Best Sock Pulling Aids for Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled People

A pair of socks is arguably one of the most important pieces of clothing that you will need in your wardrobe, as it will provide protection and a little bit of cushion for your feet against impact, dirt, or splinters, and it will also keep your feet warm during the winter season. However, socks are also some of the most difficult accessories to put on, as the materials that they are made out of can be hard to stretch, and when you put too much pressure on your pull, you may cause the socks to get torn or to get too loose. 

While most people are already struggling with putting on socks, the elderly and the disabled often have a more difficult time putting on their favorite pair of socks since they sometimes don’t have the strength to wear the accessory. Luckily, there is a tool called “sock aid” or “sock puller” that will help them put on their socks with ease. There are hundreds of different sock aids that you can buy online, although there are only a few that are considered to be the best at providing help for the elderly and disabled. Here are some of the best sock aids that you can buy.

Where to Buy
RMS Deluxe Sock Aid - Socks Helper with Foam Handles
Colux Sock Aid (Green)
Allstar Innovations - Sock Slider - The Easy on, Easy off Sock Aid Kit & Shoe Horn | Pain Free No Bending, Stretching or Straining System that Packs up for Convenient Travel, As Seen on TV
Jobst Stocking Donner, Aid for Putting on Compression Socks
Sock Ox - Extended Length Sock Remover and Long Shoe Horn - Easy On and Off Stocking Slider - Dressing Aid for Senior Men and Women


RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

The most popular and highly-rated product on this list is the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid, a simple tool that can help the elderly and disabled put on their socks in just a few seconds. If you are going to use this sock aid, all you have to do is to fit the sock in the shell of the tool, which is made of flexible plastic, and then hold the two handles connected to the shell through ropes. After holding the handles, place one of your feet inside the shell, then start pulling the handle until the sock is fully fitted on your foot.

To prevent the shell from slipping while you insert your foot on the tool, the shell has a slip-resistant foam pad at the bottom that keeps the tool in place while also holding the sock. In addition, the length of the handle is adjustable, and you can change its length but just untying the nut on the shell and tying a new knot to your desired length. Its simplicity is the reason why it is so popular to buy online, and this sock aid is a suitable product for people that are not yet used to using a sock puller.

Colux Sock Aid

The Colux Sock Aid is similar to the RMS Sock Aid, as they both have a cylindrical shell and two handles connected on the shell via ropes. However, what’s different about the Colux Sock Aid is that it has a wider foam padding at the bottom that will give the product a better grip on the floor even if it is tilted to the left or to the right.

In addition, you don’t have to tie a new knot when adjusting the length of the handle, as the product already comes with two easy adjusters at each end of the rope, and these adjusters have a button that you can press to pull or push the rope to your desired length. While the tool is much easier to adjust than the RMS tool, the Colux sock aid suffers from having non-durable materials. Get the Colux sock aid if you want an easier-to-adjust tool, but you would have to be willing to spend for another sock aid if ever the Colux product gets broken or damaged.

feet with socks

Allstar Innovations SockSlider

Next on the list is the Allstar Innovations SockSlider, a sock aid that features different mechanics from the RMS sock aid. Before you can use the SockSlider, you would first need to assemble the parts. Place the sock cradle on the table and slide the main slider part (with the SockSlider name) down on the notch at the top of the cradle. Then, combine the two pieces of the handle and make sure that they have a secure connection. Place one sock on the main slider part by stretching its opening and hooking it on the top part of the slider. After placing the top part of the sock on the slider, push or roll down the sock until the bottom part of it is at the top of the slider. Then, place the cradle on the floor using your hands or using the handle by hooking the bigger end of the handle to the cradle. Once the handle is hooked onto the cradle, keep your hands on the handle while gently placing your foot inside the slider and into the sock. Push your foot into the slider until the sock is fully fitted. 

The good thing about the Allstar Innovations SockSlider is that you don’t need to pull on the handle to get the sock fitted onto your foot, unlike the RMS or the Colux sock aid, which requires you to have the arm strength to pull the sock into place. However, pushing your foot into the slider can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the strength to move your foot. So, picking one product between the two depends on whether your hand or foot can exert enough strength to use the tool. If you have hand strength, you can use the RMS or Colux sock aid, but if your arms are weak, then you may choose the Allstar Innovations SockSlider.

Jobst Stocking Donner

The Jobst Stocking Donner is a relatively larger tool than the first three products on the list, and its size is mainly attributed to its sturdy frame that helps keep the sock aid in place. The Jobs Stocking Donner is specifically made for compression socks and stockings, as its larger sock opener at the center can help users have an easier time putting their foot inside the opener while the sock is stretched. To help the user have a stable grip on the sock aid, the Jobst tool also has a rubberized handle that provides comfort and stability for the hands.

This tool is suitable for people that have calves with a 16-inch or less circumference. Because the size of the calves is specific to the tool, the sock aid cannot actually be used by anybody. In addition, the Jobst tool isn’t exactly compact compared to the other products on the list, so it will take up plenty of space in the room. However, if you need to wear compression socks almost every day, then you would need to get the Jobst product, as it is the best at helping you put on the tight pair of socks.

Easy to Use Products Sock Ox

The last product on the list is the Sock Ox by Easy to Use Products, which features both a sock puller and a sock remover. The bigger end of the tool features soft-touch sock grips that keep the sock in place before you fit it on your foot. The slider works the same way with the RMS sock aid, although the rope handles are replaced with one long handle that is connected directly to the slider.

At the other end of the handle is a shoehorn that allows you to easily insert your foot on a shoe by sticking the end on the heel of the shoe and sliding your feet into the shoe. The shoehorn also acts as a sock remover that enables you to quickly take your socks off of your feet. The handle of the sock aid can be adjusted to multiple lengths, while the slider can be adjusted by size as well. The Sock Ox is a versatile tool to have, as it can be used by the entire family who may have trouble putting socks on.

And, there you have it, five of the best sock aids that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for your friends or family members that are elderly or disabled. Each of these sock aid products has its own pros and cons, and it is up to you to see which sock aid for elderly has cons that are tolerable for your preferences. You can also buy more than one to compare them with each other and see which one works the best for you.