Guide to Alarms for Heavy Sleepers

Sleep allows our body to heal itself naturally so that when we wake up, we feel energized to do specific tasks or chores during the day.  And, regular sleep is needed, but when we get too much sleep, it may cause several problems not only in our body but also in our daily living. Excessive sleeping may often lead to us not being able to wake up early for work or school, and we may not be able to socialize with friends and loved ones when we sleep too much.  Or we can oversleep and miss important appointments.  

Light sleepers can wake up just by the sound of one footstep, but there are those who are deep sleepers who aren’t able to wake up from the sound of a traditional alarm.

A number of companies have found a solution for this particular problem of deep sleepers by manufacturing alarms that are very loud and very effective in waking them up. Here’s a guide to the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers and their distinct features.

Where to Buy
Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
Pavlok Shock Clock
Clocky Alarm Clock
Screaming Meanie
Tinload 4” Loud Bell Alarm Clock


Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sonic Alert’s Sonic Bomb is louder than most alarm clocks, and it also has a bed shaker if the alarm still doesn’t wake you up.

The alarm clock has whopping 113 dB of loudness, which is a lot louder compared to other alarm clocks that usually goes for only 80 dB. If the alarm clock’s volume is not enough, you can place its bed shaker under your pillow or below your mattress and be ready to feel like there is an earthquake once the alarm is activated.

If you have a person sleeping next to you in bed, you can turn off the alarm clock and just activate the bed shaker so that it wouldn’t wake your companion. During an instance when both of you want to be awakened by the alarm clock and your companion is a light sleeper, then you can just turn down the volume of the alarm clock so that its sound wouldn’t be annoying for him or her.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock comes in a variety of colors; there is the standard black and red, a vibrant pink, a cool blue, a fiery red, and there is even a camouflage variant.

Pavlok Shock Clock

For those who have no space for an alarm clock on their table, they can opt to buy the Pavlok Shock Clock, which is a wearable that can be wrapped around a wrist like a watch.

Don’t let the small size of this alarm clock fool you, as it can be more effective to wake up deep sleepers because of its “shocking” feature.

After setting up the time to activate the alarm clock, it will first vibrate to indicate that the time is up. If the vibration doesn’t wake you up, it will produce a loud beeping sound that can be quite irritating to hear for the wearer. However, if the beep isn’t good enough for you to stop dwelling in your dreams, the clock will zap you with a little bit of electric shock that can be painful, but the pain remains only for a short while.

Along with the Shock Clock, the package also comes with an ebook titled “Habit Change: Theory and Practice,” which is written by Maneesh Sethi, the CEO and founder of Pavlok. The book will teach you how to change your habit of having too much sleep with the help of the Shock Clock. After learning more about the said topic, there may come a time where the Shock Clock wouldn’t even need to zap you since you have already trained your body to wake up early.

Clocky Alarm Clock

If you think the Pavlok Shock Clock is too cruel, the Clocky Alarm Clock is a much friendlier alarm clock, but significantly more annoying since it is a robot that runs and hides around the room to prevent you from turning off its alarm.

The unusual alarm has a pair of wheels that it uses to maneuver in the room, and it can also jump for up to 3 feet high to reach your nightstand.

For those who constantly press the snooze button on their alarm clock, they will find it difficult to turn on Clocky’s snooze because you would have to chase it. The robot alarm clock’s running and chasing functions are also perfect for kids because it makes them enjoy waking up to play tag with Clocky.

The Clocky Alarm Clock comes in different colors such as black, light blue, pastel pink, black and white, chrome, and pure white.

Screaming Meanie

Back to the smaller alarm clocks like the Pavlok Shock Clock, the Screaming Meanie can fit at the smallest space in the nightstand, and it can also be placed beside you.

The Screaming Meanie is a little bit louder than the Sonic Bomb as its loudness clocks it at 120 dB. But it also has two other loudness settings that are lower in volume, and these levels are 70 dB and 90 dB. Besides being an alarm clock, the Screaming Meanie can also be used as a timer while cooking or while doing other tasks that require precise timing.

The alarm clock’s casing is made of sturdy and durable plastic that can withstand falls or drops for up to 30 feet, and it is also available in various colors like black and translucent green.

Tinload 4” Loud Bell Alarm Clock

For a more classic-looking alarm clock with unconventional loudness, there is the Tinload Loud Bell Alarm Clock that would look great on your nightstand. Besides its traditional looks, the Tinload alarm clock has glow-in-the-dark hands and dials so that you can see what time it is even if the lights are turned on. In addition, the alarm clock has two small light bulbs at the top as well if the luminous parts are not enough for you to see the time.

While the Tinload’s alarm is very loud, the mechanism behind it is completely silent, so there is no ticking to be heard from this clock, which can be quite irritating for your companion in bed if he or she is a light sleeper.

These various alarm clocks will be able to train you to become an early riser so that you wouldn’t have to hear the annoying sounds that they make. Changing your habits in sleeping by routinely waking up early is essential so that one day, you will be able to get up on time even without the use of alarm clocks.