Essential Oils to Help with Sleeplessness

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that relies on the sense of smell. It uses essential oils for different purposes such as boosting mood and relieving migraines. But aside from that, essential oils are also used to calm and relax the mind and body to prepare you for sleep. Scents that promote relaxation can help our bodies into a restful state ready for sleep.

Essential oils also smell nice and it can be a pleasant way to enhance the sleeping experience. If you make them part of your bedtime routine, it can also help train your mind to associate the specific scent with falling asleep. They are also natural sleep aids that do not create the common side effects that you can get from sleep medications like daytime drowsiness and other serious health risks. 


There are two main categories for the best essential oils for sleep. One is oils that strip off insomnia by calming the mind and reducing anxiety. The other category is oils that ease snoring and sleep apnea by clearing the airways. 

If your sleeping habit needs a serious boost, then maybe you should try incorporating some essential oils to your sleep. Today, we are giving you some of the best essential oils to help with sleeplessness. 

The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils can be bought at pharmacies, health food stores, and as well as online. When buying one, make sure that you choose those which are advertised as pure and 100% essential oils. Aside from that, it also should list the oil’s botanical Latin name. 

Essential oils that say perfume oil or fragrance oil usually contain synthetic ingredients. It means that even though they smell nice, they will not be able to provide the same benefits and may contain additives that can irritate the skin. As much as possible, choose an essential oil that is organic with a non-GMO or therapeutic grade label because these means that they do not contain any toxins and only pure chemicals are used.

To help you choose, here are some of the best essential oils for sleep we found which you may like. 

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is undoubtedly the best essential oil for sleep. It is one of the most widely reputed natural sources for inducing peaceful sleep. It also calms the nervous system by lowering blood pressure and heart rate as well as skin temperature. A lavender essential oil can alleviate mild insomnia and it can also reduce anxious thoughts by altering the brain waves to produce a more relaxed state. 

Before bed, dab a little on your pulse points or rub between your palms and inhale with a few deep breaths. You can also add a couple of drops to your bath to unwind after a long day. 

2. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-Ylang came from the Cananga tree which is a native to Indonesia. These flowers produce an oil that can reduce hypertension because of its sedative effect. Aside from helping you fall asleep faster, it can also alleviate stress and anxiety. This essential oil has a gorgeous scent and a light floral aroma that can work as a perfume and a natural air freshener as well. However, Ylang-Ylang essential oil can’t be applied directly to the skin. You need to mix it with a base oil first like sweet almond or coconut oil. Or you can blend it with your moisturizing cream for a sweetly scented lotion. 

3. Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian root is usually taken as a sleep aid and it is a common ingredient of many bedtime herbal teas. It contains valerenic acid to produce its sedative effects that it is known for. In fact, it has been used to ease insomnia since the 17th century. Some studies show valerian essential oil can improve sleep quality. 

4. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman chamomile essential oil can reduce insomnia and can relieve anxiety and depression as well. Aside from that, it can also minimize the symptoms of colic that’s why it is the most traditional oil to aid babies to sleep. Chamomile is also one of the best known natural sedatives that’s why it is a brilliant essential oil for sleep as well. It has been documented for centuries and it is one of the most popular ways to fight off insomnia. 

5. Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil is extracted from the blossom of a bitter orange tree. It has a spicy and citric scent that makes it a popular ingredient in making perfumes. According to a study, neroli can produce a calming effect especially when it is combined with lavender oil and chamomile. Aside from that, it is also effective on its own when it comes to reducing stress and blood pressure levels.

6. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is one of the most grounding essential oils for sleep. It has a comforting, woodsy scent that is perfect in a diffuser before you go to bed to help you drift off. Aside from being a proven effective sedative, cedarwood can also help in decreasing blood pressure and it can also help alleviate anxiety. 

7. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage is related to a regular sage however, it is quite different and is better for sleep. Based on one study, clary sage essential oil has antidepressant effects on menopausal women as well. 

8. Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Sweet marjoram is one of the most pleasant and classy scents of essential oils. Marjoram has many other forms but sweet marjoram is recommended for insomnia because it has calming qualities. 

9. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that is used in Italian folk medicine. It is calming, unlike most citrus fruits that are stimulating. Based on studies, bergamot essential oil can induce the physiological changes that accompany sleep such as reduced blood pressure and heart rate. It can also reduce the thoughts that keep people up at night and can also alleviate anxiety and stress. However, this essential oil is photosensitive, meaning, it can make your skin sensitive to the sun. therefore, you should not apply it to your skin if you are going outside. 

10. Peppermint Essential Oil

This essential oil is anti-inflammatory. You can rub a drop of it on the bottom or inside part of your nose or you can also try a steam inhalation. Peppermint essential oil is another relaxing oil that will help you doze off every night. 

These are some of the best essential oils that can help with sleeplessness. We hope this list will be able to help you find the best essential oil that will give you a good night’s sleep. 

Aside from essential oils, you may also try other sleep aids. For more options, you may read our article about  Doxylamine Succinate Vs Diphenhydramine – Which Is The Better Sleep Aid.