Best Waterproof Socks

We know that you love the outdoors, enjoying many sorts of sports and activities. A lot of them involve the water — swimming, sailing, boating, snorkeling and many others.

But there’s nothing worse than setting off for an exciting day of adventure, only to find your socks or your feet soaking wet. This may force you to return home and wear a fresh pair of socks once again, or just give up going out altogether.

Nothing else can ruin an outdoor lover’s good mood than getting their socks wet, dirty, icky and smelly. It can’t get any more gross, embarrassing and uncomfortable than walking around all day long with soggy socks.

But don’t lose hope! There is another option which still allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventures without ever having to worry about the weather conditions, or your feet getting soaked directly. Today’s technology has just given us easy access to the best waterproof socks, making wet socks a thing of the past.

When and Why Do You Need Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks are exactly what their name says. They’re waterproof alternatives to your regular socks, and can also do everything that your regular socks can, except soak in water.

These modern items of clothing will let you enjoy your day, despite having to wade through water, without any worries that you have to slosh around in wet socks until you get home to change into a fresh pair.

There are also tons of reasons why you will need a pair of waterproof socks. For one, if you live in an area which experiences a lot of rain, it can be a great alternative to regular socks during the rainy season. It won’t be very long before you consider waterproof socks as indispensable, even to your daily activities.

Waterproof Socks Features

The special hydrophobic treatment of the waterproof socks is what makes them different from regular socks. This feature makes them capable of repelling water, thus protecting your feet from getting wet.

Different makes use various techniques in creating waterproof socks, so you can expect to find a wide array of options with varying degrees of efficiency. These socks can also be good for every day use as well.

Waterproof socks also need to be breathable and capable of wicking moisture away from the skin, aside from repelling water. This will prevent your own sweat from keeping your feet wet inside your socks and shoes, ensuring comfort and dryness to your feet.

Pros and Cons of Using Waterproof Socks

Do you want to really know whether waterproof socks are as effective as they claim to be? Or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let this rundown of the pros and cons of waterproof socks that will help you decide whether you should give them a try.


  • They ensure that your feet won’t get wet no matter what you do
  • These can prevent athlete’s foot
  • They can keep you warm in the winter months
  • They might let you swap your clunky willies for other more comfortable water-resistant footwear on some occasions.


  • While they’re not exactly heavy, bulky or thick, they still feel a bit different than your regular socks. It might take you a while to get used to wearing them.
  • They’re more expensive than regular socks so you might not be able to replace all of your regular socks with these products.
  • Sweaty feet can still be a problem with some products, so you need to be very discerning in choosing pairs to get.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Waterproof Socks

To help you find the perfect pair for you, here are a few things that you should consider when choosing among your many options.


Waterproof socks aren’t exactly cheap compared to regular socks, but at the same time, they won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. It is a common knowledge that an expensive item means it is made of good quality and with good workmanship.

Still though, include the price ranges of these products while you look for a promising and reasonably-priced pair so you can get a good idea in how much you need to spend on them and start creating your budget from there.

Recommended Use

Products differ, depending on their own recommended use. Some are more heavy-duty than the others, so you need to know which ones will be able to keep up with your activities and requirements.


Since these socks are not that cheap, it’s also important to try to find out whether a pair is durable and made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This way, you can be sure that you’re investing in the right items that won’t quickly fail or deteriorate.


You also want to look for something that is guaranteed to fit right and comfortably so you won’t have any problems wearing the socks for hours on end. Also, make sure to look for something breathable so your feet won’t get too stuffy.

Taking Care of Waterproof Socks

To ensure a longer useful life of your waterproof socks, here are some care tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always follow the washing instructions that come with the product
  2. Never dry your waterproof socks in, on or under direct heat sources. Never dry them on top of a radiator, heater, or by ironing them as doing these can ruin the waterproof materials used.
  3. Drip drying or air drying is a better option than tumble or heat drying as it has the least potential for damaging your socks.
Where to Buy
Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks
Seavenger SeaSnug High Cut Beach Socks with Grip Sole for Sand, Volleyball, Snorkeling, Diving, Wading
DexShell Coolvent Mid-Calf Waterproof Socks
DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks
NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 2mm Neoprene Water Sock
Showers Pass Crosspoint WP Waterproof Wool Crew Sock
RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof & Breathable Hiking/Trekking/Ski Socks
Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Socks for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming & All Water Sports (Black, X-Large)

If you are considering buying waterproof socks, look at the available brands on the market today:

1. Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks

Those who often need to go out and brave the cold weather will need a solid pair of waterproof socks. They are also the very people the makers of the Dexshell Hytherm Pro had in mind when creating this product. While designed for extreme conditions, it can still be worn for everyday use due to its durability and cushioning.

Pros: Highly breathable, soft to touch, great fit, very durable, available in different sizes

Cons: Quite pricey, not for prolonged water exposure

2. Seavenger Seasnug Sports Socks

If your hobbies include beach and water sports and you are looking for the right footwear for them, the Seavenger Seasnug Sports Socks are ideal for you. It is a hybrid between water shoes and waterproof socks.

Each of the socks’ neoprene sole has enough thickness and provides an excellent grip, making them ideal to use in the sand or perhaps even in rocky terrain. The entire body of these socks is made with a flexible and breathable lycra fabric, giving your feet the ultimate comfort and protection against moisture, heat and even fine sand particles.

Pros: Comfortable to wear, sand-proof, very affordable, flexible materials

Cons: The water can still get inside if it enters above the socks; durability can be improved

3. DexShell Coolvent Mid-Calf Waterproof Socks

Not all waterproof socks can actually claim to be completely breathable. But the DexShell Coolvent addresses this issue with its use of 80% coolmax and 20% nylon in its inner layer, guaranteeing good airflow.

Pros: Contains an antibacterial inner material, wicks moisture, fits well, keeps feet dry

Cons: Doesn’t make your feet feel warm, especially when submerged in the water for prolonged periods.

4. Dexshell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks

Bamboo fiber is one of the trendiest materials used for a wide range of products nowadays because of their sustainability, durability, and natural antibacterial properties. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an innovative brand like Dexshell has already incorporated it to their top-rated Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof socks.

Pros: Attractive design, lightweight, eco-friendly, breathable, best bamboo socks

Cons: Not as great in odor control

5. NeoSport Wetsuits Water Sock

You don’t have to limit your water activities only to the warmer months any longer when you wear a top-quality pair of water-resistant socks such as the NeoSport Wetsuits Water Sock. At first glance, they look like a pair of water shoes, but since they’re actually quite thin, they can be easily worn over diving boots. These socks are also ideal for full-foot fins so that you can still wear them in cold weather or in chilly waters.

Pros: Great quality, affordable, provides warmth, can be used for water activities

Cons: Finding the right fit can be quite tricky

6. Showers Pass Waterproof Crosspoint Sock

This sock is made especially for cyclists. The Showers Pass Waterproof Crosspoint Sock a great pick if you love biking no matter the weather. It is constructed with a breathable waterproof three-layer Coolmax FX lining that ensures durability, protection, and comfort. Cycling through puddles and muddy trails? Not a big problem with these socks!

Pros: Highly recommended by cyclists, wool lining will keep your feet warm

Cons: Size tends to run small

7. Randy Sun Unisex Waterproof

These Randy Sun Unisex Waterproof socks are an all-around variety which can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. These socks have been extensively tested to prove their effectiveness, making them a popular choice in the market right now.

Pros: Proven to be very effective, great fit, soft and comfortable

Cons: Not for prolonged water exposure

8. Seavenger Wetsuits Premium Neoprene Sock

Another water sock option for those who love to stay in the water even in the cold months is the neoprene socks from Seavenger. These socks can be an excellent addition to your diving, surfing, swimming, and other watersports gear as they can help keep your feet dry and warm despite wading in the water.

Pros: 3mm insulation, comes in different designs and sizes, comfortable

Cons: Sand can get through

Waterproof socks may not be a new concept any longer in footwear. However, you will be surprised that there are still a lot of people who are not yet that familiar with them.

This article provides readers with the information they need about waterproof socks. It also serves as a buying guide that will help them to shop for the best waterproof socks that will match their requirements, preferences and budget.