Learn the Benefits of Non-Slip Bath Mats for the Elderly

Going to the bathroom to take a bath, brush our teeth, and do other things to maintain our hygiene is among the simple but important tasks that we do daily. However, as people age, it becomes more challenging to go to the bathroom alone, particularly for the elderly with certain health conditions and those with mobility issues. Most of them are worried about standing or walking on the slippery bathroom floor.

That is why some people place shower stools and chairs in the bathroom.

There are various solutions in order to keep our senior loved ones safe when using the bathroom. For example, you can install grab bars that they may use to hold on to and support them as they walk or stand inside the bathroom or as they enter and exit the shower or bathtub. In addition to that, another useful thing that you may place inside your bathroom is a non-slip bath mat.

Non-slip bath mats can be used to help keep seniors from slipping and falling while they are taking a bath or shower. If you are wondering how non-slip bath mats can help your senior loved ones, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you the benefits of non-slip bath mats for the elderly. 

The Benefits of Anti-Slip Mats for Seniors

an anti-slip bath mat in the bathtub

The bathroom is among the most dangerous places for seniors, but as we’ve mentioned earlier, the use of anti-slip bath mats can make it safer for seniors to practice good hygiene by themselves. Anti-slip mats are inexpensive solutions to slippery bathroom floors. To learn more about how they can help, below are the benefits of anti-slip mats for seniors:


The number one benefit that seniors may get from using anti-slip mats is safety. Hard floors like tiles and laminate can become very slippery when wet. However, these are among the common floors installed in most bathrooms. Therefore, to make it a safer spot for seniors, placing anti-slip mats in potentially wet parts of your bathroom is a good idea. This can help reduce the risk of injury for your senior loved ones.

One of the great examples of anti-slip mats for bathrooms is anti-slip decking mats. They have ridged backing that prevents the mat from slipping when someone steps on them. They also have ridges on the surface to prevent seniors from slipping and falling when walking on the mat, even if the mat and their shoes or slippers are wet. Anti-slip mats can improve traction and move water away from the standing surface. This ensures the safety of seniors when taking a bath.


In addition to making your slippery bathroom floors safer for seniors, anti-slip mats can also make the floor more comfortable to stand on. Some seniors may find it uncomfortable to stand on hard floors for a long period, such as when taking a bath. But you can install anti-slip mats that are also anti-fatigue in the bathroom so that it will be more comfortable for seniors to stand on them when they take a bath. These mats can provide leg, foot, and back support, which can make taking a bath a more comfortable experience for the elderly.

Easy Maintenance

Anti-slip mats are also very easy to maintain, and they can last for many years. They are usually made from plastic materials that are easy to wash or wipe off and easy to dry, too. If you are thinking of cleaning one using cleaning products, you first need to check whether the anti-slip mat is chemical resistant. But most anti-slip mats can be swept, wiped down with a mop, or hosed clean.

Aesthetic Effect

Aside from providing safety and comfort to seniors, anti-slip mats also help improve the look of your bathroom. They can prevent dirt, moisture, and other debris from spreading on the floor. There are many different designs and colors to choose from when it comes to non-slip bath mats, and you can surely find one that will match your bathroom’s floor and ambiance.


The best thing about anti-slip bath mats is that they are affordable and can be bought in a lot of stores and even online. Installing handlebars in the bathroom may cost a bit more. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy and affordable solution to keep your elderly loved one safe whenever they need to use the bathroom, the best choice that you have is to place anti-slip bath mats in your bathroom. 

Different Areas to Place Non-Slip Bath Mats in the Bathroom

a blue anti-slip bath mat

When it comes to using non-slip bath mats, a lot of people think that they can only be placed inside the shower or the tub. However, you can also place them in many other parts of the bathroom in order to improve traction and prevent your senior loved ones from slipping. If you want to learn more about this, below are some of the other spots where you can place an anti-slip bath mat:

In Front of the Sink

Placing an anti-slip bath mat in front of the bathroom sink may help your elderly loved one avoid slipping whenever they spend time in the bathroom. There are times with water splashes from hand washing, or face washing can make the bathroom floor slippery, and your senior loved one may not notice it. But if there is an anti-slip mat in front of the sink, you can prevent them from slipping even if the floor gets wet.

By the Toilet

You can also place an anti-slip bath mat next to the toilet. Seniors usually use grab bars to help lower themselves to the toilet or pick themselves up after using the toilet. When they do this, their feet are on the sides of the toilet instead of in front of it. That is why it is better to place anti-slip bath mats next to the toilet so that seniors will have a stable surface to step on as they are sitting on and standing up from the toilet seat.

In addition to putting bath mats, you may also install grab bars by the toilet. You may read our Guide to Selecting Grab Bars for Showers and Bathrooms for more tips and recommendations.

Next to the Tub

an anti-slip bath mat outside the shower

In addition to placing anti-slip bath mats in the tub or in the shower, it is also important to place one next to them. If the tub is a long one or a free-standing one, placing mats all along its length is ideal so that both your senior loved one and a caregiver can stand on the mat and prevent them from falling. Stepping out of the tub or shower is one of the most dangerous parts of bathing for seniors, as it is when there is a higher chance of falling. As they place their feet down, they are making a slipping hazard by getting the floor all wet. Therefore, it is ideal to place anti-slip mats for them next to the tub to provide traction when stepping out and avoid slipping.

On a Shower Bench

There are many seniors who use shower benches when taking a bath, particularly those who have limited mobility or can’t remain standing for long periods. Sometimes shower benches are built into the shower and are made of granite or other stone materials that can become slippery when wet. If this is the case, putting an anti-slip bath mat on a shower bench is a good idea. This will provide a stable surface for your senior loved one to sit on and prevent them from sliding off the bench while they take a bath.


It is indeed important to equip the key areas of your house with safety features, particularly if you have elders in the family. Nobody likes accidents, irrespective of whom it happens to. Falls and injuries due to slipping on a wet floor in the bathroom should be the last thing in your senior loved one’s mind while they are doing their daily routines. That is why the use of anti-slip bath mats is essential to make them feel safe, confident, and worry-free, even in just a small but significant way. We hope this post helped you learn more about the benefits of non-slip bath mats for the elderly.

In addition to non-slip bath mats, you may also install raised toilet seats in the bathroom to make your elderly loved ones more comfortable and safer. You may read our article about raised toilet seats and their benefits for more information.