Best Senior Safety Medication Dispenser

Senior patients and their caregivers or family members may have a tough time remembering and following a strict medication routine – their routine of taking meals, exercising, and most of all, medication on time is disturbed. Taking medicine on time can prevent and slow down illness or disease. Medication dispenser is the best way to remember and take the daily dosage on time. It keeps track of medicine and helps the patients to take their pills, keeping the caregivers stress-free. Here is a list of some best medication dispensers available in the market:

Where to Buy
Livefine Pill Dispenser 
MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser 
GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser – Standard edition 
GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser – Smart Edition 
Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer
VitaWorks Automatic Pill Dispenser

Livefine Pill Dispenser 

For the satisfaction of patients and caregivers, Livefine’s automatic electronic pill dispenser keep the medicine counters locked until the set time of dosage comes. To avoid excess refill of medicine or mistakenly forgetting to take pills, Livefine pill dispenser includes a timer and alert features. The alerts and timers are displayed on its LCD. There is also an option for customizing medicine on a six-day routine. Patients who have memory problems or are dealing with depression can use this dispenser without ever worrying about taking medicine on time. 

The dispenser contains convenient compartments that can hold up to 18 pills (Aspirin size). All you need to do is put the required medicines in the slots and set the template according to the dosage amount. With each alert, the dispenser spins and allows access to a specific dosage. The latch feature of security provides extra safety to the people who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, or who have problems with overdosing themselves mistakenly. 

The dispenser also has a manual key that restricts inadvertent opening. The interface of the dispenser is easy to deal with. It provides features of the timer, clock, volume settings, and a variety of alerts. The screen of the dispenser is equipped with sleep mode, which turns the screen off after 10 minutes when not in use, and the record of dosage is saved even after the batteries go down. Its alarm system is helpful for adults who have visual or hearing impairments. The alarm offers a loud sound and vibration system, which runs for about 30 minutes until the patient takes medicine. For people with visual impairments, a light keeps illuminating and blinking during the time of dosage. The sounds can also be muted or set to different available tones. 

MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser 

Patients with memory loss problems and complex issues regarding their dosage intake, find it quite easy to remember when to take their medicine with the help of MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser P1700. It comes with features such as dual alarms, low-frequency adjustable alarm, and flashlight display, which keeps illuminating during the dosage time. The alarms and light stop working when the medicine is taken, or the dispenser is opened. 

It provides a capacity of storing 28 pills and 4 doses per day and comes with an emergency guide. A lock key is also available, which is used to prevent the excess intake of dosage. In addition, it includes a rechargeable battery and extra keys with instructions. The alarm system can be set to different time intervals with one to four-time usage per day. The tray of dispenser rotates to the next dosage when the medicine is consumed. Also, they can be used on a manual basis when frequent dosage is required in a single day or a week. 

The product is backed up by a 1-year warranty.

GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser – Standard edition 

The standard edition of GMS dispenser is one of the best helping products available for the patients of Alzheimer’s, memory loss, mental sickness, sight issues, etc. It works as a helping hand for caregivers and families who look after patients with such diseases. It reduces the stress of dosage intake. There are different alert tones for the alarm system. You can manage the bills based on the prescribed dosage. Extras of this product include two trays, keys, and dosage rings. 

Alarms can be set 6 times on a daily basis for 30 minutes, and they set off when the medicine is taken. Flashlight and voice alert system are a couple of features that outstand GMS automatic pill dispenser among other available dispensers in the market – It keeps track of dosage and gives voice alerts when the alarms turn on. 

Each compartment can be emptied by placing the dispenser upside down. The dispenser has 28 compartments that can hold up to 18 Aspirin-sized pills each. Six dosage rings that come as an extra with the dispenser allow customizing the dosage. The security system features a manual key that prevents the patient from taking excess dosage. 

GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser – Smart Edition 

This one is the smart edition of the GMS dispenser mentioned above. It gives more peace of mind to the caregivers and releases the stress of patients, as it is more convenient and reliable. It is designed for adults who have issues with remembering their dosage intake. It is equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect the dispenser with your phone and keep a smart track of dosage with the help of LeBox mobile application.

Alarms on the dispenser can also be set in your smartphone via Bluetooth. The security system comes with a preventing lock key that restricts the excess intake of medicine. Progress reports can be checked through the App as well. Its trays rotate according to alarm and dosage intake

Its tray can be removed, and multiple trays can be added if you want to set a routine for monthly dosage. Its smart mobile app can keep track of the dosage and missed medication. Different alarm tones are available with loud or slow sounds, and the light keeps flashing in 360 degrees, which creates a visual impact on the patient, allowing him to take medicine ASAP. Batteries of the GMS dispenser can be charged using an AC adapter, and the batteries stay charged for over a year (according to GMS).

Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer

Dosage intake is disturbed, specifically when a person is traveling or having a busy schedule. Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer comes with a plan of whole week dosage track for mornings and evenings. It keeps the schedule of weekly dosage intake with seven different color compartments that represent a specific day. However, it is more convenient for Patients to get the dosage refilled within a weekly interval.

Each day is represented with a different color; once a medicine is taken, the compartment can be detached so that the patient remembers when to take the next dose. It is highly recommended as a traveling partner for people who have dementia or suffer from memory loss. 

The dispenser is made with high-quality plastic, which makes it more reliable and safe.

VitaWorks Automatic Pill Dispenser

VitaWorks Automatic Pill Dispenser is a 28-day portable medication planner and organizer that can dispense vitamins and tablets up to six times a day. All you have to do is set the dispenser one time, and it will not need any tweaking again unless your dosage requirements change. The RoundPill tray features 28 slots that can store about 18 tablets each. 

The dispenser is also equipped with a safety latch that comes in handy when you want to keep it locked at all times in order to avoid accidental overdose by a child. When the medication needs to be taken, its customizable alarm rings and a red light flashes that continue for 30 minutes until the dispenser is turned over to release contents. 

The package contains the following things:

  • Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • One medication tray,
  • Six dosage rings
  • One metal key,
  • Two lids (one clear & one solid white) 
  • Easy set-up manual
  • Four AA batteries


A medication dispenser is a reliable way of remembering the dosage intake for patients with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, vision problems or mental disorders. It helps in making it easier for caregivers to treat their loved ones. The primary purpose of dispensers is that they keep the adults independent at home or anywhere when it comes to taking medication on time, keeping the caregivers/family members stress-free. 

The dispensers mentioned above are some of the best and effective ones available in the market; you can opt for the one that seems perfect for you or your loved one.