Guide to Specialty Nail Polish

We have to credit science, changing trends and preferences as well as a growing number of nail polish brands. Because of these factors, customers now have more choices. Certainly, nail polishes have come a long way.

Until the 21st century, the regular nail polish had been the most common type of nail polish. Also known as a nail varnish or nail enamel, a nail polish is a lacquer used to beautify and protect the nails. Over the centuries, formulations for the nail polish have been enhanced to improve its beautifying effects as well as to provide better protection and durability to the nails.

Gel polish came around early 2010’s when brands like Opallac began launching DIY kits which became a big hit. As the name implies, a gel polish uses hard gel which is also known as UV / LED gel polish. Nowadays there are lots of nail polish products that use different ingredients that are beyond the usual, which enhances the decorative look, durability and protection to the nails.

Some specialty nail polish products have glitter on them for a shimmering effect or holographic (or “unicorn”) effect, while others have antifungal properties to prevent the nail from infection. There are even nail polish products that come in pen or powder form. Here are some of the specialty nail polish products that you should try.


Where to Buy
Yuxuan Holographic Powder Holosexual Nails
ILNP Cameo
Saviland One Step Gel Nail Polish
PS Polish All Natural Anti-fungal Nail Polish
daniPro Doctor Formulated Nail Polish


1. Yuxuan Holographic Powder Holosexual Nails

Holographic, multichrome, rainbow or “unicorn” nails are all the rage these days as they give off a shimmering metallic look. There is a wide variety of brands that sell holographic nail polish products. You have to apply a base coat of your favorite color, dry them naturally (or use a UV/LED light lamp to speed up the drying process) and then apply your coated nails with holographic nail powder pigment to add that sparkly chrome finish. Yuxuan Holographic Powder contains real silver (not aluminum that are found in other holographic nail products) that give your nails that shiny iridescence. Every purchase of this product comes with a step-by-step e-book instruction.

2. ILNP Cameo

Make your style statement even bolder with your dazzling chromatic nails, and ILNP Cameo nail lacquer will make that happen. It is durable, long-lasting and easy to apply because you won’t need a base coat. And the best of all, it is cruelty-free, so if you’re living a healthy lifestyle, the ILNP Cameo nail lacquer is a perfect choice.

3. Saviland One Step Gel Nail Polish

For women who are always busy with their careers, they may not have much time to preen themselves – including painting their nails – but want to keep themselves pretty and presentable. Saviland One Step Gel Nail Polish is all they need to get their quick beauty fix. They don’t need to apply the base coat, the nail polish itself, and the clear top coat, because the Saviland One Step Gel Nail Polish does all three in just one easy application. It comes in a pen-like container with a brush at the tip – just one dab on your nails and you’re done! It is also easy to carry.

4. PS Polish All Natural Anti-fungal Nail Polish

Some nail polish products do more than just making the nails pretty. They also treat specific conditions such as cracked, peeling, soft or thin nails, or nails that have been infected by fungus. PS Cosmeceutical All Natural Nail Polish has anti-fungal properties that keep the nail protected against fungal infections, and make them strong, durable and healthy-looking. It is safe, non-toxic, vegan ad cruelty-free. This will easily make a part of your beauty and hygiene kit.

5. daniPro Doctor Formulated Nail Polish

One of the more expensive nail polishes out there, the daniPro Doctor Formulated Nail Polish will be useful especially if you’re experiencing problems such as nail fungus, which makes your nail discolored, brittle and smelling foul. This nail polish doesn’t merely cover the ugly sight on your nails due to fungus; it is formulated with undecylenic acid, a fatty acid which prevents the growth of fungus. Along with proper foot hygiene aside from using the daniPro Doctor Formulated Nail Polish, your nails will become healthy, fungi-free and beautiful.