Major Pull String Alarm Manufacturers

Pull string alarms are the cost-friendly alternative to the major fall monitoring systems out there. Their function involves attaching a clip to a piece of garment worn by a senior patient, and then the pull string is hanged on the chair’s back. When the senior leans forward in an attempt to get up, the magnet is stretched from the monitor and the alarm goes off to notify the caregiver.

However, no two pull string alarms are alike. Why? Because there are several different manufacturers out there making different types of products. With that said, pull string monitors that come from major companies tend to be of a higher quality and boast more features than those made by general firms.  

So what are some of the big names behind pull string alarms? We take a look below. 

Smart Caregiver

This company was founded on one basic value in its mission: to make the best quality and least expensive fall prevention monitors that help caregivers keep their patients safe. Whether you’re a senior at home, a caregiver at an assisted living facility, or a person requiring notification that an elderly is wandering, 

Smart Caregiver has a product for you. When it comes to its pull string alarms, the company allows users to eliminate noise by setting a custom message to be played when the alarm goes off. You can utilize the 15 seconds of playback time to record a familiar voice or melody to keep the patient calm. 

Secure Safety Solutions

This company prides itself on placing its complete focus on surpassing the expectations of customers with the most robust line of high quality fall prevention products. Whoever buys its products can expect to be treated as its number 1 customer by the whole Secure Safety Solutions’ team. Since 1991, the company’s items have supported patients and caregivers in reducing infections, falls and expenses in thousands of hospitals and assisted living facilities across Europe, Canada and the US. 

One of their flagship products is the 120 dB pull string Secure Loud-Mate alarm. It comes with an OSHA certified alarm that gives off a 120 dB alert with a wearer is trying to get up. There’s also continuous patient/resident security in the form of ABS plastic and break resistance. Moreover, two pin positions allow for the convenient release of the “pull pin” in varying mounted angles. The battery switch tester is already integrated, and the whole thing comes with a year-long warranty.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 

This firm was inaugurated in 2000 as “Medical Depot.Inc. After a few years of its operations, the stakeholders saw the opportunity to reflect on the quality of life it offers to the customers of its products, which led them to change the company’s name to “Drive.” The newly form culture and passion led to the creation of a multi-national organization that specializes in fall prevention and elderly care products. Today, the company offers an entire line of diverse medical products including beds, mobility aids, self-assist items, power scooters, power wheelchairs, and more. 

Pull string alarms such as the Drive Medical Tamper Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm are also included in its line of offerings. After the magnetic pull string present in this product is taken off, the alarm sounds go off. The on-off switch is also there inside the pull-switch and it turns on from any angle and adapts to multiple situations through a cord that modifies its position from 28-58 inches. Also, the unit can mount on a wheelchair or a bed, or even a garment that the patient is wearing courtesy of the alligator clip. The whole thing works on a single 9V battery. 

Graham-field (GF)

GF is one of the globe’s leading makers of medical items, with 350 people working in its offices. The company offers a whole range of durable medical items from hospitals, assisted living facilities, retailers and distributors. The ultimate goal is to deliver a high level of service to the consumers of its products as well as to provide support for their success. The company’s headquarters are in Atlanta, GA while its manufacturing units are spread throughout the United States. 

The company also has various brands, including Lumex. It makes a fast alert pull string alarm under this particular brand. The alarm comes with an alligator clip and an activation cord that the user can adjust from 17-inches up to 31-inches. A low battery indicator is also present inside the product, and the alarm has the capability to securely contain itself using the clip. It’s one of the most economical pull string alarms out there for knowing when a patient has moved.


AliMed is an international supplier and manufacturer of industry-leading products that reach across a spectrum of customers in the elderly care, orthopedics, and rehabilitation/nursing markets. The company even leverages European and UK-based distributors to ensure fast shipping. AliMed has over 40 years’ experience in the industry, and is a trusted vendor of high-quality healthcare products. Its wide selection of items also includes aids for daily living that help promote the independence of elderly patients. The right products can help patients with security, dressing, leisure, homemaking, grooming, and bathing. 

For example, AliMed makes a pull string alarm that helps caregivers ensure the safety of senior patients. Called the Magnetic Pull-Cord Alarm, the product comes in the pack of 10, 3 and 8 per box. It’s one of the most versatile alarms available in the market, has a decent battery life, and features a durable on-off switch that works like a charm to alert caregivers when a patient is leaning forward. Its cord too is adjustable from 18 inches up to 58 inches. Overall, it’s a basic alarm that gets the job done.


That ends our list of the major pull string alarm manufacturers. Buying a product from one of these companies guarantees that you’re going to receive a high-quality item that lasts for years. And because these companies also makes other items like chair alarms and bed monitors, you may be able to get all the things you need from a single vendor. So shop around and see what you can find.