Best Sensory Cushions For Daily Use

Have you noticed lately that your kid is having a hard time concentrating? Does he or she feel they need a little extra to lock their concentration in place? What could that extra be? 

Sensory sensitivities are one thing that kids experience at an early age. This leads them to lose concentration halfway. It’s the little things that you to make them feel at home even in their room. Without these sensory touches, they can feel lost even in their own safe space. You can make the most mundane activities monumental with these sensory touches. Sensory cushions are a huge part of these sensory sensitivities. 

Why Get One?

Sensory cushions aren’t only for kids, they are for adult who need special care as well. It’s important for them to feel great about their fragile bodies. Especially adult suffering from dementia and arthritis can benefit a lot from these cushions.  Here are some features that will help you understand the true potential of these cushions. 

Increase Sitting Time:

Having a special needs kid or an adult is never easy; you always have your handful with one worry or another. With the aid of sensory cushions, you will be able to make you sit a little longer and concentrate for longer as well. It helps your kid suffering from ADHA or ADD to relieve stress, adults suffering from weak bones can find peace with his or her sitting position as well as keep his inattention, it also keeps fidgeting and restlessness at bay. A lot of mental as well as behavioral disorders can benefit from Sensory cushions, including Tourette’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, and antisocial personality disorder (APD), bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder, among others. 

Helps With Mental Health

Are you worried about your kid’s mental health and promotion? Are you stressed about his concentration and fidgeting? Vibration has therapeutic benefits that will help your kid as well as his grandparents with a lot of things like SPD’s, anger issues, restlessness etc. Vibration helps with hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity issues that are pretty common with ADHD and ADD kids. It’s also beneficial for kids with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. It has healing effects for adults suffering from long term diseases. 

Calms The Nervous System

You can help your kid a lot if you learn to regulate the sensory input, it will help them calm their nervous system a lot. You will see a lot of change; they will become more focused and organized with the help of sensory cushions. Sensory cushions also help with muscle pain, muscle tension, comfort and general; this is great for senior citizens as it’s great for kids. Sensory input assists with the acceleration of safety as well as self-esteem. You will instantly know that it’s helping your kid with anxiety and inhibiting depression. 

Buying Guide

What To Consider Before Buying:

If you are new to this, it’s understandable that you need help to know what to seek in your sensory cushion. 

Material: What is the cushion made of; this is the most common question as well as the most important feature that you should question. You will need to be mindful about your kid’s sensitivities, go for a material that is known to calm your kid down. Choose materials that have a soothing effect on your kid. Stay away from abrasive and hard material like denim, no matter how cool it looks. 

Construction: Apart from the material the making matters as well. Is it put together with zips, Velcro or it is sewn? This will help you check the durability as well as the washability of the sensory cushion. 

Washability: you need to know if it’s easily washable or not. This will help you decide whether to buy it or not. You also need to check if it is machine-wash or hand-wash. This is an important factor as your kids may spill or drool over it. If it’s not washable, it should have a waterproof layer underneath it for easy cleaning. 

Level Of Vibration: with sensory cushions that have vibration, you should always check the level of vibration, if your kid is extra sensitive low vibration will suffice and vice versa. 

Sensory Cushions – Our Top Pinks

Where to Buy
Wiggle Seat Inflatable Cushion
Senseez Calming Cushion For Kids
Senseez 3 in 1 Adaptable Therapeutic Vibrating Cushion
Senseez Vibrating Football Calming Cushion
Senseez Vibrating Sensory Cushion

Wiggle Seat Inflatable Cushion

Black Sensory cushions help your kid relax and focus a lot more than their average time span. A Wiggle cushion is portable and can be taken anywhere, even to school. It’s less obtrusive and great therapy just like a therapy ball. The bumpy side of the cushion gives your kid additional tactile support. It’s perfect whether your kid is eating, working or doing any productive activity.

You can easily control and regulate the inflation of your cushion with the pump that comes with the pack. It’s easy to inflate and deflate and work as per your kid’s need.

The wiggle cushion helps with posture as well as comfort. It will help your kid focus while in class or at home.

Senseez Calming Cushion For Kids

Handling a problematic kid is not an easy fiat; you need a lot of patience and support.  Well, with Senseez Calming Cushions, you can make things easy for yourself. For one thing, they can calm your kids down. They can hug the plushy jellyfish and instantly feel relaxed, even adults can benefit from the healing power of vibration.

It’s designed with tactile sensitivities that help your kid relax and improve their focus. ADHD and ADD kids find it hard to focus on anything for long; this sensory cushion will keep all distraction at bay. There is no choking hazard as the cushion is battery operated and has no cords. You can easily leave your kid with the cushion.

As it’s constructed with thin layers of poly foam, the cushion is pretty comfortable to sit on. The batter has its secure pouch; this makes the cushion easy to clean.

Senseez 3 in 1 Adaptable Therapeutic Vibrating Cushion

Vibration has known to have therapeutic benefits. Whether you are getting the sensory cushion for adult or kid, it’s beneficial for all ages. You get, comfort, soothing stimuli as well as healing properties all in one package with this Senseez 3 in 1 Adaptable Therapeutic Vibrating Cushion.

You can easily adjust the vibration level of the cushion. The sensory cushion vibrates on touch. It’s great for kids and adults alike you need certain support to calm their nerves.

The cushion comes with pouches to carry hot and cold pad. You can insert your hot and cold bag as well as your weighted pack for extra comfort.

Senseez Vibrating Football Calming Cushion

The perfect sitting sensory cushions that will help your kid sit in the most comfortable position. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, this cushion will help them sit longer and focus better.

The sensory cushion is portable and can be attached to the backpack easily. Kids can take them everywhere, even to schools and libraries. The extra and undistracted focus will help the kid learn better.

The cushion comes with its own battery pack in a separate pouch that can easily be removed when the need be.

Senseez Vibrating Sensory Cushion

It’s hard to see your kids struggle with anxiety and stress. Very little can set your kids off, whether it’s a hard homework question or losing focus. With the help of vibrating sensory cushion, you can give your child a safe way to focus as well as learn better. The vibration therapy will help the kid relax and relieve stress.

The cushion is manufactured with vinyl material; it’s easy to clean. With a 10 inch height, it’s perfect for school chair and dining chairs. The standard dimensions make it versatile to be used with any chair at home or in the classroom.

Senseez’s Bumpy Turtle Touchable Vibrating Sensory Cushion

If you have an extra sensitive kid, you need more support than others; this Turtle touchable cushion will work wonders for you and your kid. The cushion comes with a tail that offers assistance with fidgeting as well as extra sensation.

For extra tactile sensors rub on the face or between fingers, the bumps designed on the turtle are sensations stimuli that will help your kid to calm his nerves.

It’s portable and can be taken anywhere, so your kid is never without his favorite support cushion. With the convenient dimensions of 9.5″ X 9.5″, it is perfect for long commutes and air travel.


Sensory cushions are a great invention that is perfect for kids who find it hard to concentrate and kid in one position for a while. Even adults with dementia can benefit from these sensory cushions. They also help fidgeting kids to calm down and be still. All in all, these cushions are design to help with developmental disabilities as well as behavioral problems.