Best Weighted Cutlery Sets for People with Tremors and Parkinson’s

Anyone suffering from tremors or Parkinson’s should use weighted cutlery for eating their meals because it can help individuals with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, and limited mobility eat with ease. As the name suggests, weighted cutlery weighs more than the cutlery we use at home. The extra weight can help people with tremors and Parkinson’shold the utensil with a better grip. It also helps in reducing unwanted shakiness of the hands while having meals.

There are lots of options to consider online, but you should only buy that set which you think would meet your needs the best. Here are some of the best weighted cutlery for tremors and Parkinson’s:

Where to Buy
Vive Adaptive Utensil Set - Arthritis Aid Silverware for Parkinsons, Hand Tremors - Easy Grip for Shaking and Trembling Hands - Heavy Stainless Steel Spoon, Fork, Serrated Knife - Non Weighted Holder
Adaptive Utensils (4-Piece Kitchen Set) Wide, Non-Weighted, Non-Slip Handles for Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s or Elderly Use - Stainless Steel Knife, Fork, Spoons - Grey
Adaptive Utensils (4-Piece Premium Stainless Steel) Wide, 7oz. Each Heavy Weighted, Non-Slip Handles for Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s or Elderly Use, Stainless Steel Knife, Fork, Spoons
BUNMO Adaptive Utensils - Weighted Knives Forks and Spoons Silverware Set for Elderly People Disability Parkinsons Arthritis Aid Handicapped Hand Muscle Weakness Large Grip Built Up Utensils
BUNMO Weighted Utensils for Tremors and Parkinsons Patients - Heavy Weight Silverware Set of Knife, Fork, 2 Spoons and Travel Bag - Adaptive Eating Flatware Helps Hand Tremor, Parkinson, Arthritis
Vive 7oz. Weighted Utensils (4 Piece) - Parkinson Spoon and Fork Set Plus Knife - Heavy Weight Stainless Steel Eating Silverware for Hand Tremors, Adults, Kids, Elderly Patients, Pediatrics, Children
UrbanRed Weighted Utensils for Tremors - Adaptive Utensils for Tremors - Weighted Silverware Set for Tremors - Handicap Utensils for Parkinsons Patients - Includes 2x Spoons, 1x Fork, and 1x Knife


1. Vive Adaptive Utensil Set

This is a really useful set for people with Parkinson’s and hand tremors. The ergonomic adaptive design provides the user with a steady and strong grip. It is a three-piece set that includes a spoon, knife, and fork. The handles are made of textured material that provides the userwith a better grip. Additionally, the contoured design of the handles provides more stability and control.

When a product is designed for someone who has mobility issues, hand tremors or Parkinson’s, then durability is one of the biggest concerns. A product that is designed for people with a weak grip has to be durable. This is the reason why this set’s tips are made of premium quality stainless steel. This does not only make it more durable but also easy to wash and clean.

This set of weighted cutlery is just like normal cutlery that we use at home, but the only difference is that it has extra weight and has a special design that provides more support to the people with weak hand muscles.

2. Adaptive Utensils (4 Piece Kitchen Set)

This set of adaptive utensils is, by far, one of the hottest selling picks online. This stainless steel, 4-piece kitchen set is excellent for people who have arthritis, Parkinson’s, and hand tremors. It can also be helpful for elderly people. The material used in its manufacturing makes it safe and durable.

This adaptive utensil set provides more resistance to the hands and reduces the intensity of hand tremors while the patient is eating his/her meals.

It is seen that people who are suffering from hand tremors and even those with limited mobility of their hands face problems while eating their meals. This product is designed to eliminate all such obstacles and let such people enjoy their meals like any normal and healthy human being.

The utensils’ are designed in a way to ensure a better and easy grip on the utensil. For more health safety, food graded silicon is used for the handles.

The package containsfour pieces of kitchen utensils, including a knife, fork, a dinner spoon, and a soup spoon, which means you can have more options to eat different types of meals.

3. Adaptive Utensils (4-piece Premium Stainless Steel)

This 4-piece premium quality stainless steel set will allow you to enjoy your meals even if you are suffering from tremors or Parkinson’s.

Tremor and Parkinson’s are among those diseases that make your hands shake and move abnormally. This is why you must buy this product as it will let you hold the spoon, knife or fork firmlywithout spilling the food around.

Its wide handlesare efficient and supportive enough to provide the individuals with more control and dexterity, which is something that you must consider when buying weighted cutlery.

This product has a little more weight than any normal cutlery sets that we use at home, whichhelps in reducing unwanted shakiness and trembling of the hands in a better way. The design of handles and the extra weight are the only differences between ordinary and weighted cutlery – so, you can use this setlike your normal cutlery set at home.

4. BUNMO Adaptive Utensils

If you are looking for a weighted cutlery set that can provide you withthe independence of eating your meals, then this set could be your best pick. It comes with four pieces of kitchen utensils that includea razor-sharp, curved knife, fork, teaspoon, and a dessert spoon.

Individuals living with tremors and Parkinson’s have trouble cutting with usual knives. The knife that comes with this set has a curve that lets the individual cut two ways-from top and in the horizontal direction.

This cutlery set is designed to fit the needs and requirements of people who have trouble in picking and griping normal utensils. This is the reason why you will find rubber handles on these utensils that enable the individuals to carry the cutlery with a firm grip. It also plays an important role in providing better control and eliminating dexterity issues.

Those who are undergoing therapies for the treatment of hand tremors and arthritis should use this product as it is ideal for minimizing spillage of the meals. It will also improve the dining experience and make the patient more independent.

On top of everything, you will find this product highly durable and safe as well. The premium quality stainless steel make it a worth buying product. It cannot only bear accidental falls but can also be washed and cleaned with ease.

5. BUNMO Weighted Utensils

If you are searching for a weighted cutlery set that is not only supportive for the people living with tremors and Parkinson’s but is durable and can also be carried along during traveling, then you can consider buying this one by BUNMO.

This set of cutlery looks just like any other normal cutlery set but has a lot more to it than an ordinary product. It is designed and manufactured to provide the utmost dignity and independence to the individuals suffering from tremors and Parkinson’s.

This four-piece set includes a knife, fork, tablespoon, and a soup spoon.  The weight of each piece is 7oz. This is the perfect weight that can help in reducing the hand trembles and shakes while the individual eats his meals.

This rustproof cutlery set is durable and can sustain incidental falls. The best part of this product is the canvas roll up traveling bag it comes in. If you are traveling anywhere, just put in all these four pieces safely and use it when you are on the go or away from home.

6. Vive Weighted Utensil

In case you are looking for a cutlery set that can provide more independence to you during your mealtimes, then this could be a wise pick. This set is designed to provide mealtime assistance to those who are suffering from tremors and Parkinson’s.

This four-piece polished stainless steel set has been designed and styled to boost up the confidence of people who cannot eat their meals properly. Individuals whose hands keep trembling and shaking while holding a spoon, knife, or fork, can now overcome this problemwith the help of this cutlery set. The soup spoon has a deep bowl that prevents the soup from spilling around.

Also, it is the ergonomic design of this set that brings ease and comfort in the dining experience of individuals.

7. UrbanRed Weighted Utensil

Have you or your elderly loved one been depressed because of being restricted from eating meals independently? If yes, then nothing to worry about. You are no less valuable than any other healthy individual. UrbanRed weighted utensils will help you eat your meals normally and independently.

The extra weight given to each utensil of this set and the wide handles will make it easy for you to grip the cutlery and eat your food without spilling it around. With this durable set, individuals who have Parkinson’s can revive their independence and confidence of eating their food all by themselves.

Final Words

Weighted cutlery can help seniors or people suffering from tremors or Parkinson’s eat their food without spilling it all. If you or anyone in your home has this problem of hand trembling or weak hand muscles, then you should confidently get one of the above recommended weighted cutlery sets and eat with ease.

All of these products are best in the market and of high quality. However, before you go ahead and buy one of these weighted cutlery sets, make sure to choose the right design and material according to your requirements.

To eat more conveniently, you can also get scooper bowls with suction.