Guide to Caregiver Alarms

Taking care of the elderly can be difficult, especially those who have developed Alzheimer’s disease or other complications with a person’s memory, as you would have to constantly monitor their movements and make sure that they don’t wander around the house or outside as these actions can lead to accidents or injuries.

Due to the meticulous procedures of caring for them, most caregivers don’t get enough sleep as they have to always see that the one that the aging adult is closely watched and taken good care of.

Thankfully, there are many products available in the market that can make their tasks of caring for the elderly much easier, allowing them to be comfortable to get a little bit of sleep knowing that these products are helpful in protecting the elderly and ensuring their safety in the house. One of these products is the caregiver alarm, which will alert the caregiver if the older person got out of bed or is doing anything unusual in his or her room. These alarms are excellent for situations where the caregiver wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the elderly such as while they are cooking and sleeping.

Here are some of the best caregiver alarms that anyone can buy to enhance the protection and security of their elderly loved ones.

Where to Buy
Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad – 10” x 30” (Monitor or Alarm Included).
Ideal Security SK630 SOLO Pressure Loud Buzz and Pleasant Chime, Triggered When Stepped On, Alarm: White/Mat: Black
AC Adapter AC-04 (12 Volt)
KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 6 Pack 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights, Emergency Safety Alarm for Women, Men, Children, Elderly
Basic Pull String Monitor
Govee Motion Sensor Alarm, Motion Detector with 36 Tunes and 5 Adjustable Volumes, Door Sensor for Home Security with LED Indicators, 2 PIR Motion Sensors and 1 Plug-in Receiver


Smart Caregiver Weight Sensing Bed Pad

The Smart Caregiver Weight Sensing Bed Pad’s package includes a sensor that is flat and can be inserted underneath the elder’s bed sheet and an alarm that can be placed in a wall of the caregiver’s room.

If the older person gets out of bed, it will automatically trigger the alarm in the caregiver’s room, allowing him or her to get to the elderly’s room immediately and find out if anything is wrong.

The bed sensor pad is made of soft and thin vinyl, so the elders won’t even be able to feel it under their bedsheets. It should be placed under the person’s shoulder blades where most of the bodyweight tends to go while he or she is sleeping. The alarm will trigger once they sit on the bed or if they get up fully.

On the other hand, the alarm’s volume can be set to low, medium, or high, depending on the caregiver’s preference. It is recommended that the alarm should be at medium or high volume so that the caregiver can really hear its sounds. In addition, the alarm uses three C batteries, which are not included in the package, but you can also plug the AC-04E power adapter that is sold separately.

Ideal Security SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm

To add to the Smart Caregiver Bed Pad, you can get the Ideal Security SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm to improve the security of the elder’s bedroom. The mat alarm can be placed underneath a mat, and the alarm will activate once a person steps on it.

The mat alarm has two modes, the first one is Pleasant Chime mode for people who would like a softer sound, and the second is Loud mode, which is ideal for situations when you want to stop an elder’s actions immediately once they step on the mat. The Loud mode has a loudness level of 105dB, while the Pleasant Chime mode has 90dB.

Unfortunately, the Ideal Security mat is not wireless, so you would have to place the alarm closer to the mat. You can put the alarm just outside the elder’s bedroom so that he or she won’t be disturbed by the noises; just make sure that the older person won’t trip on the cables attached between the two parts of the pressure mat.


KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

For the elders who want to get the attention of their caregivers or their loved ones due to an emergency, they can use the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, which has 140db of loudness that can be heard in the entire house.

This small alarm can fit in the elder’s pockets, or they can easily place it on their wrist using the included wrist band that is attached to the contact pin. Once pulled, the contact pin will activate the alarm that will go for up to 40 minutes if it has a full battery. The sound that the alarm emits can reach for up to 600 feet, so even neighbors nearby can hear the device.

The alarm can also be used whenever you and the elder are outside. Whenever you’re in a mall or a park, the older person can activate the alarm whenever he or she is lost.

Each package of the KOSIN alarm comes with six personal alarms in different colors, and these are gold, blue, silver, black, pink, and purple.

Smart Caregiver Basic Pull String Monitor

While the other Smart Caregiver product is used for beds, this Basic Pull String Monitor is utilized for chairs. The pull string monitor can be attached to the back of a regular chair or a wheelchair, and the locking garment clip with a 36” string can be placed on the elder’s clothes.

If the elder gets up from the chair and moves away from it, the garment clip will pull off the magnet stuck to the monitor, and once the magnet is detached, the monitor will produce a continuous sound so that the caregiver will hear if the alarm is activated. The sound will not stop until the caregiver attached the magnet to the monitor again.

Before buying the pull string monitor, make sure that you have a 9-volt battery as the package doesn’t include it.

Govee Motion Sensor Alarm

The Govee Motion Sensor Alarm has an infrared sensor lens that allows it to detect any movement in the older person’s room even if the lights are out. You can place the monitor inside the elder’s bedroom, and you can put the alarm on any wall in your room so that you can easily hear it once it is triggered.

The maximum loudness level of the alarm can go for 110 dB, but you can adjust it to 80, 60, or 40 dB.

If you already have the Smart Caregiver sensor pad and the Ideal Security mat alarm, you can place the Govee sensor near one of your exterior doors so it can detect if the elder is going outside or if an intruder is entering your home.

For both the sensor and the alarm to turn on, they would need three AAA batteries each, and six AAA batteries are already included in the package so you won’t have to but it separately.

As previously mentioned, there are plenty more products besides the alarms that can benefit caregivers in a lot of ways. Before buying a caregiver product, make sure that you’ve read reviews and customer feedback to ensure that it is truly effective in helping you take care of the elderly.