Best Overbed Tables for Seniors

Seniors who are bedridden or can’t move because of any disability have to ask for help every time they need to get something, which can become frustrating and disheartening for them over time. Additionally, being bedridden can cause many problems, including accidents due to constantly trying to reach for different objects around the bed. The best solution to minimize this problem is to get an overbed table where seniors can keep their personal belongings, medication, and food nearby for easy access.

An overbed table is useful for both hospital and home. If you are looking for the best overbed tables for seniors, you are in the right place. We have put together a buying guide along with a list of best overbed tables that you can buy today for your elderly loved ones. Let’s get started.

What is an Overbed Table?

As the name suggests, overbed tables are constructed in a way to be used over the bed. They can slide over your head while you rest comfortably. These tables are highly recommended for disabled, seniors, or people who are not able to move. Using such tables allow seniors or patients to access things easily without moving sideways and hurting themselves.

Types of Overbed Tables

Adjustable Tilt Top

This type of overbed table provides with an adjustable surface with a degree of tilt so seniors can easily perform activities like reading books or newspaper without straining their neck or back.

Non-Adjustable Top

Non-adjustable top overbed tables, unlike the type mentioned above, have a flat, non-tilt surface that seniors can use as a dining table or a laptop table over the bed.

Auto-touch Overbed Table

If your elderly one isn’t able to move or apply more force, then this type of overbed table is the best choice to opt for. These are technologically advanced overbed tables that can be adjusted to a certain height with just a light touch. Some auto-touch overbed tables can also pair up with hospital beds to control the angle and position.

Heavy Duty Overbed Table

Heavy-duty overbed tables are constructed in a way to support heavy weights while its base is locked firmly in position, so the table doesn’t lose its balance.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Overbed Table

Before you go ahead and order the best overbed table for your elderly loved one, here are a few things that you should consider when making a purchase:


The overbed table won’t be of any benefit to you if it doesn’t fit the senior’s bed – make sure to measure the bed so you can get the right overbed table. Also, most overbed tables are equipped with spill guards around the perimeter that prevents burns and slips. These spill guards shouldn’t be sharped, so your elderly one doesn’t hurt himself accidentally.


Some overbed tables also come with an adjustable tilt angle that works well if you are looking for a table that provides more options than just eating on it. Additionally, tilt overbed tables are known for their greater comfort and functionality.


Storage is an important point to consider when we are talking about portability and limited space. Although you should look for heavy-duty construction and sturdiness, don’t ignore the fact that you may also need to carry it around with you in the car if required. Go for a storage-friendly overbed table, so you don’t have to worry about storing and carrying it.


Best overbed tables have adjustable heights that allow them to be more customizable. These customizable tables can be used for beds of various sizes. The best thing about adjustable overbed tables is that you can use them for wheelchairs and recliners as well.

Convenient To Use

When buying an overbed table, it all comes down to your accessibility and comfort. If you are still feeling uncomfortable when accessing things from the table, then the overbed table is of no use. The overbed table you should buy should be convenient to use daily and compatible with you and the bed.

The table should be easy to assemble while its top should be smooth and easy to clean. If you are looking for long term use, then go with materials and finishing coats that are scratch-resistant.

Here is the list of best overbed tables for seniors:

Where to Buy
Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table, Silver Vein
Carex Overbed Table - Flat Rolling Bed Table with Adjustable Height - Over The Bed Table For Home Use
Overbed Table with Vanity Non Tilt Automatic Spring Assisted - Item Number 1010H1200EA
Invacare Overbed Table, with Tilt Top, Height Adjustable, 6418
Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table w One-Touch Height Adjustment Feature (Hospital and Home Use)
Goplus Overbed Table Adjustable Medical Bedside Table Hospital Food Tray Rolling Laptop Desk with Tilting Top
Vive Overbed Table (XL) - Hospital Bed Table - Swivel Wheel Rolling Tray - Adjustable Over Bedside Home Desk - Laptop, Reading, Eating Breakfast Cart Stand - Bedridden, Elderly, Senior Patient Aid
Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels (Hospital and Home Use)


Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table

Drive Medical overbed table cannot be tilted but is exceptionally stable, user-friendly and safe for people of all ages. It has a large 15-inch deep and 30-inch wide top surface, allowing you to place several things on it for easy access. It is an adjustable table that can be lowered or raised in different positions between 28 to 45 inches.

Additionally, the tabletop is textured to avoid items on it from sliding off. It comes in two variants; you can choose your preferred one from Chrome and Silver Vein. The table is also easy to store because of its height adjustment option, which allows it to slide under your bed or even a sofa. The table weighs 40lbs only.

Carex Overbed Table

Carex overbed table is made of durable and lightweight plastic that will make it easy for your elderly one to write, eat food, and do other projects easily while still being in a chair or bed. The tabletop is 16 inches deep, and 33 inches wide, which you can also adjust for both right-handed and left-handed people. Its base is made of strong polypropylene and has four swivel casters that don’t make disturbing noise.

The table is made to withstand 50 lbs. of weight with ease. It is a great choice for people with disabilities and seniors who can’t move much.

Amfab Overbed Table with Vanity Non-Tilt

This overbed table by Amfab Company LLC offers a straightforward yet functional design with solid materials that guarantee durability and reliability. The thing that distinguishes it from other overbed tables is its small, but convenient storage drawer that comes equipped on it. Your elderly loved ones can store their precious things nearby and can always access them whenever they want.

Aside from the table’s top features like the drawer it comes with and the extra room it has, the table is height-adjustable and easy to move around the room. You don’t just get a table with a drawer, but a mirror as well, so your elderly loved one can apply makeup or do anything else while still sitting on the bed. Once you assemble it tightly, it will be secure and won’t wobble. However, even if it has more storage area, still the table itself doesn’t have a large surface (only 11 inches).

Invacare Overbed Table

Invacare overbed table provides more flexibility and durability as compared to its fixed counterparts. With an adjustable overbed table, you will have more comfort as it can incline and move according to the position your elderly loved one is sitting or lying on the bed. No matter the senior is receiving at-home care or is in the hospital, this overbed table by Invacare is a perfect choice for helping elders perform a variety of daily activities including work, writing, eating, etc.

Additionally, this overbed table has a smooth design that is simple to use. To raise the table, all you have to do is give it a light touch. Give it a slight tap, and it will automatically lock into position. The table’s base is made of steel that makes it easier to clean, sturdy, and more long-lasting than its wooden counterparts. Also, the table’s foundation is chrome-plated that guarantees that the table is able to resist corrosion and prevent wear and tear over time. It is designed to support weight up to 25 pounds only.

Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Deluxe overbed bedside table is great for both hospital and home use, which is also highly recommended by doctors. It stands out because of its versatility and ease of use for the elderly. The table is adjustable, which means its tilt top can be positioned in different ways without any limitations. Plus, its height can also be adjusted with minimal effort. All this makes Vaunn medical deluxe overbed table an excellent choice for seniors with reduced flexibility and strength.

The table features two trays; the small one is for putting beverages and food, and the large one is for times when seniors need to keep all their essential items nearby. It also has four small caster wheels that make the table easier to move. However, if we look at its downside, then its instructions are vague, especially for installing the trip rod that operates the lever.

Goplus Overbed Table

If you want real value for money, then you can consider buying Goplus overbed table as it offers seniors an adjustable height that can extend to nearly four feet – a great choice for taller beds and sofas. The table is also equipped with four wheel casters that make it easy to move freely if your elderly loved one has limited mobility. For more safety, you can even lock two of its wheels.

Although the table can tilt forwards and backwards, you can’t bend or fold it when it is no longer in use. The materials used to make this overbed table are a blend of medium-density fiberboard and PVC.

The table’s overall size is 26.5 inches x 16.5 inches x 27.44 inches.

Vive Overbed Table (XL)

The Vive overbed table is of an extra-large size that can easily be adjusted between 28 and 39 inches in height with the help of its one-touch adjustment lever. The table is known for its versatility as you can use it by the bed, sofa, wheelchair or recliner. Its top has a smooth and pleasing appearance due to the material used (laminated oak). Although it has a large surface, it is slim as well, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms and seniors who like to have some extra space to move around.

The table is well-constructed and can support weight up to 50 pounds, which is more than enough when using it for seniors. Additionally, just like most other overbed tables, it also has four caster wheels out of which two can be locked for enhanced safety of the seniors. Another best thing about this overbed table is that the manufacturer has backed it up with a lifetime warranty.

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table 

Vaunn Medical overbed bedside table is adjustable and highly recommended by doctors for both hospital and home use. You can adjust it in infinite positions, according to the senior’s requirements. All you or the senior has to do is give the table a light touch on its spring-loaded locking handle to raise or lower it to any required height (between 28 and 40 inches).

Besides its amazing functionalities, it has a premium finishing due to walnut wood-grained laminated top and flush-mounted t-molded edge design that makes the table look amazing in every room! Its overall dimensions are 15” depth x 30” width X 28-40” height. Its base dimensions are 15.5 inches deep and 26.5 inches wide. The table can easily support up to 50 pounds, and it weighs 20 pounds.

Final Verdict

Getting the best overbed table for your elderly loved one will allow them to perform many activities, from working to writing to eating in bed, to help regain independence. As you now already know the different types of overbed tables available in the market, you should be able to select the right one according to the senior’s requirements. For instance, if you want more comfort and independence, then you can opt for an adjustable overbed table. Otherwise, a normal non-tilt overbed table will also work fine.