Lidocaine Patch Reviews

This post on lidocaine patch reviews discusses the top patches we have studied.

Lidocaine patches are extremely effective in relieving pain for extended periods of time. Whether you have sore muscles, aching joints or tender skin, lidocaine patches can work wonders. Here you can learn about the best lidocaine patches that you can use to relieve yourself of pain and promote mobility. Below you can check out the best brands from these lidocaine patch reviews.


Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Patches

Salonpas lidocaine patches are tried and true lidocaine patches that have been trusted by many for years.

Where to Buy
Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Maximum Strength Gel-Patch 6ct
Aspercreme Max Strength Pain Relieving Lidocaine Patch
Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch
Lidocare Arm, Neck and Leg Pain Relief Patch
Lidopatch Topical Lidocaine Patches

1. Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Maximum Strength Gel-Patch 6ct



  • Very good sticking ability. These patches adhere to the skin well and are sticky enough so that they don’t fall off even with continuous movement.

  • The pain relief max effects last about six to eight hours which makes the patches a bit longer lasting than many other lidocaine patches.

  • Compared to prescription lidocaine patches, these ones are very affordable.


  • They take some time to kick in. You should wait for about an hour to feel the full effects of these pads.

  • The effects vary from person to person. Unfortunately, some people experience only some pain relief while others feel strong pain relief.

2. Aspercreme Max Strength Pain Relieving Lidocaine Patch

Aspercreme pain relieving patches are powerful lidocaine patches. This brand has been around for years making some of the best quality pain relief creams and patches.


  • Maximum pain relief effect lasts from six to eight hours although some users experience pain relief to extend to as much as twelve hours.

  • Some of the least expensive lidocaine patches that you can buy over the counter.

  • The material is durable, breathable and flexible according to many users.


  • Aren’t as sticky as many other lidocaine patches. These patches tend to fall off more easily with exercise or movement

  • Might not be strong enough for chronic or severe pain. These patches work well for people who have sore or aching muscles but if the pain is severe, prescription medication might be needed.

3. Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch


Icy Hot Lidocaine Patches are powerful since they contain not only lidocaine but also menthol for an additional pain relief effect.


  • Powerful pain relief. Most people know Icy Hot for its powerful pain numbing balm. The patches are arguably just as effective.

  • These patches have a fast pain relief effect relative to some other pain relief patches. Some users claim to feel almost instant pain relief upon application.

  • Long lasting pain relief. Icy Hot patches full effect lasts about 8 hours but of course, you still will likely experience pain relief for hours after.


  • These patches are a tad more expensive than some other pain relief patches and creams.

  • These patches have a distinct smell of menthol since menthol is an active ingredient. Some don’t really mind this side effect while others are bothered by it.

4. Lidocare Arm, Neck and Leg Pain Relief Patch


Lidocare pain relief patches are created by Blue Emu, a company known for its powerful pain relief creams.


  • These lidocaine pain relief patches are some of the most affordable patches you can buy over the counter relative to other pain relief patches

  • Unlike some lidocaine pain relief patches that contain menthol, these patches have no off-putting odor

  • Even though they are inexpensive, these patches are still durable. They are even water resistant however you should not be showering while wearing these pads.


  • According to many users, these patches simply aren’t as powerful as some other lidocaine patches you can buy over the counter

  • Many claim that pain relief can be effective but does not last as long as creams or other patches.

5. Lidopatch Topical Lidocaine Patches


Lidopatch lidocaine patches are great for minor pains such as muscle pains and strains.


  • These pain relief patches have an easy application. You don’t need to worry about a sloppy or gooey mess when you put on the patches.

  • The patches are economical. They aren’t too expensive but are effective at the same time despite the low cost.

  • The effective formula contains both lidocaine and menthol for a maximum pain relief effect.


  • Are a tad small. The patches are great for places such as the neck but you might need more than one to cover say lower back pain.

  • The patches emit an odor. Since they contain menthol they do have a distinct smell. This can be off-putting for some but others don’t mind as much.

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