Keeping Elderly Loved Ones Safe

While caregiving facilities for seniors are typically the best and the safest place for them, it is normal for them to not wanting to leave their house. Sometimes it is utterly painful and impossible for the elderly to leave their home and settle down in a senior home. If you are fulfilling the responsibility of taking care of your elderly parents or guardians, then this article would help you through this process.

In addition to ensuring that all the emotional and physical needs of the elderly loved ones are fulfilled, every caregiver must make sure they remain safe. Of course, there are countless times when the caregiver has to leave the elderly at home while no other family member available. These are the times when you need safety gadgets for your elderly loved ones the most. Keeping them safe is the priority as they are prone to incidents when left on their own. So, getting the items from this list will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Some Tips for Keeping Elderly Safe at Home

1. Minimize the Fall Hazards

Elderly are more prone to falling and falling is one of the most serious causes of injuries among seniors. Therefore, it is important to minimize the risks of falling by making your home safe for them. Remember how our parents had baby-proofed the house for us? It is the same, but this time, it is them we have to take care of. The following points will help minimize fall hazards.

  • Remove throw rugs if any. It is better to compromise a little on the decorative aspect and to get anti-slip mats around the area where the seniors reside.
  • Leave no clutter around. This includes newspapers, loose clothing, extra shoes, baby toys, etc.
  • Try clearing the path to and from their bedroom to the living area so that they can easily walk by themselves or use cane/wheelchair to move around.
  • Avoid using or leaving extension cords around the common areas the elderlies at your home are bound to use.

2. Emergency Numbers

All the caregivers need to share and pin a list of emergency numbers with the elders. The list should be pinned at the most obvious places in your home so that it is easily accessible for anyone taking turns to look after the older adults. If your elderly loved ones can use phones, then you can try and paste the numbers at the back of their phone so that they can find them easily.

The list should typically include the numbers of the following:

  • 911
  • Emergency family contacts
  • Local caregiving services
  • Healthcare provider’s office number

3. Protect from Fire Hazards

  • Check the batteries in the fire detector
  • Seal any loose electric cords or switches properly
  • Do not use candles or keep them out in the open
  • Control the heating yourself

4. Safer Bathrooms

  • The best practice is to get grab handles installed in the senior people’s bathroom.
  • Set the temperature of the water to moderate and keep an eye on it.
  • Use anti-slip rubber mats in the bathroom and shower area to minimize the risk of slipping.
  • You can also install a specialized bathing chair so that they do not have to bathe while standing or lying in the tub that posits risks of slipping or drowning.
  • Keep the chemicals out of reach.
  • Install a motion sensor night light near the bathroom light switch so that they do not have to fiddle around in the dark to turn on the lights.

5. Safer Bedrooms and Kitchen

  • Install an alarm for the burning stovetop to prevent any potential fire.
  • Remove the cleaning chemicals from the reach.
  • Install handles and bed rail in the bedroom.
  • Using a telescopic grab bar that extends from the ceiling to the floor is also helpful for getting out of bed and reaching out for the wheelchair or any other helping tool.
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Gadgets to Help Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe

1. Under Bed Light WILLED Dimmable Motion Activated Bed Light

If you have elderly members of your family living with you, this under the bed motion-sensing light is the perfect choice for ensuring that their movements around the room are safe. How many times do we have to fiddle around in the dark before we happen to find the light switch besides our nightstand? If we have so much difficulty in getting out of the bed safely, imagine what it would be like for the older adults.

This motion sensing light by Willed comes in a strip that is 5 feet long. You can easily install this light around the bed so that the moment someone gets out of bed, it lights up! It also comes with a dimmer so that you can adjust the lighting. It gives you the option to choose the color temperature as well.

2. Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad

This caregiver alarm system comes with a wireless alarm and a bed sensor pad. It is highly effective for monitoring the activities of the elderly loved ones. It alerts or signals you when they have left the bed so that you can keep an eye on them. With older people, there is always an impending danger of falling out of bed or getting off the bed unattended.

The bed pad of this smart alarm system is made of the softest vinyl, which does not posit any discomfort for the user. It can also be cleaned without much hassle. The sensor bed pad should be placed under the user’s shoulder or lower body. The moment the user gets off the bed, the system signals you. This system uses three size C batteries and is very convenient to use.

3. Indoor Cam 1080P FHD Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera with Night Vision

One of the biggest safety concerns, when you have elderly loved ones at home, is someone breaking in or them getting out of the house unattended. As it is highly impossible to be at home on guard all day, the TeckinHome Cam is the savior you all need. It is a high-end security camera and monitoring system.

This security camera monitoring system is highly capable of detecting even the slightest motion or sound and keeps recording the video. The Night Vision & 2-Way Audio-Indoor Camera has a night vision mode that allows you to view in low-light situations. When you see an emergency, you can conduct a two-way dialogue. Control the Indoor Camera More Easily: The App controls all of the Indoor Camera’s functionalities. You can also watch 1080P and 108° wide-angle live streaming at any time from anywhere. It can also be readily learned by the elderly. *Please make sure the camera is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

4. Med-E-Lert™ Premium Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

With this intuitive technology at hand, you do not have to worry about your loved ones forgetting any pill. This automatic pill dispenser comes with 28 spacious compartments that can hold up to 18-20 pills at a time. It is secure as it comes with the lid that does not let any moisture or dirt get to your pills. Also, the barrel key minimizes the risks of pills falling out or someone tampering with them.

Once you feed in the settings in this dispenser, it remembers and retains the information for a long time. This is the most needed tool for caring for elderly members of your family.

5. Secure SWCB-1 Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System

This is the most optimized tool for quick emergency action. The nurse call button is easy to use and can notify the caregiver in seconds. It has a system range of about 500 feet in open spaces. A simple press of the call button sends a signal to the caregiver. The most striking feature of this emergency nurse call button is that it can also be easily worn as a pendant. With this gadget, your loved ones are always safe, and you can keep an eye on them.

6. Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

It is indeed a difficult task to look after the elderly loved ones who are dependent on you for everything. These loved ones mostly face bladder control issues and often cannot get out of bed fast enough to use the bathroom. In such cases, it is very important to keep checking if the sheets are soiled and need changing. This bedwetting alarm is ideal in such a situation. It comes with an alarm system that notifies you when the bed is wet.

This helps in protecting the users from catching a cold and sleeping in the discomfort. You can place this urine detection mat under the bedsheet.

In a Nutshell

In the old age, people become more prone to accidents as they cannot move freely and independently and cannot easily maneuver their way around. If you have an elderly family member at home, you would know how worrisome caregiving gets when you leave the house or leave them in the bedroom for even an instant. There are tons of gadgets that can help make this task much easier. The tools we mentioned above are there to help and assist you in minimizing the risks of injuries.