Best Wheelchair Accessories


Wheelchair accessories add functionality and although they might seem small, these accessories can make life more comfortable for the users. We have already covered both manual and motorized wheelchairs in detail so you might want to have a look at these posts if you need more information.

This post includes some of the best wheelchair accessories designed to make a difference. Some of these accessories are primarily for aesthetic purposes, while others add functionality or make the sitting experience more comfortable.

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Back Lumbar Support Memory Foam Pillow
Wheelchair Gloves
Non-Skid Wheelchair Ramp
NOVA Cup Holder Universal Fit
Wheelchair Cover
DMI Transparent Wheelchair Tray

Best Wheelchair Accessories

1. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Investing in a quality memory foam seat cushion is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of sitting at one place for extended periods of time. What differentiates memory foam cushions from regular foam cushions is their ability to conform according to the user’s body. That’s why it’s called memory foam as it ‘remembers’ the body shape of the user and helps distributes the weight evenly.

The cushion is firm and supportive and not soft like regular foam cushions. It provides additional support and helps maintain a good posture, which prevents pain and increases blood flow. The same cushion can also be used when driving and on a regular chair.

Key features and specifications

  • 100% memory foam
  • Evenly distributes body weight
  • Ergonomic design prevents lower back pain and increases blood flow
  • Dimensions (in inches) 17.7 x 13.8 x 2.8
  • Breathable and removable mesh cover
  • Rubber base (non-slip)
  • Side handle
  • Works with almost any chair and can be used when traveling
  • Suitable for people weighing 150-220 pounds
  • No-questions-asked money back guarantee

2. Back Lumbar Support Memory Foam Pillow

The back lumbar support pillow has the same features and properties as the cushion mentioned before and is designed to reduce pressure on user’s back. It conforms to the anatomical contours of user’s spine and helps prevent spine related issues. It is also suitable for people suffering from compressed disks and scoliosis (on recommendation of a medical professional).

Key features and specifications

  • 100% memory foam
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Provides additional support
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Dimensions (in inches) 15.7 x 15.7 x 3.2
  • Breathable and removable mesh cover
  • Works with any chair, including high back chairs
  • No-questions-asked money back guarantee

3. Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair gloves absorb shock and are particularly useful for people operating manual wheelchairs. These breathable and durable gloves are made using high quality stretch material and can be taken off pretty easily.

Key features and specifications

  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Wrist closure strap
  • Dense stitching
  • KFull Leather Palm
  • Unisex

4. Non-Skid Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp comes handy when you have to deal with uneven surfaces on a regular basis. It also makes it easier to transport a wheelchair to/from a vehicle. The ramp can also be used for other purposes and is not just limited for wheelchair use.

Key features and specifications

  • Weight capacity 600 lbs.
  • Non-slip
  • High-traction surface, suitable for all weathers
  • 6 feet, multi-folding for easier transportation
  • Can be carried with a handle like a suitcase
  • Weighs 30.6 lbs.
  • Folded size (in inches): L 37 x W 15 x H 9.45
  • Unfolded size (in inches): L 72 x W 29 x H 2
  • Aluminum construction, rustproof

5. NOVA Cup Holder Universal Fit

Cup holders are available in different designs and shapes, but they serve the same purpose. They save users from the hassle of having to hold a cup/glass themselves and make life a little easier by providing a convenient place to keep their bottle or cup.

Key features and specifications

  • Universal fit
  • Durable plastic
  • Adjustable for different sizes of cups (2.25 to 3.75 inches diameter)
  • Foldable
  • Easy installation

6. Wheelchair Cover

Wheelchair covers protect the wheelchair from sunlight, dust, moisture and water. It’s important to match the dimensions of a wheelchair with the cover to ensure proper coverage. Consider a bigger size if you also plan on using other accessories such as a wheelchair bag or tray. These bags are also very useful for long-term storage of wheelchairs as dust can accumulate and affect the performance of moving parts.

Key features and specifications

  • Mildew resistant nylon
  • Reinforced seams
  • Sack for storage
  • Dimensions (in inches) 35 x 23 x 32
  • Grommets for attaching bungee cords

7. DMI Transparent Wheelchair Tray

A wheelchair tray makes it a lot easier for users to eat or do other things such as reading and crafting on their wheelchair without having to hold stuff for long time periods. Although trays are available in different colors and designs, we recommend the clear tray as it allows users to see below, which can be useful when moving. The raised strip prevents small or spherical objects from rolling over, while hook-and-loop straps keep the tray in place.

Key features and specifications

  • Transparent, users can also see below and have a better view
  • Raised strip to prevent stuff from rolling off the tray
  • Hook & loop straps
  • Dimensions 23 x 19 inches (1 inch thick)
  • Easy to clean
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Oxygen Backpack Holder
Pair of Wheelchair Armrest Covers
Wheelchair Bag
Sunshade for Wheelchair
Wheel Lights
USB Rechargeable Tail Light
Wheelchair Gloves

8. Oxygen Backpack Holder

Steel oxygen cylinder holders are heavy and expensive. This holder is affordable and lightweight and allows securely attaching O2 tanks to a wheelchair. It can accommodate both large and short tanks, thanks to the buckle that is placed on the back of the backpack. It is suitable for size D and E tanks and can securely attach to most standard-sized wheelchairs, including transport chairs and electrical wheelchairs.

Key features and specifications

  • An affordable alternative to steel tank holders
  • Dimensions (overall, in inches): 26 x 15.7
  • Dimensions (single, in inches): 26 x 7.8
  • For D and E size oxygen tanks
  • Adjustable bag straps
  • Made of polyester
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Machine washable

9. Pair of Wheelchair Armrest Covers

Armrests provides comfort and a must if your wheelchair does not already have them. Wheelchairs usually come with pretty thin armrests, which compress and degrade over time. Padded armrests that use memory foam help relieve pressure on arms and elbows and protect from soreness.

The foot-long armrest provides full arm coverage and features memory foam and soft faux sheepskin cover for more comfort. The armrests can fit a circumference of up to 8.5 inches, which means it’s will work with almost any wheelchair, office chair or transport chair.

Key features and specifications

  • Synthetic sheepskin pads, hypoallergenic
  • Memory foam layer, breathable
  • Distributes pressure evenly
  • Length 12.75 inches
  • Full armrest coverage
  • Non-slip design

10. Wheelchair Bag

Many users have to carry their stuff with them when traveling on their wheelchair. Wheelchair bags are available in difference sizes and designs. Users might want to consider an armrest-attachable bag if they frequently take stuff in and out as a bag at the bag can get difficult to use in such cases. This bag has an affordable price tag and allows users to carry essentials as well as accessories. The bag is also available in Green Paisley and Purple Floral colors if you want something fancier than the standard black linked here.

Key features and specifications

  • Adjustable straps, easy to attach
  • Large 19 x 14 inches inner pocket
  • Made of sturdy nylon
  • Two outer pockets for accessories and loose items
  • Padded shoulder strap for moving the bag to and from a wheelchair/walker/transport chair
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, water resistant
  • Reflective stripe (outer pocket)

11. Sunshade for Wheelchair

A sunshade can be very useful, especially for users living in hot and humid regions. This sun shade is made using spun polyester and blocks 99.8% UVA/UVB rays. The sunshade can be slightly adjusted forwards or backwards and can be folded easily. Users might also want to consider all weather canopies if they are looking for something more advanced, but they also come with a matching price tag.

Key features and specifications

  • Spun polyester
  • Slight forward/backward adjustable
  • 99.8% UVA/UVB ray blocking

12. Wheel Lights

Spoke lights are not just for bikes as they can also be installed in a wheelchair to produce a beautiful visual display. In addition to aesthetics, wheel lights can also be useful in the dark and are available in different varieties. The wheel lights linked here are pretty basic and add a nice look without costing a lot.

Key features and specifications

  • Multi-pattern and multi-color lighting modes
  • Easy to install
  • 6.5 feet length
  • 20 LEDs

13. USB Rechargeable Tail Light

While power wheelchairs come with adequate lighting for safe traveling, most transport and manual wheelchairs lack proper lighting. This USB rechargeable tail light is an affordable option to improve safety and comes with a built-in battery and 2 USB cables.

The tail light can be charged through the cables using almost any power bank or wall charger. It’s IPX4 water resistant and can survive light splashes and rain. The battery can last up to 16 hours (half brightness) before requiring a recharge, while low flashing mode can last for up to 10 hours.

Key features and specifications

  • Rechargeable 330mAh battery
  • Up to 16 hours battery timing (half brightness)
  • Bright, half bright, slow flashing, fast flashing
  • IPX4 splash resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Wide-angle beam
  • Multi-purpose
  • Silicone mount strap

14. Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair gloves absorb shock and are particularly useful for people operating manual wheelchairs. These breathable and durable gloves are made using high quality stretch material and can be taken off pretty easily.

Key features and specifications

  • Provides additional support
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Dimensions (in inches) 15.7 x 157 x 3.2
  • Breathable and removable mesh cover
  • Works with any chair, including high back chairs
  • No-questions-asked money back guarantee