How to Choose the Right Home for Retirement

Looking for a perfect place to live is probably one of the biggest decisions of anyone’s life. The community where you live, the environment, the neighborhood, and the weather, everything is critically important when making this decision and finalizing the purchase. However, choosing where you will be spending your life after retirement is more challenging to decide.

Since, this is most probably the last house purchase that you will make in your life, choosing the right retirement home is one of the most important decisions. True that you do not have to look out for nearby schools, colleges, or train stations, but you have got other things to consider. Your retirement home should be similar to where you had imagined yourself to be.

Most of the people prefer moving to a quiet place away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Some prefer the warmer climates over harsh winters so that their old age will be a lot easier. Some move to the beachside because that is how they had imagined their days after retirement – lounging by the sea on their terrace and soaking up all the sun uninterrupted.

Though this is a decision people should be deliberating about earlier in their lives, most people are seen searching for retirement homes in their later years. No matter what stage of life you are at, if you are looking for the right home for retirement, then this is the best guide for you.

Crucial Things to Look Out For

1. Climate

While some adventure and fun-loving couples might jump on the idea of aging beside a shore, sipping their tea while reading the newspaper, others might shudder at the thought of living in a tropical climate. Your comfort and preferred lifestyle should be the things guiding this aspect of searching for a retirement home.

If you have been living in harsh weather since forever and are okay with aging in such a climate, then you do not need to fret about this aspect. Some people love to pack up once they are done with their parental duties and move to a warmer place to spend the rest of their lives. In short, the choice is yours to make, but you cannot ignore this point.

2. Location

Do you want a home near your children’s place? Do you want to live close by where other close relatives of your extended family live? While some people prefer living away from all the family drama, some still want loved ones close by. Ponder before finalizing any decision about where you stand. Do you have grandchildren who you love dearly and would never think of moving away from them? Then start looking around in the same vicinity. Or at least look for a retirement home that is nearby.

Maybe, you have beautiful memories of your early days together with your spouse, and you would want to move there so that you can cherish those days. Deciding upon the location of your retirement home is like the very basic step that you should be thinking about way before you actually start hunting for a retirement home.

3. Community

Several housing plans have evolved a great idea of a shared community for retired people or couples so that they can have all the amenities of living independently but with special services. These retirement community plans offer housing in a close-knit community that is not very intruding but offers a better, more comfortable, lifestyle for the old age people.

These communities have recreational sites nearby with one-stop shopping solutions to provide every bit of comfort possible. Even if you are the kind of a person who is a loner and would love to have the least possible interruptions in your peaceful living, there is no denying that you will be getting old and need some assistance.

While nobody happily foresees it, your health will deteriorate, and you will need as much help as possible. These retirement communities are a good option for all. They offer great services and take care of house maintenance as well for you. However, homes in such communities cost more than the other ones.

4. Easy Accessibility

Your retirement home is where you will be spending the rest of your life. So, this house should have easy access from the road. You would not want to walk a mile before you hit the main road or drive various blocks before you join the main road. You might be needing various home-delivery services, such as groceries or medical help, so it is better that you do not live in an area that is far off from the center.

Moreover, choose the house that has grocery and medical stores nearby. This will help you in running your daily or weekly errands quickly and without much effort.

5. Parks and Recreational Activities

Retirement and old age are not synonymous with idle or careless living. Choose a home that has some really good entertainment options nearby, such as a cinema or a theater. Also, consider parks and walking or jogging tracks nearby so that you can keep yourself fit and going and take part in outdoor activities.

If you have been a fitness enthusiast, then finding a gym or a yoga institute near your place is the best thing you can do before buying a house. Another best thing is buying a home that is near to a library as you can never grow too old for reading.

6. Size And Type of The House

Now, this is where you have to give a lot of thinking to various considerations, such as will you have your children living with you in the future? Will you be okay with only one guest room or you prefer offering a separate portion to your guests, such as a guest room that has independent outdoor access? While you ponder upon these questions, keep in mind the following points:

  • Go For a Single-Level House

It is best to plan ahead of time even if you do not want to think about how frail you might get when you are old. Look out for a house that is built on a single level. This will eliminate the need for using stairs to move about in the house – which is a blessing if you picture an older adult trying to take trips to the washroom that is upstairs.

This type of house will make you live peacefully without anyone’s assistance in your old age.

  • Ease of Mobility

Step-in showers instead of bathtubs are the wise choice for a retirement home. Getting in and out of a bathtub in your old age might be very tiring and quite impossible physically. So, plan beforehand and choose wisely.

  • Wide Doors and Hallways

Wide doors and hallways allow easy accessibility for people who use any type of support in walking – such as wheelchairs or adult walkers. Having thought of these little things beforehand will save you from the hassle in the future.

  • Storage Spaces

When you are out there visiting homes to choose the best one from, do consider the storage space offered. It should be easy-to-access for you. Storage space in the attic or on the opposite side of the garage is not what you will be finding easy when you are having difficulty to walk around.

  • Future Lifestyle

If you are a social person who loves to host, then a big house with a large dining and common area will be the best option. A bigger and more spacious kitchen is also an added consideration if you love to cook for your guests. If you are more of an outgoing person than a person who likes to invite people over for tea, you might do well with a sizeable living room and an attached dining area.

More people nowadays are choosing to live with their children and their families during old age. If you know that your children are going to come to live with you – even if it is for several months only every year – you need to buy a house accordingly. You will need more bedrooms, and possibly, an extra washroom.

7. Budget

Everybody dreams about living in the utmost comfort when they are old – they imagine a peaceful life without having to think about school fee or mortgages. However, you cannot invest all of your savings or assets in your retirement home. Usually, when people are thinking about buying a home for retirement, they are at a stage of life when they have either invested in a small business or living off on old age grants.

So, you need to buy less than what you can easily afford. This will help you have some amount left for many other expenses than buying a house.

Final Words

Nobody chooses to get old – but everybody thinks about getting to that age when they no longer have to think about living off their paychecks. So, when you get old, you might want to live in a cozy place where you can spend days with your spouse or alone.