Fall Mats Alert Others Someone Has Fallen

Caring for old parents or people is not easy. They have a high risk of falling due to slippery floors, crooked throw rugs, or any misjudged step, even when they are at home. Seniors are susceptible to a catastrophic fall most of the time. You can’t watch them 24/7, so you either hire a caretaker or install medical alarm systems. But what sometimes happens when they fall is that they cannot press their medical alert button to call for help. What to do in this condition? This is where fall alert mats come in. They have fall detection sensors that record a fall and automatically places a call for help. You can also decline the call if you don’t need help, and the situation is stabilized.

What is a Fall Alert Mat?

Automatic fall detection mats have in-built fall alert detection sensors. Different products have been introduced in today’s medical alarm systems, such as fall alert pendants worn on the waist and fall alert bracelets to wear on wrists. They can be worn anytime while relaxing on the couch, sleeping, or taking a shower. But the latest technology has introduced them in the form of mats. These look just like other mats, but they work differently. They can be placed anywhere, near your elderly loved one’s bed or couch, or in front of washrooms.

How does it Work?

The fall detection sensors in these mats use low-power radio wave technology, through which they monitor your movements but within a certain range. Their detection sensor features include multiple accelerometers and processors that detect any normal activities and an actual fall. It continuously measures a person’s movements and then compares what it senses to what it considers an actual fall.

Fall alert mats notice almost every footstep and movement, like how you are moving (smoothly or abruptly). So, there is the least chance that you get a notification of false fall detection. Most of the time, you get a notification that you get notified in an emergency, but exceptional cases can still happen.

What Happens when it detects a fall?

You all want to know what will happen if your elderly get in an emergency and how they will get help through medical alarm systems. This is what happens:

First of all, do not panic if they get into such a situation, and ask them not to get up quickly. They should stay on the floor, take deep breaths, and try to evaluate if they suffer from any injury after falling. If they start panicking, it might act on their brain, and they can faint before trying to get help through medical alarm systems. But this is the benefit in fall alert maps, it records and evaluates their movement on its own and ask for help if needed. The device triggers the call to either 911 or the monitoring center automatically. It will connect them to the respective person so they can get help on time.

Features of a High-Quality Fall Mat Alarm

Features of a High-Quality Fall Mat AlarmAs there are different fall mat alarms available on the market from different companies, it is important to know that you are getting the best one for your elderly loved one. A good quality fall mat alarm should have the following characteristics:

1. Sensitivity of Sensors

If you decide to have a fall mat alarm as your loved one’s medical alert device, make sure that you get the one with a pressure weight sensor to have a higher sensitivity. If the mat has a lower sensitivity level, even the lightest steps can trigger the alarm. And due to this, maybe the mat will not be able to detect the difference between normal activities and an actual fall. They will have to step hard on the mat, and it is possible that not every older adult is capable of such heavy steps. And the same goes for motion detectors. They should also have good quality sensors. It should detect every movement without malfunctioning.

2. Range

These medical alarm systems are only useful if they have a good range. It should have enough range that you can take it to various places throughout the house without worrying that it will work in this part of the house or not. It should monitor different floors and, to some extent, outside around your home as well. Top-notch fall mat alarms can have a range of around 300ft or even 500ft.

3. Alarm Volume

Although the alarm volume is a personal choice, it should still be loud enough that you can easily hear it even when the doors are closed or you are in another room. It may not be helpful if it is extra loud as it may wake up everyone in the house or disturb a sick person. It should have the feature of adjusting the volume to adapt it according to your needs.

4. Battery Life

It is not easy to watch someone 24/7 or prevent them from wandering and make them stay in one place all the time, just because the battery of the fall alert mat or your monitor can die without you knowing. Go for the one with good battery life so that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries so often, or at least it should notify you when the battery is about to die. Some of these medical alarm systems are built with the ability to add on an AC adapter so that you can use an outlet for power instead. This option saves you from buying batteries all the time.

Where to Buy
Smart Caregiver Corporation Cordless Bed Exit Monitoring System Alarm with Bed Pressure Sensing Pad - Help Prevent Falls and Wandering While Unattended
Ideal Security SK630 SOLO Pressure Loud Buzz and Pleasant Chime, Triggered When Stepped On, Alarm: White/Mat: Black
Smart Caregiver Economy Cordless Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat Sensor Bundle with Pouch of 30 Cleaning Wipes


Few Recommended Fall Alert Mats

One can easily get confused while getting a fall alert mats – the questions can be “which one to buy and which one is useful.” Here is a list of few highly recommended fall alert mats:

1. Smart Caregiver Exit Mat Alarm

This mat alarm has impressive sensitivity and high-quality construction. It comes with the option of adjusting volume. Make sure to place the monitor at a maximum of 300ft of distance; if the distance is more than this, the alarm won’t work in case of a fall. The package includes one monitor, 10 x 30 inches sensing pad, and 3 C size batteries.

2. Ideal Security SK630 Pressure Alarm Mat

This pressure alarm mat by Ideal Security Store is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (only when covered with a waterproof welcome mat). The mat features three modes: loud alarm (for security purposes or when taking care of an elderly patient), pleasant chime (for convenience), and off (this is when you don’t want any alert).

The best thing about this pressure alarm mat is that it can easily fit under a rug and has high sensitivity.

3. Smart Caregiver Monitor & Mat Sensor

This fall alert mat comes with an optional AC adaptor, which means it can work on batteries and outlet power. You can set up power means according to your convenience. Moreover, it has three types of volume settings to be notified in case of an emergency. The package includes a 433-EC wireless alert monitor, FMT-07C cordless floor mat, and a pouch containing 30 cleaning wipes.


Getting a fall alert mat will help you take good care of your elderly loved ones and prevent the situation from getting worse by asking for help at the right time. In short, a high-quality fall alert mat is one of the essentials if you have older adults living with you.