Elderly Health Care Issues & Solutions

Elderly health issues may be sudden &swift, which can be the case for both senior citizens and their caregivers. Sometimes it so happens with the elderly that they can suddenly call you from a random place with their voice trembling on the phone and saying that they can no longer live alone.

They can also wake up one morning and realize that the little vision they had is now so bad that they can’t read a thing because it impacts the activities that they are involved in each day. Those who suffer from macular degeneration in the eyes can have a bleeding episode overnight from it.

Elderly Health Care Issues

Caregiving Issues

You might have learned about elderly issues and caregiving during childhood by taking care of your parents or grandparents. Nowadays, many caregivers are baby boomers who themselves have full- or part-time jobs. And often their children at home. They can become sour and overwhelm themselves by taking on too much at a time.

They aren’t raised to handle such pressure. The caretakers are part of what’s known as the “sandwich generation.” Worrying about elderly health care and caregiver duties can trigger many concerns and misconceptions that need to be addressed as carefully and as professionally as possible.

Elderly Health and Stress

As we know, our attitude and thinking are of utmost importance. They can impact the chemistry and physiology of our brains and moods, thus our health. Our seniors experience stress, and so do caregivers.  It makes all the difference in the world, keeping stress down in the elderly along with the issues of aging. For this purpose, they can use anti-stress supplements along with tone therapy.

N.O.W. is an excellent device that can help elders reduce stress by improving their sleeping habits and overcoming anxiety and post-traumatic stress. This device can also help them meditate and get peace of mind. It is easy to use, and all you have to do is press the on button and listen to the soothing and calming sound.

Dealing with Changes

Dealing with Changes

Sometimes a crisis may indeed occur that catapults you into a series of unexpected events or perhaps certain conditions that have been gradual but now have become real elderly problems. We need to cope somehow, and many questions could arise as a result.

As our loved ones age, we must be observant about habits and lifestyles we used to take for granted and learn to listen. Seniors often “ask” without intending to ask. You have to learn to “listen between the lines.” By doing that, you can tell whether they are afraid of losing their dignity, independence, or not, so there are only hints. If we observe, we can find out clues that hint at particular elderly problems.

Opting For Nursing Homes


A time comes when we have to ask ourselves what type of housing we need for the elderly? What kind of elderly assistance will be best in this situation? Should we care for them in the house? What are the fundamentals of caregiving, and where do we get quality home healthcare information? What about assisted living? We should consider the best possible solution for them depending on their condition and mental state.

Memory Loss and Macular Degeneration

Elderly problems can mean a change in routine or care of the elderly. If you’ve noticed specific changes, talk them over with your loved one. One of the common startling changes with elders is changing memory, and most of them are aware of it. They start having impaired vision, which keeps getting worst if they decided to stop getting their eye injections for macular degeneration and its prevention.

A senior’s vision issues, for instance, maybe the result of macular degeneration. There are treatments now that can halt its progress, but they are timely. Macular degeneration nutrition can help – but as a preventative measure. Waiting may cause some irreparable damage, which is what happens to elders when they are in crisis.

The elders can benefit from this advanced multivitamin supplement for macular degeneration as it contains important nutrients like Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Vitamin B6, C, D, and E that keep their eyes healthy and reduces the risk of vision loss. These supplements are rich in antioxidants and contain such compounds that we only get when we are on a diet.


Express your concern, but involve them in the solution as much as possible. Discuss the changes you’ve noticed and offer to help an elderly parent or friend in small ways at first, perhaps with grocery shopping, laundry, or paying bills. Most do want to stay independent as long as possible. The main goal here is to establish an effective way of communicating with the elderly so that they feel comfortable around you and in your presence

Nutritious Diet

Good elderly nutrition is vital for overall wellbeing. Food issues are a massive factor in elderly health care. Studies have shown that actual malnutrition is one of the biggest reasons the elderly become hospitalized, which shocks most people when they hear it.

Healthy Routine

Establishing a new routine of care for the elders may cause resistance, either by family members or friends. Sometimes we have to let certain things slide a little because it is hard for them to deal with the changes. It may be easier to deny and ignore them for a while and deal with it later, which can prove helpful for some issues but terrible for others.

Is the Clock Ticking

In some instances, your loved one’s time is running fast, and waiting a while could trigger a crisis with elderly health care examples may involve the cases of blindness or hearing loss. There are many types of blindness for which detection and treatment are timely, including diabetes, glaucoma, or cataracts.  Cataract treatment is widespread and easy, and cataract surgery recovery involves very few problems.

Seeking Professional Help

If you have significant concerns or are unsure about discussing these elderly issues with your loved one, involve a professional.  The elders often accept directives from a professional that they would resist if coming from a family member, like giving up driving or eating healthy.

It can be one of the most traumatic elderly problems that must be faced. Some older people get upset to the point of becoming combative when they don’t have things go their way, such as getting their keys taken away. Therefore, whenever you attend the appointments with your loved ones, you should better prepare for the worst.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia


It is also crucial to receive regular dementia screening.  The most updated worldwide dementia report was issued in the fall of 2009, noting that this elderly health care problem had increased to almost epidemic proportions globally. And will continue to be on the rise.

One of several things that can help those with Alzheimer’s could be board games, such as Relish 63 Piece Monet’s Garden. It is a high-quality and well-crafted Jigsaw puzzle designed for elders with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It has many creative and meaningful activities that can help elders in improving their overall wellbeing. It offers just the right balance of challenge, interest, and engagement for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

You Are Not Alone

In recommending solutions, a professional may also include intervention as needed. If an acute event has already occurred and your elderly loved one is in the hospital, an expert (a social worker or discharge planner) will usually be there to review the options. What that does is that it thankfully takes care of them as it takes the caregivers out of the picture of being the decision-maker.

There are many other resources to help you. Elderly health care is not something we need to deal with alone. This act requires lots of research, help, and a collective effort to perform effectively, keeping in view the health of older people.

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