Guide to Cutting Toenails When You Can’t Reach Your Feet

Keeping your toenails trim and proper is extremely important. If you do not cut your nails regularly and allow them to grow, there may be several complications like ingrown nails, infections, etc. Therefore, you should aim to trim your toenails regularly.

This task may seem simple enough. However, it is not so for everyone. Some people cannot reach their toenails, and thus, cutting their toenails becomes an issue for them. There are many reasons why one cannot stretch down to their toenails. Aged people’s bodies are usually not as flexible as they used to be. Thus, bending over to cut their nails becomes a bit of a challenge for them. It may also be painful in certain cases. 

Those who are overweight or obese also find it difficult to stretch down and reach their feet. Therefore, they need extra assistance in cutting their toenails. Joint pain, leg pain, injury, and disability are other reasons why someone may not be able to reach their feet to take care of their personal hygiene. 

These people have two options. They can either; ask for assistance from other people or invest in long-handled toenail clippers that allow them to trim their toenails without causing too much stress to their backs and joints. 

Let us take a deeper dive into the second option. 

What to consider before buying a toenail clipper

What to consider before buying a toenail clipper

Before you purchase toenail clippers, especially if you need special kinds of clippers, you should look into all the features so that you choose one that is easy to use and fits your needs the best.  

Size of the clipper

If you already have trouble reaching your toes, then you should aim to choose clippers that are larger in size. Small-sized clippers can be hard to handle, especially for people who have larger hands or diseases such as arthritis or joint pain. Therefore, it is safe to choose a larger sized clipper that is easy to grip. 

Jaw size

The jaw size of the clippers that you choose would be wide. Most people have wider toenails, but when you have to cut your toenails from a distance, it is best to have a clipper that has a wider jaw. This kind of jaw allows you to cut your nails easily.


When choosing a nail clipper ensures that it is made using heavy-duty material. The best kind of material is stainless steel, as it is both durable and sturdy enough to cut through thick nails. Seniors usually have nails that are a bit thicker. Therefore, using regular clippers that are lightweight and malleable is not the right choice. You should pick a heavy-duty clipper that has a sharp edge to reduce the amount of force you will have to exert. 


Ensure that your clippers have a textured or rubber handle. Such handles allow you to have a better grip on the clippers so that you can cut through nails easily. The handle material should be slip-proof so that your hand does not slip and you do not make any accidental cuts. Materials such as ABS resin are perfect for the job. 

Flexibility of Use

If you cannot reach your toes and intend to buy a clipper that allows you to cut your toenails from a distance, it is best to choose one that is ergonomically designed. Such clippers usually have a curved blade or a rotating handle. These features ensure that the clippers are easy to use.


Elderly people, in particular, have much thicker and stronger nails. Therefore, it is best to choose clippers that have a sharper jaw that they can use to cut through their nails without much effort. Sharper blades also allow you to trim your nails easily. However, you have to be careful as a slight slip can cause you to cut yourself.  

How to make your toenails easy to cut

Most people have thick toenails, which make them difficult to cut, but you can soften your nails beforehand. By doing so, you can cut your nails with relative ease. To soften up your nails, soak your feet in warm water. If you do so for 10 minutes, your nails will soften and become much easier to cut. Next, you should wipe your feet with a towel so that they are no longer wet. 

Then, position yourself so that you can reach your toenails. If you are using a long-handled toenail, ensure that you can clearly see your feet. Make a small cut as you go across your nail. Making small cuts ensures that your nails do not splinter. Also, avoid cutting the edges too short as it may cause ingrown nails.

Types of easy to use clippers

Many people cannot reach their toes very easily, and therefore need a little assistance to keep their toenails clean and trim. There are many different toenail clippers that can help them keep their toenails in check. Here they are.

Type of Clippers When to use them
Manual Clippers These are the most common kind of clippers that you use if you can easily reach your toes.
Electric Nail Clippers These clippers make cutting nails easy and fast. They do not require any manual effort and are perfect for seniors who cannot exert a lot of force. 
Rotatory Clippers They are easy to use and can clip away nails with a series of short strokes. They can be used by seniors.
Angled Clippers These clippers are perfect for those who cannot reach their toenails. It allows you to get a good grip and cut your toenails efficiently.
Podiatric Foot Files Although not a clipper, these files allow you to remove dead skin cells and debris from your toes. This is a much safer option for those who cannot reach their toenails. 

Top Toenail clippers when you can’t reach your feet

When choosing to get a toenail clipper, you must choose the best out there so that you can cut your nails safely and efficiently even if you can’t reach them. Here is a list of the best toenail clippers for those who can’t reach their feet. 

Where to Buy
Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail Scissors
Electric Nail Clipper Kit
Long Handled Toenail Clippers for Seniors
DreamCut Easy Reach Toenail Scissors & Clippers
Long Reach Easy Grip Toe Nail Toenail Scissor
Long-handled toenail clipper
SP Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper

1. Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail Scissors

Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail Scissors

The Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail Scissors is a sharp device that allows you to cut your toenails effectively without getting too close to them. They have an ergonomic design that enables you to get a good grip on the handle. Furthermore, the handle uses a non-slip material to ensure a secure grip. It is made using stainless steel and is angled for the most precise clippings.



  • Razor-sharp blades

  • Non-slip grip

  • Made using stainless steel

  • It has wide jaws

  • Rust and corrosion-free.

  • Durable

2. Electric Nail Clipper Kit

Electric Nail Clipper Kit

The Electric Nail Clippers make trimming nails easier than ever. It has a special design that allows you to place your finger or toe in so that the clipper can cut your nails evenly. It has low power consumption and is perfect to carry around with you. 

The rotatory blades in this clipper can turn 360 degrees and cuts your nails smoothly. Furthermore, it has a quiet operation.



  • Ergonomic design

  • It has a 360 degree rotation blade

  • Portable

  • Has a low power consumption.

3. Long Handled Toenail Clippers for Seniors

Long Handled Toenail Clippers for Seniors

Sometimes reaching your toenails can be stiff due to age, joint pain, excessive weight, and more. However, you have to cut your nails to ensure that they remain trim and clean. In such scenarios, a long-handled toenail clipper is an excellent tool. It has a flexible design with a sharp and wide jaw that allows you to cut your nails with ease. These clippers are easy to use and do not require great force either. It works by adding an extension to a regular toenail clipper so that you can operate it from a distance.



  • It has a 4mm wide jaw

  • The blades are sharp.

  • It is easy to use

  • Allows flexibility of use

4. DreamCut Easy Reach Toenail Scissors & Clippers

DreamCut Easy Reach Toenail Scissors & Clippers

The DreamCut Easy to reach toenail scissors make the last of cutting your nails from a distance extremely easy. It has extended handles that have a serrated blade. Therefore, you can make precise cuts, which is extremely necessary when you are trying to cut at a distance. Furthermore, the sharp blades are useful when cutting through hard toenails and cuticles as they give a precise and clean-cut, which is exactly what you want. 

Additionally, these clippers have an ergonomic design that makes nail trimming an easy task. Even when you can’t fully reach your feet.



  • The material used is hot forged surgical stainless steel

  • It is anti-rust

  • It has an extended handle

  • It has serrated blades

  • It can help make precise cuts.

5. Long Reach Easy Grip Toe Nail Toenail Scissor

Long Reach Easy Grip Toe Nail Toenail Scissor

Certain circumstances may prevent you from reaching all the way down to your feet and cutting your nails. It could be some injury, arthritis, excessive weight, or simply old age. However, you cannot neglect your feet entirely as you run the risk of developing various infections and ingrown nails. Fortunately, the Long reach easy-grip toenail scissors are a tool that allows you to cut your toenails from a distance. 

It is constructed using stainless steel, and the handle uses plastic so that you may have a good grip on them and use them with precision.



  • It is 20cm long

  • The blade is made using stainless steel

  • Durable

  • The handle is made of plastic to increase grip.

6. Long-handled toenail clipper

Long-handled toenail clipper

If you cannot reach your feet to cut your toenails, no fear, as the long-handled toenail clipper will assist you in ensuring that your toenails remain trim and proper. It is constructed using high-quality material that is lightweight and easy to carry. Furthermore, the jaw is wide and measures around 3.3cm. You have a choice between five handle lengths, which you can choose according to your preference. The pipe handle is also detachable and easy to store. 

This toenail clipper also comes with a metal foot-rest stool that has two different size lengths. The option for different heights makes the footrest perfect for various different purposes. 



  • It is made using high quality material

  • Comes with a metal footstool

  • It has 5 handle options

  • The clippers are 3.3cm wide.

7. SP Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper

SP Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper

Clipping toenails with an injury can be a pain as you are not as flexible as before and cannot fully stretch down to cut your toenails. In such situations, having an extended toenail clipper can be invaluable. The SP Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper enables you to clip your toenails from a distance. Therefore, you do not need to bend down or bring your feet up if you want to clip your toenails. 

Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can easily use this toenail clipper as it is optimized to be used by both. The trigger-handle further eases the task as it takes less force this way.



  • It is 18cm in length

  • It can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

  • Requires less force

At a Glance

  Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail ScissorsElectric Nail Clipper KitLong Handled Toenail Clippers for SeniorsDreamCut Easy Reach Toenail Scissors & ClippersLong Reach Easy Grip Toe Nail Toenail Scissor
Material UsedStainless SteelAlloy materialsStainless SteelHot forged surgical stainless steelStainless Steel
Type of BladeSharp blade360 degree rotation bladeSharp wide-jawed bladeSerrated bladesSharp blade
DurabilityDurableNot very durableDurableDurableDurable
Type of ClipperAngled ClippersElectric ClippersManual ClippersAngled ClippersAngled Clippers
Left or right handedRight-handedLeft and Right handedLeft and Right handedRight-handedRight-handed
  Long-handled toenail clipperSP Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper
Material UsedMixed high quality metalStainless Steel
Type of BladeSharp wide-jawed bladeSharp blade
DurabilityDurableNot as durable
Type of ClipperManual ClippersManual Clippers
Left or right handedLeft and Right handedLeft and Right handed


Taking care of your feet is really important because they carry our weight and help us move from one place to another. If there is any pain caused by an ingrown nail or infection, it can be very difficult to go about your daily tasks. Therefore, if you cannot reach your feet, the article above lists various different toenail-clippers that you can use without the need to stretch done completely and get close with your feet. These make trimming your nails easy and relatively pain-free.