat & Alarm
Exit Alarm For Seniors Fall Prevention. Expandable Package

Let’s take a look at the best motion detectors with paging systems in the market for caregivers looking after elderly patients:

Motion Sensor and Pager

This motion sensor is very easy to use for all purposes. The alarm is great for caregivers and hospitals where minimum noise is preferred. When the patient moves or tries to get off the bed/chair, the motion sensor will silently send alarm to the pager. 

Motion sensor installation has two ways, you can either put it on its built-in stand or mount it on a nearby wall. The pager is very versatile and can be hooked to your pocket or placed on the stand on any table. The pager runs on batteries which are not included in the set and motion sensor runs on AC adapter. There are two tone options and an on/off switch in the pager.

For hygiene and safety, the set also includes Kerr anti-bacterial wipes. 

Wireless Caregiver Pager

This wireless pager and infrared motion sensor alarm kit is perfect for at-home caregivers. Rest assured that the patient will not harm themselves or wander at night. As soon as your loved one moves around, the motion sensor will alert you through the pager. 

Installation is very easy, you can stick the motion sensor near beds, chairs or doors with screws or 3M tape that comes with the set. The pager can be set to three different alarm settings which are sound only alarm, sound + vibration alarm or vibrate only alarm for no noise. Clip the pager on your pocket or belt to secure it. Motion detection can happen up to 500 ft. in open areas. 

This device is very flexible because you can attach up to four motion detectors for one pager. This means, nurses and attendants can keep a tab on multiple patients. You can buy additional devices like call buttons to pair with the wireless motion sensor as well. Pager runs on batteries which are included in the pack.

Caregiver Bed Alarm

This motion sensor is ideal for those patients who need constant surveillance, even when they need to go to the bathroom. The set includes a sensor pad, a monitor and a wireless pager. The sensor pad can be placed on chairs or beds. 

The sensor pad is very easy to clean, and you can wipe it with an anti-bacterial liquid. It has a cord which attaches to the monitor. The monitor makes two soft beeps when the system is activated for the first time. After that, the system sends all alerts silently to the pager. The monitor runs on AA batteries or AC adaptor, which is not sold with the set.

The monitor is a good inclusion in the set, because patients can press the call button to summon the caregiver. Monitor also beeps when there is an issue with the connection pad. Pager also offers various options like volume adjustment, vibrate-only option, and multi monitor signal reception. Batteries for pager are not included. 

Pager with Sensory Pad

This sensory alarm set can be used as a bed exit alarm for high sensitivity patients. The set includes a sensory pad, one alarm and a pager which receives signals. Installation is very easy, just place the mat alongside a bed or chair. When the patient steps on the mat, they will alert the caregiver.

The floor mat is high quality rubber which does not slip and minimizes the chances of tripping. When the alarm goes off, caregiver can turn it off by using the switch in the alarm. Alarm has many features like a call button for the resident, pad lost notification, light for when the alarm is in use and a low battery alert.

The pager has a mini screen with blue light for visual notification, volume adjustment, clip for hooking into belt and a vibrate option. It is an ideal fall prevention alarm and can connect with multiple sensors per pager. Batteries for pager are not included in the set.

Cordless Caregiver Pager

This is a cost-efficient and simple paging system with a motion detector. It is to be used with patients who can fall from the bed or get lost at night. The set includes a monitor, sensing bed pad, a chair pad and one pager. 

The monitor has multi language and tone options, adjustable volume options and a call feature. The cordless sensing pads are made of comfortable latex and can be cleaned with a wipe. The best thing about this set is that you can carry it anywhere, because of cordless sensing pads. the system can be synced with other devices like call buttons and more pagers. 

It works to relieve the stress on a nurse or caregiver and can function efficiently without making loud noise. You can run the devices on both batteries and AC adaptor. How cool is that? And if you’re looking for additional types of motion detectors, you can get ones with an infrared sensor as well.