Gout Medication Over The Counter

This post reviews the best gout medications over the counter that you can buy.

Gout is a condition that is caused by the buildup of uric acid in your joints. The condition typically affects your feet and toes but can occur really on any joint in the body. Those who have gout typically experience inflammation and redness of the joints which can cause extreme pain. Even when the area of gout is immobile it can still feel agonizing.

Naturally, people want to treat gout as fast as possible when it starts to flare up. There are certain lifestyle changes that you can make to slowly get rid of the condition. You can exercise, lose weight, and change your diet to change your situation over time. However, most people don’t want to have to deal with constant pain in the meantime while their condition improves.

In turn, simple gout medication over the counter such as pain relief tablets and creams can make all the difference.

Where to Buy
Uricel - Advanced Uric Acid Support Supplement
Gout-Gone by Natural Remedies
GoutAndYou Gout Relief Cream
Therapeutic Healing Balm with Organic Essential Oils
Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

1. Uricel - Advanced Uric Acid Support Supplement


Uricel is one of the most fast-acting and effective products you can use to cleanse yourself of uric acid buildup that causes gout. It is important to know that unlike other gout medicine, this product is an all natural solution for gout relief. Uricel contains surprisingly only six ingredients including tart cherry, celery seed, turmeric, yucca root, devils claw, and chanca piedra.

These natural ingredients, when extracted property and mixed in the right proportions creates an extremely powerful concoction that relieves the body of the impurities responsible for gout. As a result, the formula is effective and yet extremely safe to use as well since it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. Once the formula takes effect the inflammation and pain of the joints will soon subside allowing your mobility and flexibility to be restored.

To use Uricel, mix a quarter teaspoon of the solution with a glass of water and drink it. You may do this one to three times a day depending on how severe your gout is. You can also drink the solution straight from a spoon but keep in mind it won't taste very pleasant. Soon after you should start to experience reduced swelling and relief.

2. Gout-Gone by Natural Remedies

Gout-Gone by Natural Remedies

Gout-Gone is another effective gout medication over the counter for regulating uric acid levels of the body. Not only does the formula reduce uric acid build up but it restores the bodies uric acid levels to their normal levels. This natural remedy contains entirely homeopathic ingredients specifically selected to reduce inflammation and irritation of the joints. It is also another fast working solution to relieve pain and inflammation quickly.

Its ingredients include: Antimon crud 6C HPUS, Benzoicum ac 6C HPUS, Ledum 6C HPUS, Nux vom 6C HPUS, Quercus 12C HPUS, Rhododendron 6C HPUS, Silica 6X HPUS.

To apply Gout-Gone, for fast gout pain relief take .50 mL every 30 minutes or so until the irritation goes away. You may mix the solution with water to drink it or you may drip the solution into a spoon and drink it straight. To prevent the build-up of gout and to gradually reduce symptoms, take .25 mL 3-5 times a day. Be sure however to wait 10 minutes or so after a meal to take it.

3. GoutAndYou Gout Relief Cream


GoutAndYou Gout Relief Cream is a fast absorbing anti-inflammatory and pain relief gel trusted by many for fast gout relief. Made in the United States, GoutAndYou uses top quality, natural ingredients. This formula contains simply arnica extract, tea tree oil, ilex leaf extract, aloe, vitamins E & B6 and MSM. When you combine these ingredients together, they create a powerful concoction that relieves pain instantly as soon as the gel gets absorbed into the skin.

Keep in mind that although this product is extremely effective, it is a bit more of a hassle to apply compared to liquid solutions you can take orally. Once you apply the gel it is important that you give it some time to sink into your skin otherwise it can rub off.

To apply GoutAndYou Gout Relief Cream, dip your fingers into the tub and scoop out an appropriate amount for the area of inflammation or pain. A little bit goes a long way. From there rub it onto your skin and let it sit until the cream sinks in.

4. Therapeutic Healing Balm with Organic Essential Oils


This therapeutic healing balm is usually used to ease neuropathy and arthritis pain, but this too is an effective remedy to manage foot and joint pains caused by gout.  It is known to provide fast-acting results compared to other gout balms and it is 100% safe and organic. It contains essential oils such as Calendula that soothe and heal joint pains, and its Thyme and Rose Geranium components provide a relaxing sensation and aroma. It also has Ginger and Arnica known to increase blood circulation and quickly reduce foot pains.

5. Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy is one of the most powerful and versatile pain relief formulas on the market. Not only does it just treat gout, but it also treats arthritis of any kind, tendonitis, and other muscle and joint pain. Because of its success, it is one of the most sought after formulas to emulate.

Penetrex is also unique in a sense that according to users, once you apply it the first few times, you don’t need to use as much thereafter for the same pain relieving effect. According to users its almost as if it has a "self-sustaining effect".

To apply Penetrex, scoop out the needed amount with your finger and rub it on the joint or area of inflammation. You can massage the gel in or simply let it dry. You will feel the relieving effects soon after.

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