Best Puzzle Packs for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

When it comes to making elderly patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease happy, puzzle packs offer a viable solution. Since Alzheimer’s negatively impacts the brain, your patients and loved ones require cognitive stimulation to keep the most important muscle of the body active and engaged. Dementia patients, too, can benefit from problem-solving processes – puzzles offer a type of cognitive exercise that can help ease the symptoms of the disease.

So, what are the best puzzle packs for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients? We look at some of the top options below.

Where to Buy
Keeping Busy Match The Dots Dementia and Alzheimer's Engaging Activities / Puzzles / Games for Older Adults
Active Minds 13 Piece Puzzle Pack Jigsaw | Specialist Alzheimer's/Dementia Activities & Games
Springbok Alzheimer & Dementia Jigsaw Puzzles - Birds of a Feather - 36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Large 18 Inches by 23.5 Inches Puzzle - Made in USA - Extra Large Easy Grip Pieces
Keeping Busy Downtown Christmas 35 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle Engaging Activities / Puzzles / Games for Dementia and Alzheimer's for Older Adults


Keeping Busy Match the Dots Puzzle Pack

This puzzle pack isn’t appropriate for children. It’s specifically designed to trigger pleasant memories in a certain group of seniors. For those who’ve played dominoes, it’s going to trigger past memories when the tiles hit the table. The best part is that it comes with colored templates that assist elders with dementia to a win. Full details on how to present the puzzle pack to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s so that they feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction are also included.

Active Minds 13 Piece Puzzle Pack Jigsaw

Did you know that Active Minds won the National Dementia Care Awards in 2015? No kidding. They’re specialists in making senior appropriate games and activity products. Hence, you can be sure that this puzzle pack is going to go down well with the elderly. The plastic pieces inside are also infection control compliant and easy to clean. The product also comes with guide assistance to help assemble the puzzles and prompt questions to help kickstart conversations. Strong reminiscence visuals are best for individuals with visual impairment and assist in stimulating past memories once the puzzle is finished.

Springbok Alzheimer & Dementia Jigsaw Puzzles – Birds of a Feather

This is a 36-piece jigsaw puzzle that has a 23.5 * 18 inches’ finish and a “precision cut” that makes for an heirloom-level puzzle. The company has been manufacturing puzzles in the US since 1963. What’s unique about this product is that it is made from organically sourced and non-toxic board materials, which makes it ideal for those aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Each puzzle is also covered with the company’s guarantee and is unique in shape. Your loved ones are going to have a great time playing with Springbok Jigsaw puzzles as it’s one of the best items available in its category.

Keeping Busy Downtown Christmas 35 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle

This is another puzzle pack from Keeping Busy. We recommend getting this around the holiday season as it’s based on a significant holiday (i.e. Christmas). The bright colored images from Keeping Busy are going to spark reminiscing and discussions. The pieces of the pack get together in a tray that has a “grey visual” of the puzzle engraved with every piece highlighted in a color coded pattern to reveal where they should be placed. The pieces are also already categorized into groups matching the sequence of the color and are presented to the player one at a time. Following the sequence, a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s should be easily able to finish the puzzle without help.

Health Benefits of Puzzle Packs

While the fun seniors get from puzzle makes is enough of a reason to make it a past time, thee are several other benefits that the activity provides. From physical health to cognitive advantages, below are some of the ways that completing puzzle packs can help reduce your loved ones’ symptoms:

Lower stress – When you reminisce times of Christmas and other moments that display upon completing the puzzle, you feel a sense of satisfaction. And that brings seniors health benefits regardless of how old your loved one is. Enjoying puzzle packs will also release endorphins, which increases circulation of the blood and helps relax the muscles, leading to reduced blood pressure.

Improves memory – Loss of memory skills to dementia is a stressful situation for several seniors, and puzzle packs can help minimize this cognitive decline. By gearing their focus towards cognitive and memory-related associations, board games improve the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus of the brain, which are the two main areas impacted in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Enhances immunity – The immune system of the body needs extra help as a person ages, and anxiety and stress can both negatively affect immunity. Fortunately, those who enjoy playing puzzle-related games tend to release neuropeptides that help keep the stress at bay, resulting in enhanced immunity of the body.

Enhances dexterity: Basic tasks tend to become challenging for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also, motor skills are hard to retain as aging takes a toll on seniors. With that said, it’s possible to improve each of these things with some work on coordination and dexterity. Completing the pieces of puzzle is a great way for sufferers to improve dexterity in a calm and fun way.


With so many benefits of puzzle packs, why are you still waiting to purchase one for your loved one or patient? There are several varieties out there in the market, so get the pack you think they’d find interesting to help them pass time as well as work on their recover. The good thing is that they’ll be able to do all this with minimal supervision.