Easy Make A Gift Basket Ideas

It’s so easy to make a gift basket and is a very satisfying project for old or young! Our imaginative ideas will make it simple. There are so many possibilities, whether making money or helping others, you can have a lot of options regardless. You may want to give someone a unique gift – birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a shower, any holiday or celebration. Or perhaps someone is sick and needs a pick-me-up.

Making a basket full of gifts is a fantastic way to personalize and let that certain someone know you’re thinking about just them. It’s one of the elderly activities that’s a way to help and give back. Or use them for a group event, silent auction, give-away, door prize, raffle item, or to create a special donation. And basket contents can be donated by membership, businesses, and individuals.

How To Make A Gift Basket

Decide on your theme

Having a function with a theme? Your basket(s) can follow suit. A local senior center hosted a wine and chocolate party, wanted to up the attendance, so offered door prizes, a gift basket as one. All prizes followed the wine and/or chocolate theme. It was a hit!

A local liquor store donated wine and small items. A bakery donated chocolate goodies, and a local candy store also. Free ads for them were in the basket, and they were also credited as sponsors of the event. So you can use either an event theme or individual basket themes.

Think Contents – and get donors if appropriate

Like members of your family if you are giving a basket to a loved one, someone who is ill, or for a celebration. If it’s for a group, ask your members and local folks.

Popular basket items are gift cards, gift certificates, beverage and food items (including home-made), special recipes, flowers and plants, ceramics (mugs, wine glasses, bowls, vases, teapots, etc.), movies, music, books, hobby items, etc. You can also create a basket of all home-made items – ornaments, crocheted or knit pieces, and crafts. Then add in embellishments like things from nature or flowers to decorate.

Think decorations!

You’ve decided on your theme, and depending on what you collect, you may have a large basket, a small, or perhaps several! Donors can be very generous. How you decorate the basket itself will depend on its contents, size, and gender of the recipient if that is a factor.

Favorite Themes

Here are some popular themes frequently used to make a gift basket.

Birthday — One of the tops. For example, this is actually several birthday gifts for mom or someone special in one basket. And it can be used not only for family and friends, but for group events, and also at silent auctions. In that case, include more general items such as a blank birthday card, balloons, gift certificates or cards, novelty flowers, chocolates, candy, any treats. And lots of ribbons.

Movie Night — Great for either men or women. Consider movie tickets, either a nostalgic, current, or favorite movie, movie rental certificate, popcorn, beverages such as soda or beer, candy, jerky, peanuts, etc. Perhaps a little music as a plus. And maybe the movie has an accompanying book.

Bath, Body, Spa — Lots to choose from! Try lotions, shampoo, bubble bath, fancy soaps, plush washcloth (even a towel if it’s a large basket), soothing music, scented candles, or incense. Perhaps a bottle of wine! Also a color theme or scent. Want something home-made and memorable?

Sports Theme — Celebrate the Big Game, whether pro ball or students. Get some memorabilia for your favorite team, and decorate the basket in team colors, including tissue paper lining. Add snacks, beverages, a team cap, bobble-head figure, pennant, T-shirt or sweatshirt, etc. Maybe a photo of a favorite player (in a frame), tickets to a game; also a book, a magazine or subscription, movie re-plays if available, or a good old Hollywood movie with a sports theme.

Hobby Theme — Like fishing? Photography? Art? Computers?Origami? Gardening? Or a collector of anything? The sky is the limit to make a gift basket for hobby themes. Include a how-to book or guide by a well-known expert. Maybe a movie about the topic. Adding a few snacks is always a hit. Gummy worms and fish for the fishing theme.

Or for an artist, chocolate-covered strawberries skewered onto the end of (very clean, new) paintbrushes. (Obviously, they’ll need to be eaten soon). Or put strawberries in a vase on kabob skewers and give a strawberry bouquet to a gardener. Other ideas are a camera or computer gadget with a fun little container of snacks on top.

Get Well Soon — Let someone know you’re thinking of them. Consider whether they have any dietary restrictions or health issues before putting in treats. Tea and soup mix are always well-liked, plus healthy snacks. How about music, and an inspirational or humorous book. And a fabulous card, balloons, and ribbons. Even a stuffed animal, as appropriate.And flowers or a plant.

Holiday — You might want a basket with just a holiday theme, such as winter, Christmas, Easter, even Halloween. Making holiday cookies together for baskets is a favorite group activity.

It’s really fun to make a gift basket with a group. And satisfying to have a chance to give, and make someone happy with a gift basket.


Gifts are always special. It is a way of showing your love to your special one. Since you have a plethora of options when it comes to making a gift basket, it is easy to get confused. So, for your ease, we shared unique and creative gift basket ideas for you to consider the next time you are working on your special presentation.