Lavender Pillow Project for Seniors

Making nice things, like a lavender pillow, that can be used, or given as gifts are favorite senior activities. And this also makes a great craft for the elderly who may have some limitations too, with a little extra help.

A pillow filled with lavender is a popular aromatherapy project, and really easy to make. Plus, working with the lavender smells wonderful!

This project does take a little sewing, so some elderly may need a little help. But along with fabric glue, you can sew by hand if you’d like. (Using fabric glue, too, ensures that the seams will be tight, so the flax seeds do not seep out).

Use small pillows for drawers as a sachet, or put them over your eyes for soothing relaxation, or lay one next to your pillow at night or when napping. Larger pillows are great for warming hands and your lap or holding against your chest. For those who have issues pertaining to sleep, relaxation or warmth, a lavender pillow is very comforting. You can also chill them, to use when you need to cool off.

These are one of our favorite easy craft ideas, and also great gifts. Decorate it with artificial flowers, and/or sew or tie a little ribbon around it, then slip into a gift bag.

(If you are going to use these warmed up, I recommend testing artificial flowers and ribbon in a microwave first, to make sure they won’t get ruined. You want something sturdy enough, not too delicate, and nothing with metal, such as wiring).

Lavender Flowers

If you are looking for elderly activities for older seniors, these are fun to make for those who have finger dexterity.

You will require a range of items to design your own Lavender Pillow. We suggest you some of the top products from which will be essential in your project. We personally recommend these ones because they are assured in terms of quality based on the customer reviews as well as Amazon rankings.


Obviously, you would be requiring a strong fabric to design your pillow. We suggest cotton mainly because it is an all-weather fabric as well as the fact that you can easily wash it whenever you wish to do so.

Flax Seeds

Since the quality of the flax seeds does not matter find the cheapest option that will meet your needs.

Lavender Essential Oils

You might have the question as to why the lavender oil is required for this pillow. The answer is that it is needed to create a flax seed mixture that is going to be used within the pillow. In addition to that, it will give out the perfect aroma to the entire pillow as well.

Dried Lavender

Lastly, for the purpose of decoration, you would need the dried lavender that is normally used for home decoration purposes. These will complement the lavender oil as well by adding more to the natural essence and aroma.

To Make the Lavender Pillow:

  • Turn the fabric inside out.
  • Sew tightly around all sides, leaving one side open, to make a pouch. Or you can use both fabric glue, plus stitching to make it extra tight. (This is the best way).
  • Turn the pouch right side out.

Mix together in a bowl:

  • Flax seeds, dried lavender.
  • Sprinkle several drops of lavender oil in various places. Mix everything together well.
  • Pour the flax seed mixture into the pouch so it is only about three-fourths full. This allows the pouch to be flexible during use.
  • Then sew up the open end of the pillow (or ideally, use fabric glue plus stitching).

You can heat the pillows in the microwave. Test the time frame for your pillow size, by setting the timer for 30-second, then 15-second intervals, until you arrive at the number of minutes you need. The pillow should be warm but not hot — very cozy on a chilly day.

They can also be put in the freezer for cooling off!

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