Essential Oils That Can Help With Sleep Issues

Essential oils are plant extracts. They are a concentrated liquid of a plant’s characteristics. For a very long time, they have been used in medicinal remedies to help against several problems. In many cases, essential oils have proven to be helpful towards various kinds of sleep issues as well.  You can get them delivered to your doorstep conveniently and start home treatment for sleep issues. 

How Do Essential Oils Help Us Fall Asleep?


Out of every one of the human senses, the scent is associated closely with memory and emotions. This is why the smell of something you once experienced can bring you back to the past. It can remind you of a particular aspect, time, moment, or any such experience while exhibiting positive and negative emotions. 

Scents and essential oils have been used as a cure for illnesses since ancient civilizations. It was a very common practice in Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian communities. Today, we call this old act, Aromatherapy. Essential oils not only help you fall asleep but also increase the quality of your sleep. Their soothing effect is how essential oils help you sleep. You can try CBD oil for improved sleep. Check for more info on this. 

Research has concluded that a blend of oils yields better results than simply using one oil. Therefore, you can mix and match several oils as per your liking.  

Essential Oils That Can Help With Sleep Issues


Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils out there. Lavender reduces anxiety, promotes sleep, and is also found to reduce pain. A lot of studies prove that lavender is also a sedative, which means it is extremely beneficial for sleep problems. It helps slow down heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, which is identical to what the body does when it falls asleep. 

Aside from all this, the scent of lavender is not only pleasing, but it is also relaxing. Therefore, it is also used while performing a massage. This is why this is one of the essential oils that help you get a deep sleep through the night. 

Where to Buy
Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil
Gya Labs Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil 100% Pure by BURIBURI Store
Gya Labs Sandalwood Essential Oil for Skin Care and Focus 
Chamomile Essential Oil by Mary Tylor Naturals Store

1. Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep Problems.

If you want pure essential lavender oil, this would be the one you should go for. For a very low price tag, this lavender oil provides you all the benefits we mentioned above and will definitely help you sleep well. What's extra about this essential oil is that it helps with various kinds of skin issues as well such as wrinkles and chapped lips. Apply it carefully and let the natural oil do its magic.

For those of you who might be concerned whether it is actually a natural essential oil or not, you would be pleased to know that every bottle comes with multiple GC-MS Reports while there is complex organoleptic testing to make sure that the oil is natural and safe to use. The best part is that this is an Amazon’s Choice product with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Over 13,000 customers have been satisfied with the usage. We recommend you buy 2 bottles instead of 1 because it comes in small packaging of 10ml only. 


Vanilla Oil

Vanilla is perfect for falling asleep, as it also has a sedative effect. Not only this, vanilla is proven to reduce hyperactivity and lower heart rate.  Vanilla also soothes the nervous system, thus, it drives away anxiety, depression, and stops you from overthinking as well. 

2. Gya Labs Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil

Vanilla oil for sleep issues.

Over 90,000 people purchased this vanilla essential oil for the fact that it has proven results. You will feel a noticeable difference from day 1 as it helps you get to sleep fast and also lets good sensation in the body thereby calming down anxiety levels and depression. For women who are into skincare, this is a great organic product you can use for having better and smooth skin with a glow on it. 

Not only can you use it for sleep issues, but vanilla essence is also known to enhance the feelings of love and passion thereby creating a long-lasting romantic experience. You can even use it in your shower if you want an even better comfort level. Again, this oil also comes in 10ml packaging so make sure to get sufficient.


Rose and Geranium Oils

We've included both these essential oils together because they have very similar scents, and characteristics. Most people use them jointly. They reduce stress levels and help you relax.  However, they produce the best results when they are used in a combination with other essential oils such as lavender or vanilla. You can get them easily from a nearby pharmacy as well. 


Jasmine Oil

Apart from having a sweet and floral scent, jasmine helps increase alertness during the day. This is because it prevents restless sleeping, as well as providing help against anxiety and depression. Therefore, if someone has an issue of oversleeping or having over-tiredness all the time, jasmine oil would be a perfect choice for them. Check out the one we’ve reviewed below 

3. Jasmine Essential Oil 100% Pure by BURIBURI Store

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil is quite strong so we don't recommend that you apply it on the skin directly as it may cause redness, itching, or burns. The best way to use it is to dilute it to 2 - 5% as per your requirements. The flowering aroma not only helps you relax but also keeps you concentrated. Use it in the morning to have a fresh day every day. You can also use it with other essential oils such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, and Juniper Berry. Hundreds of users are satisfied with the results and you will be too!


Sandalwood Oil and Cedarwood Oil

Sandalwood has a calming, woody scent. This scent reminds you of the forest and tree bark. Sandalwood helps increase the time of non-REM sleep and reduces wakefulness in the night hours. It also helps counter anxiety, and depression, both of which keep people restless at night. 

However, it is important to note that in some cases, sandalwood has the opposite effect. For a small percentage of people, sandalwood can cause wakefulness and alertness. In the end, you need to decide on what works best for you. If sandalwood keeps you awake, it is better to choose another essential oil for better sleep.

The smell of cedarwood is very similar to sandalwood because they both come from tree bark. However, when compared to sandalwood, cedarwood oil is more affordable and is also readily available from nearby shops. If you can't find or afford sandalwood oil, cedarwood is also one very good essential oil for sleep.  However, when you compare the effectiveness of both these oils, sandalwood is better. If you’re thinking of using cedarwood, it is best to pair it with chamomile oil. This amplifies its effects. 

4. Gya Labs Sandalwood Essential Oil for Skin Care and Focus 

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Another great item by Gya Labs is this Sandalwood Essential Oil which will help you in various types of aromatherapy. It will help you relax while also relieving stress. If you use it at night, it will help you attain better sleep while if you use it early in the morning, it will help you have a focused and better day, mentally. People having different types of skin problems can also benefit from this essential oil as it soothes irritated skin while improving the complexion as well. 


Citrus Oil

A kind of orange, Bergamot, relieves anxiety and helps you fall asleep. Lemon oil or Citrus oil is known for relieving depression while bringing down the blood flow rate as well.

The scent of citrus is very relaxing and soothing. However, not everybody finds it sleepy. Like sandalwood, different people have different reactions to citrus as well. This also depends on what citrus oil you use. Avoid usage if you find any allergic reactions. 


Chamomile Oil

When it comes to chamomile oil, Roman chamomile is best known for preventing anxiety. Reducing anxiety improves mental health, which leads to easier sleep. Even though chamomile doesn’t reduce heart rate or blood pressure, like other oils on the list, it still helps you fall asleep. This is because the scent is calming. As such, chamomile oil takes a spot on our list of essential oils that help you sleep. Here is one great option you can consider. 

5. Chamomile Essential Oil by Mary Tylor Naturals Store

Chamomile Essential Oil. 

Buying the best chamomile essential oil has never been easier! This one has been tried by over 11,000 users who have left highly praising responses for it. This essential oil has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars which makes it an ideal choice. The use of Chamomile has been recommended by the experts to overcome insomnia, headache, relaxation, and various other issues as well. We recommend that you dilute it with carrier oil and then use it for the best results. 


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is perfect for people with stuffy noses, and sensitive nasal tracks. This is because peppermint provides instant relief from dust sensitivity, allergies, and other respiratory problems. This relief will help you sleep better at night. 


Marjoram and Vetiver Oil

Marjoram oil is perfect for promoting sleep. Especially if you have trouble staying asleep, and find yourself waking up frequently in the middle of the night.  When choosing a Marjoram Oil, be sure to pick the sweetest scent on the market. 

Vetiver, on the other hand, isn't that pleasant in terms of smell. However, it is extremely effective. Vetiver oil has a very strong earthy smell, which not everybody finds soothing. It is perfect for preventing overthinking and helps to clear your head of the day's events. This helps you fall asleep peacefully. 

Essential oils with a good aroma. 

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is very similar to peppermint oil. Not only does it smell relaxing, but it also helps relieve nose and throat congestion. However, where peppermint oil helps relieve sore nasal passages, eucalyptus oil helps combat excessive phlegm. This truly is an essential oil that helps you fall asleep. Eucalyptus helps take a weight off your chest, allows you to breathe easier, and so helps you sleep sounder. 


Valerian Oil

How famous Valerian is as a sleep remedy can be understood from its popular use in night teas.  Valerian oil not only prevents sleeplessness but also prevents you from waking up throughout the night. Sleep deep after you are done with the Valerian Oil therapy.

Use essential oils to overcome sleep issues.  


How to Use Essential Oils for Better Sleep?

  • Diffuse them throughout the room. You will need to invest in a diffuser. Simply add in water, and your essential oil of choice in amounts detailed by the manufacturer. The diffuser will mix the oil into the air, almost like an air freshener. 
  • Add them to your bath. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to the water. You should soak in the bath for about an hour, or 90 minutes. This will double the benefit, as baths are also relaxing, and help promote sleep. 
  • Make a mist: If you don’t want to invest in a diffuser, you can simply make your own mist. To make your mist, add in about ½ cup of water, for about 40-5 drops of essential oil. Add it to a spray bottle, and spray it throughout the room. You can also spray it on the sheets, however, we don’t recommend overdoing this, as this can cause skin irritation. 
  • Apply them directly to your body. This is another very popular method of application, however, you have to be careful. Concentrated oil, when rubbed on the skin, can cause irritation. If you want to apply the oil directly, buy an oil that’s already diluted. 

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Essential oils are proven to help against sleep issues. Different essential oils work in their own distinctive ways. It will take you some time to figure out which oil works best for you. If you’re just starting, we recommend giving lavender oil a try first. There has been heaps of research on the effects of essential oils on sleep, especially lavender. The scent of lavender is also very pleasant, and lavender oil is easily available everywhere.