Guide to Selecting Foot Massagers for Runners and Athletes

Guide to Selecting Foot Massagers for Runners and Athletes

Exercising, running, and playing sports are some of the most tiring but fulfilling activities that we can do. These activities are tiring because of how much you have to move, but they are fulfilling because of how well they can make your body fitter and healthier. However, after many hours of running …

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A Nurse’s Guide to Finding the Best Shoes

shoes and insoles

Nursing is considered by many to be one of the most active jobs in the world, as a nurse would need to move from one room to another and check multiple patients in just a short span of time. So, because of how active they are in terms of moving around hospitals, …

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Tips for Pulling Up Socks When You Can’t Reach Them

elderly man putting on socks

If you have worn socks for most of your life, then you will most likely know that they are one of the most comfortable pairs of accessories to wear on the feet. Not only are socks comfortable, but they are also very protective when it comes to preventing your feet from getting …

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What are Recovery Shoes?

testing recovery shoes

After wearing shoes for hours while working, studying, exercising, playing sports, or doing other activities, you will most likely feel pain in your feet. Foot pain is caused by a variety of reasons, including overuse and wearing tight shoes for a long time. In order to let our feet recover, we would …

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How to Avoid Foot Pain While Skiing

skiing with ski boots

Skiing is a very fun activity to do during the winter season, and while skiing is relatively safe (as long as you ski in well-maintained skiing areas), it is sometimes inevitable for you to experience pain in different areas of your body due to falling or sliding on the snow. Even if …

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Guide to Toe Stretchers, Caps and Separators

toe separator

There are many types of injuries and illnesses that can happen on the feet, and some of these often occur on the toes. In the toes, there is a high chance that you can get bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and toenail fungus. Bunions are deformities in the biggest or smallest toes that …

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A Guide to Foot Spas and Their Benefits

foot spa with flowers

Our feet are used a lot almost every day, which is why foot pain is fairly common. Luckily, there are already numerous ways to alleviate foot pain and make the feet feel more relaxed and less tense, and one of these methods is by getting a foot spa. What is a foot …

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Waterproof Socks and Their Uses

waterproof socks and shoes

During rainy days, it is often difficult to keep our feet dry, as the shoes we are wearing during those days will have holes or gaps where water can seep through. While we have the option of wearing rain boots that are made of plastic or rubber that doesn’t have gaps or …

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How Do Compression Socks Aid Plantar Fasciitis?

brown compression socks

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful injury that can make it very difficult to walk or to even stand. If you haven’t experienced plantar fasciitis yet, it is a type of injury that occurs in the plantar fascia, which is a tissue that connects the forefoot from the heel and provides support …

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Cracked Heels – How to Fix Them

cracked heel

There are different kinds of skin conditions that appear on the feet, and one of the most common is the cracked heel. For those who don’t know, cracked heels are a condition wherein the skin surrounding the heels of the feet is extremely dry, which then creates the crusty and flaky appearance …

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How Does a Moisturizing Sock Work?

wearing socks in bed

A lot of people are experiencing dryness and cracking on different areas of their feet’s skin. These skin conditions are usually caused by numerous factors, including poor diet, bad foot hygiene, and overuse of the feet for work or exercise. Luckily, treating dryness and cracking on the skin of your feet is …

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Why Do I Have Itchy Feet?

itchy feet

There will be particular days when we will have itchy feet. While the itchiness can sometimes go away for most of us, there are some people that get itchy feet almost every day. The chronic itchiness of the feet is most likely caused by underlying illnesses or conditions on the feet’s skin …

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