Guide to Digital Ear Thermometers

When it comes to taking body temperatures, there are different kinds of thermometers that you can use today, and one of those is digital ear thermometers. They are also known as tympanic thermometers, which use infrared rays to get the temperature inside the ear canal. Positioning it inside the ear canal properly will enable you to get temperatures quickly. It is a more comfortable choice for children and adults.

Digital ear thermometers are great for babies older than 6 months, and as well as for older children and adults. However, you cannot use them for newborn babies. Aside from that, having a curved ear canal may also be challenging when using an ear thermometer in getting the body temperature. It’s because it can interfere with the accuracy of the temperature taken by a digital ear thermometer.


If you are looking into buying a digital ear thermometer to add to your first aid kit, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the best ear thermometers that you can buy today.

Where to Buy
Braun ThermoScan-5 IRT6020 Ear Thermometer by Kaz Consumer Products UK Ltd
Forehead Thermometer, No Touch Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer with Fever Alarm and Memory Function
Infrared Thermometer for Adults,Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever, Babies, Children, Adults, Indoor and Outdoor Use
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Infrared in Ear Digital Thermometer
The First Years American Red Cross Digital Ear Thermometer
CO-Z Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Children, Touchless Infrared Sensor, Contactless Results in Seconds, Extra Large Digital LED Readout, Silent and Vibrating Modes to Let Your Baby Sleep
YIBER Infrared Thermometer, Forehead and Ear Thermomete for Adults, Babies, Kids, Accurate 1s Reading, LCD Digital Infrared Thermometers with 35 Sets of Memory Readings, Fever Alarm
Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer


1. Braun ThermoScan-5 Ear Thermometer

This ear thermometer is recommended by many doctors. It features a patented pre-warmed tip and ExacTemp technology, making it widely regarded as a benchmark for accuracy and reliability. It also features a guidance system function, including light and beep alert for accurate positioning. This ear thermometer can take temperatures fast, and it is gentle and easy to use. It can also recall the last reading to help you track the temperature. It also comes with hygienic disposable filters, which is great if you will be sharing one thermometer at home.

2. Sheevol No Touch Digital Ear Thermometer

This ear thermometer is actually a 4-in-1 multi-mode thermometer. It is designed for all ages, regardless of gender. It has one button that you can use to switch to 4 modes, which are adult mode, child forehead mode, ear mode, and object mode. It is equipped with advanced infrared technology and a high precision sensor that enables it to read temperatures fast. It also has a four-color indicator that warns you if you have a fever.

This ear thermometer can store and recall up to the latest 40 reading data, which will help you monitor your body temperature easily. It is very easy to use and comfortable for all ages.

3. Good Baby Infrared Ear Thermometer

This ear thermometer features advanced technology for an excellent performance. It has 3 ultra-sensitive sensors and an optimized algorithm to deliver reliable readings. It is fast, easy to use, and hygienic. Aside from its ear function, you can also use it to take temperatures from foreheads and as well as to get room and object temperature. It can store up to 35 temperature readings, which is handy if you are keeping a record.

4. Anthsania Ear Thermometer

This digital thermometer is a medical-grade and multifunctional infrared thermometer. Aside from taking temperatures from the ear, you can also use it as a forehead thermometer for kids and adults, and as a baby thermometer and object thermometer. It can accurately measure body or object temperature in as fast as one second. It also has an alarm feature that makes it beep when you have a fever, and four-color light to show if your temperature is normal.

5. Femometer Ear Thermometer

This is a small and exquisite digital thermometer that can measure the temperature through the ears. It has a super clear LCD display for you to see the measured data properly. It can store up to 10 sets of measurements to help you keep track of your body temperature. It is an easy-to-use thermometer that can give results in as fast as one second. You can also use it to measure the temperatures of objects.

6. Equate Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer

This ear thermometer will give you a fast and accurate reading, making it great for checking fevers in infants and children, but it can be used by all ages. It features a low battery indicator and very simple controls, making it easy to use. It also has a power-saving LCD display with a green backlight. It can also store up to 10 temperature readings to help you monitor your temperature if you have a fever.

7. The First Years American Red Cross Digital Ear Thermometer

This digital ear thermometer can read temperatures in just a second. It is safe to use for kids, and it features a flashing green light to let you know if it is positioned correctly in the ear. Its LCD screen displays the temperature readings clearly. If your temperature falls in the fever range, this thermometer will sound a series of quick beeps to alert you.

8. CO-Z Ear Thermometer

This digital thermometer can be used either as a normal ear thermometer or as a forehead thermometer. It has two modes, which are silent and vibrating. If you measure a sleeping child’s temperature, you can set it to silent. Its vibration mode, on the other hand, will alert you about the result. It will not vibrate if the temperature is normal. If not, one vibration means low fevers, and two vibrations mean high fevers. It is an easy-to-use thermometer, and it can store up to 24 readings for monitoring.

9. YIBER Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer

This digital ear thermometer is suitable for adults and kids. It is equipped with a fever warning system, where green light means normal, orange light means a light fever, and a red light means a high fever. It can also be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius, depending on what you prefer to use. It can also store up to 35 measurement readings, which you can recall anytime.

10. Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer

This digital ear thermometer uses infrared technology to take children’s temperature in seconds. But it is also ideal for adults. It has a fever guidance system that provides color-coded reading based on different levels of fever by age group selected. It uses light & beep to confirm proper positioning. Its memory can recall up to 9 temperature readings, enabling you to keep track of fluctuations. It is a BPA and latex-free product, making it safe to use.

These are some of the best digital ear thermometers that we can recommend. There are indeed lots of options in the market today, and we hope this list will help you in finding the best one that will suit your needs.