Best Pressure Relief Mattresses and Pads for Bed Sores

Bed sores or also known as pressure ulcers are skin injuries due to prolonged pressure on the skin. They often develop on the skin that covers the bony areas of the body like the ankles, heels, hips, and tailbone. Most of the people who are prone to bed sores are those with medical conditions that prevent them from changing positions spend a lot of time in bed.

Bed sores can develop quickly. They can heal with treatment but not completely, therefore, it’s better to take steps to prevent them. When you have bed sores, one of the things that can help them heal is bed sore creams. But aside from that, using pressure relief mattresses and pads are also great.

Pressure relief mattresses and pads are essential especially on the treatment for individuals who are confined for a long period of time. The use of these mattresses can prevent small ulcers from becoming infected wounds that may result in tissue death.

Types of Pressure Relief Mattresses and Pads

Mattresses and pads for bed sores come in different types and each of them can offer different kinds of comfort. Here are some of them.

  • Foam or Static: This type of mattress is made of single or multiple pressure relieving foam. Its surface can relieve pressure over time because it responds to the body’s shape, movement, and heat. However, the immobile user should still be repositioned on this mattress surface once every two to three hours. It’s because sores can still develop if they are not moved regularly.
  • Alternating: Alternating pressure or air-flow mattresses can relieve and redistribute pressure with a dynamic lying surface. Some of the air cells of this mattress are inflated and others are deflated. An air pump is connected to it to inflate and deflate cells according to the individual’s comfort. This type of pad and mattress do not require manual repositioning, making it a great choice for those who aren’t able to move.
  • Hybrid: This is a combination of both alternating and static mattress systems. It is usually alternating air cells inset in a foam mattress which has a soft foam on top. This type can provide advanced pressure relief while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Things to Consider when Choosing Pressure Relief Mattresses and Pads

There are many kinds of mattresses and pads available in the market, that’s why choosing the best one that suits people with bed sores can be a challenging task. To help you out, here are some of the things you should look into.

  • Size and Fit: There are a lot of pads and mattresses for bed sores that are compatible with hospital beds, however, they might not fit your bed at home. That’s why it’s important to check first the size and fit of the mattress you will be purchasing for it to fit perfectly on the bed where you intend to use it.
  • Additional Health Features: Pressure relief mattresses and pads are designed to prevent bed sores, but there are also some which have added health features such as those with zones on the top and bottom to prevent friction on the skin.
  • Price and Quality: There are expensive pads and mattresses that can surely give you great comfort. However, the price isn’t always the basis because there are some that come at a lower price but can give the same comfort as the expensive ones. Therefore, what you should look into when choosing is the quality and not the price.

The Best Pressure Relief Pads and Mattresses for Bed Sores

If you’re looking for the best pressure relief pads and mattresses for bed sores, here are some of the top products we can recommend.

Where to Buy
Invacare Careguard App Alternating Pressure Pad System
ROHO Prodigy Mattress Overlay System
Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress
Drive Med Aire Pressure Relief Pad and Pump
Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive
Drive Medical Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System
Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress
Drive Medical Air Mattress Pad
Lumex Foam & Gel Mattress 
Bevel Medical Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress

1. Invacare Careguard App Alternating Pressure Pad System

This pressure pad system is designed to be placed on top of an existing mattress. It can prevent pressure ulcers for those at risk. It has multiple pressure settings on an easy-to-use pump, providing you with custom user comfort.

This pressure relief pad features a built-in bracket that allows the pump to be easily mounted on the bed. Each of the air cells can be inflated and deflated to encourage movement and reduce pressure on sore spots. It has durable flaps which are wrapped underneath the mattress holding it in place for more stability. This pad is very easy to use and maintain.

2. ROHO Prodigy Mattress Overlay System

This mattress is made from flame-resistant polyvinyl which can provide comfort and wound protection for people who are at risk of skin breakdown. It has a 3-inch deep surface which is made up of individual air cells. These air cells can be adjusted using a hand pump which comes with the product.

Adjusting patients to positions is also possible because this mattress is made of three interlocking segments where each air cells can be adjusted independently. These individual sections contribute to maximum comfort, pain relief, and wound protection.

3. Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

This is a pressure relief mattress that offers zoning and cross-cutting which can provide superior support and comfort. It is separated into sections that have different levels of support to the different areas of the body.

It is firmer under the hips area because it is the heaviest area of the body. Its shoulder blades are more protrude, giving it more softness. And since it is also a cross-cut mattress, it is able to move with the patient’s body, reducing shear. This product is great for those uncomfortable hospital beds.

4. Drive Med Aire Pressure Relief Pad and Pump

This is a superior high-tech mattress that is made of comfortable, heavy gauge vinyl for long lasting durability. It features a built-in bracket, making the pump mount easily to the bed.

This pressure pad also features a configuration of 130 individual inflatable cells. These cells can be inflated or deflated within 5 minutes. It also includes a 4 liter per minute variable pressure pump.

5. Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

This is a great choice for those who are suffering from bed sores because it can also be used as a stand-alone item. It offers adjustable pressure levels for a more customized feel. It also comes with an ultra-quiet pump, making users sleep soundly through the night. This mattress has a waterproof top layer, making it more easy to clean up. It is able to support up to 400 pounds and can stay inflated for 24 hours.

6. Drive Medical Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

This is an ideal pressure relief mattress to use in hospitals and even at home. It is made from nylon and TPU and has a comfortable, quilted cover. This is a lightweight mattress that is also water resistant. It is durable and can support up to 450 pounds.

This pressure relief mattress comes with a pillow function where the top of the bed remains static. It also has audible alarms signaling falling pressure levels. It also has full day protection against power loss.

7. Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

This mattress is ideal for individuals who are on extended bed rest. It can provide them an effective sleep even when they have painful bed sores. This mattress can effectively distribute constant airflow throughout the body, which helps increase circulation and as well as relieve pressure spots.

This pressure relief mattress also has 130 pre-programmed air cells. These cells inflate and deflate to eliminate pressure and distribute the user’s weight effectively. Its pressure pump is also one of the quietest in the market, giving you a nice and comfortable sleep.

8. Drive Medical Air Mattress Pad

This air mattress pad has a unique construction which allows efficient airflow throughout the mattress, making it a great pressure relief pad to treat and prevent bed sores. It also has an emergency air release valve that deflates the mattress quickly and safely. This air mattress pad also has air flow holes which reduce heat and fluid build-up. It also has adjustable bed straps, preventing it from moving.

9. Lumex Foam & Gel Mattress 

This gel mattress is made with multi-layer, specialized gel that adds comfort to your existing mattress. It’s made with 2 inches thick solid foam base that redistributes pressure and the Viscos-elastic gel is responsible for dispersing weight and pressure over a wide surface area. This gel mattress is leak-proof, never deforms, and retains comfort level over the lifetime of the mattress.

10. Bevel Medical Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress

This pressure relief mattress is proven to alleviate bed sores and ulcers due to extended bed rest. It also promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration. It can evenly distribute the weight to relieve pressure spots for superior comfort. It is perfect for patients who are weak or immobilized.

These are some of the best pressure relief mattresses and pads for bed sores we can recommend. A mattress or a pad to prevent bed sores is indeed a must-have especially for those who are at higher risk. We hope the list we shared will help you choose the best one, just remember to always consider your needs to be able to select the product that will best fit you or your patient.