Effective Retirement Planning Guide for Seniors

If you are currently working for someone, then it does not mean that you are going to work for that employer for your lifetime. One day you will be retired. What will happen after your retirement? Do you have plans for your life after that? You must have answers to these questions quite a long before a situation like this confronts you.

Engaging yourself and understanding more about an effective retirement planning guide can protect you from failing to meet the expenses of your retired life. There is no hard and fast rule that anyone can follow to plan his/her finances. The planning has to be done uniquely because the retirement of one person could be significantly different than the other one.

Normally, only fully employed people give value to save for their retired life. These people usually get the option of 401(k) (A retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer) for the investment of their money. Their employer matches and calculates the money that these employees would need to meet their retired life’s needs.

Additionally, not every person gets the option of 401(k) from their employer. People who work as part-time employees/workers do not qualify for the benefits that are for full-time employees, including 401(k).

But this certainly does not make such people illegible for the government retirement plans. The government supports its citizens for their retired life. It offers the benefit of Social Security. You can pay a fixed amount into these programs. That saved amount will be your support in the future. In this way, you will be saving your own money which you would use as a supporting income along with the amount you will get from Social Security.

If you are a federal employee, you can check out The Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS) Plan.

Let’s have a look at an elaborative guide that can help you plan your retired life well:

Calculate the Time you have after your Retirement

Calculating your expected life after retirement is very important. For that, you will first allocate an estimated age of retirement. The starting time will help you calculate the time you would have after your retired life. You can obviously take out an approximate value as life is very uncertain.

You can do this calculation based on various factors, including your health condition and medical history of your family and ancestors. By checking out the genetics of your family, it would be somehow easier for you to calculate your expected life left after you get retired. In case, your ancestors lived up to the average age of 85 or above; then you can also expect yourself to live up to that age if any disease or accident does not shorten your life.

If 85 is your expected age and you are 65, then you will have to plan for 20 years. Subsequently, you would be taking out an estimation of the amount you would be spending each month after your retirement. The amount can be determined based on your spending habits and basic needs. For this, you will have to set an average amount that you would start saving each month to meet this goal by the time you reach your retired age.

PayAll Your Bills

Have you got home on a mortgage? Do you drive a leased car? Is there any major bill still pending? If the answer to each question is YES, then this could be an alarming situation. Do not take along financial liabilities with you to your retired life. Try to pay off these bills as soon as possible. Plan your finances wisely. If your loans and mortgages will be paid off, you will not have to worry much about the savings for your retired life. Most of the liabilities will be settled, and ultimately, even a small monthly income in your retired life can help you maintain a good lifestyle.

Keep a Close Check on Healthcare

You can meet many medical conditions in your old age. The frequency of meeting doctors naturally increases. Every time you go for a medical checkup, you definitely need to spend some amount of money. Frequent health checkups may disturb your monthly budget as well. Although most seniors do have access to a supportive program called Medicaid, it does not provide complete health coverage.

If you are likely to develop any chronical disease, then Medicaid is not going to cover the expenses of your treatment. In that case, you will have to bear all those potential expenses on surgical procedures, checkups, medications, and much more, which means that you need to plan your retired life accordingly and save money, keeping your healthcare expenses in mind.


When you are into putting up your retired life’s savings plans, do evaluate your lifestyle that you expect to live at that time. In case you believe in living the simplest life and planning to spend most of the time at home, and you think watching television, engaging yourself in simple social activities is going to be your priority, then you do not need huge savings to be spent on maintaining your lifestyle.

Otherwise, those couples who are planning to travel the world and wishing to explore all those lovely and exotic destinations, they need big savings for that. Basically, depending upon your desires and wishes, you need to make arrangements for future savings.

Figure Out Multiple Sources of Income

Figuring out passive sources of income for your life after retirement can provide you with a good cushion for that time. In this way, you would be earning something even though you will not regularly be working.

These days,the internet is a great source to establish a platform from where you could earn passiveincome. If you can become successful enough in cultivating different sources of income, then by the time you reach your retired life, you can generate a handsome amount of money.

Start working on establishing such a source right now. It will help you in having an established source of income at the time when you would need that the most. Fortunately, there are various ways to make money through the internet.

You can start writing books and publish them online. This would take a few years for you to write several books to get a notable following. For this, you also have to be a good writer. Starting your own websites/blogs and working out to rank them at the top so that you could earn money through SEO.

Increase your savings

There are different ways that can help you save much for your retired life. The least you can do is opening a savings account or buying some deposit certificates. But the money you will save this way is not going to be much substantial.

People who have retirement plans offered by their employers should start putting in a little more than what they have been putting in so far. You may also talk to a reliable and professional broker in this regard as he may help you find the best ways to multiply your savings for your future.

Invest smartly now and enjoy fruitful returns when you need them.

Seek Professional Guidance

A professional can help you draw the best roadmap for your retired life. Contact someone whom you can trust on this. He will not only help you learn smart ways to save more for your retired life, but you can also get some tips to invest the money that you have had saved so far.

Be very careful while choosing someone who would help you make financial decisions for your future. If you select someone who is not capable enough to give such sensitive and important advice, then you may end up ruining your entire savings.

Final Thoughts

This guide will help you plan your life after retirement in the best way. It has all those tips and ideas that can make your financial future relatively safe. Valuing these tips and suggestions can provide you with a path that you can follow and reach your life after retirement, well-prepared. Moreover, set your retired life’s goals, and working hard to attain them must be your ultimate target. Wish you a safe and happy retired life!