Choosing the Best Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks and their usage is decreasing day by day as people now rely on their smartphones to wake them up. Many people nowadays feel incomplete if they don’t have a smartphone with them. But what they don’t realize is that keeping a phone on the nightstand closer to the head and using it as an alarm clock may mess up the quality of sleep and its pattern.

Smartphones emit radio waves and blue light, which are not only dangerous but altogether trick your mind and mess with your sleeping patterns. They make you think that it is not time to sleep yet due to the light. Just like caffeine, it makes you stay awake longer than you want.

It can also tempt you to check your smartphone again and again, even during sleeping hours. You can minimize this by replacing the smartphone as an alarm with an actual alarm clock in your room. Doing so will also make it easy for you to get up early in the morning.

The alarm clocks have been significantly enhanced over the years and now include programmable features and alarms with snooze options. The latest models provide features like LCDs, weekend mode settings, wall projectors, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The primary thing to consider when buying an alarm clock is its performance and the ability to wake the heavy sleeper at the exact time without disturbing the sleep. The sound that your alarm makes is also an important thing to consider, as it affects your ability to wake up in the morning considerably.

Things to Note Before Buying an Alarm Clock


An alarm clock should not be only digital with various features but should also be made of durable and long-lasting materials. In case it falls, or something hits it, it can last long without breaking down quickly.


When choosing an alarm clock, you should consider the design and looks of the alarm clock; instead, you should consider its functions. A perfect alarm clock has various features to wake the person up feeling fresh and well-rested in the morning instead of feeling groggy and lazy. Make sure it doesn’t have any of those dangerous rays that are emitted from a smartphone.

Alarm Clock Light

It would be best not to buy an alarm clock that has a brighter “blue light” as it can wake you up at night, and as a result, make you feel restless. Most of the electronic alarm clocks, smartphones, and computer screens these days emit disrupting blue light that can interfere with your sleeping pattern.

Therefore, you should buy one that has an amber, orange or red light as these lights are less strenuous on the eyes and allow you to get a peaceful and restful sleep.

Alarm Sound

The alarm clocks wake you up with sounds, but nowadays, there are more options available than before. It would be best to go for the one that suits you and doesn’t annoy you. You can ask yourself what sound would you like to wake up to, and Is it my favorite playlist, or is it one of those stock alarm sounds?

Or perhaps you would like to wake up to soothing nature sounds? All that should be checked out to find what works out best for you.


You might also want to look into getting an alarm clock with an increasing volume over time to wake you up effectively, especially if you’re a heavy sleeper. Hence you should go for an alarm clock with an extensive volume setup.

Battery Backup

Some clocks run on battery, while others need to be plugged into the socket. You should choose the one that runs on both and has a battery backup because the plug-in models can reset when the power goes out. It is more reliable than the one you have to plug into the socket to use.

Where to Buy
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Best Alarm Clocks to Check Out

1. JALL’s Digital Alarm Clock with Wooden Electronic LED

This alarm clock allows you to set two or three alarms based on your choice. You can select one for yourself and the others for your family members. It also comes with a stylish wooden design, which makes an excellent decoration piece.

You can adjust the brightness level from high to low and can even turn off the LED light. The fantastic thing about this alarm clock is that it is very user-friendly, and it will not affect your eyes and ruin your sleep.

2. Emerson Smartest Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

This alarm clock comes with a radio and a Bluetooth speaker. The radio allows you to choose from 20 different stations; hence you can select a station you would like to wake up to in the morning.

It has an automatic time setting system that adjusts accurately according to the current year, month, date, day, and time when you plug it into the socket. The alarm clock also features a Cyan LED clock display that gives a soft blue night light which can also be adjusted according to your choice.

3. RCA Digital Alarm Clock With Night Light

RCA digital alarm clock has several features, such as displaying time in huge numbers highlighted in green, allowing you to set an alarm that gives a large beeping sound.

It is also easy to program this clock as there are only three buttons on the back of it that you can use to set the alarm, adjust the dimmer, and set the time. On the top front of the clock, there is a large snooze/cancel button. One side of the clock has an hour-setting option, and its other side has a minute adjustment option. It does all these things efficiently and reliably.

4. Mesqool’s Digital Alarm Clock with Large LED display

This alarm clock comes equipped with a large 7-inch LED display that is very bright and highly visible. You can easily see and tell the time even from a distance without needing to put your glasses on. The bright light is suitable for elders, kids, and those with eyesight problems. If the light is too bright, you can adjust its brightness to suit your needs.

To use it, you need to charge it with an AC adapter; you also need to have batteries to save time and alarm settings if the power goes out.

5. KOOSIN Digital Alarm Clock

This one is a digital alarm clock that has a large LED display of 6.3-inches. Its brighter LED light lets you see the time even from a long distance without putting your glasses on. If you want to adjust the brightness, you can use the dimmer to set it to low, medium, or high as you want. It is also a dual alarm meaning that two people can set alarms according to their wake-up schedule.

The sound of the alarm starts gently and gradually increases over time to extremely loud. The snooze function of this clock lets you sleep for nine extra minutes before finally waking up.


Alarm clocks today come in a wide range of variety to choose from, but before deciding the right one, you should consider things like the type of sound it makes, its brightness, and whether it works while being plugged in or without. It would be best to choose the one that is not too loud or bright and suits your routine perfectly.

Overall, keeping an alarm clock as your wake-up tool is a lot better and healthier than having a smartphone to wake you up, which can be harmful to your sleep and brain.