Free Flower Templates and Designs

Do you like to do art or craft projects? If drawing is not your strength or needs some new ideas for your arts and crafts for seniors and the elderly. Then, we have some flower design suggestions for you.

You can get free flower templates and patterns online. They are free to use for a project. They can be used in the sizes provided, or only enlarge or reduce them on your copy machine.

Some designs are uncomplicated, some a little fancier. But with any of them, you can always use parts of the design – just the flower and a few leaves, for instance. You can simplify them as much as you would like, depending on your use in crafts for the elderly. Or you can add even more details.

Moreover, try combining two or more of the different kinds of flower templates to create a vaguely bouquet or arrangement effect. Another option is having a set of flowers placed vertically, while another is placed horizontally, overlapping together across the bottom.

Additionally, you can try the mirror image technique, with the side of the same flower by the side but facing the opposite directions. You can transfer them onto most surfaces by using carbon paper or transfer paper.

You can use these flower templates for many different purposes, including greeting cards, invitations, posters, flyers, paintings, painting in and then, using with decoupage projects, painting on wood, making placemats (with clear contact paper), coloring pages, faux stained glass projects, painting on glass, glass etching, or even patterns for needlework and embroidery.

You can also use the simpler parts of the designs to trace onto colored paper and cut out, just drawing in any line detail by hand. Any time you need a flower design for your crafts for seniors, there are many possibilities for these. It is easy to make modifications for activities for the elderly who need simpler designs.

Where to Buy
Fiskars Lia Griffith Designer Rose Flower Template, Teal Green
Momenta Flowers, Berries, and Leaves 7PC Cutting template, Steel
Daisy and Gardenia Paper Flower Kit Template for WallFlower for Backdrop
CRAFTERS WORKSHOP TCW-157 Templates 12-Inch by 12-Inch, Flower Frenzy
June Tailor Mix'n Match Templates for Quilters 6/Pkg-Flower
Paper Flower Template Kit Pattern DIY craft Giant Paper Flower Chair Flower Satis
Paper Flower Template Kit - Make Your Own Paper Flowers - Paper Flowers Decoration - Make Unlimited Flowers - DIY - Make All Sizes Rose


Our Top Picks

1. Fiskars Lia Griffith Designer Rose Flower Template

This rose flower template comes with full instructions, making it ideal for seniors as well as juniors. For effortless guidance and identification, the templates are numbered and save you from confusion. It can be a stylish addition to your craft tools collection since it features signature Lia Griffith designs and colors.

The durable acrylic construction makes the cutting or tracing for roses less burdensome for senior adults. It has three sizes: Poppy, Rose, and Peony; you can choose according to your preference. These templates also allow for effortless placement on any style of card stock or crepe paper. Moreover, they are great for keeping seniors engaged in healthy activities.

2. Momenta Flowers, Berries, and Leave Cutting Template

If your elderly loved ones like to add a unique and fun embellishment to any of their media projects, this project is right for you. You can use them to make a layered flower decoration. Moreover, you can design different combinations every time by combining and layering these templates. Ideal to use when making a scrapbook, mixed media projects, cards, and spring ornaments.

The product includes seven pieces: one flower center, one berry vine cutting template, three flower cutting templates, two leaf and stem cutting templates, and comes in various sizes: berry vine 3.5 IN x 1.75 IN, flowers 1 IN-2.5 IN, and leaves 2-2.5 inches.

3. Daisy and Gardenia Paper Flower Kit Template

If you are using the flower kit template for the first time, then the step-by-step instructions will make it effortless for you. For this product, you can choose the premium template style of your choice and according to your project. Furthermore, you can make unlimited flowers in different sizes and styles; you only have to be creative.

You can gift this to any senior member of your family or any kid as well, and they will love it since it is a fun craft to do. Paper flowers are ideal for backdrops and décor in photoshoots, kid rooms, wall decoration, weddings, and baby nurseries.

4. Crafters Workshop Templates, Flower Frenzy

This 12 x 12 inches template is ideal for spraying, paper arts, chalking, mixed-media, scrapbooking, card making, spritzing, sponging, stenciling, and much more. Since each variety is sold separately, you first have to decide the purpose of buying and the right design for your project.

You can also go for June Tailor Mix’n Match Templates, Paper Flower Template Kit Pattern DIY craft, and Paper Flower Template kit.


Flower templates and designs are among the best activities to keep the seniors engaged in a fun way. Moreover, you can also use them for several other purposes, including your media projects, to make them appear more appealing. In short, individuals of all ages can use these templates. You can find them online or buy them from your favorite store.