Making Eating Easier for Parkinson’s Patients

There are many great pleasures that we get each day, including eating our meals in peace. However, for a person with Parkinson’s disease, it is more of a difficult task than an enjoyment. When we try to eat something, we use our complex motor skills without even thinking about it atleast once. We can easily hold the cooking utensils so that it is steady and at the right angle.

These things are difficult to do for people with Parkinson’s disease as they experience tremors and stiffness in their muscle movement throughout their body, including the hands.For example, when they try to drink soup with a spoon, it often spills. The inability to hold utensils unshakably makes it a lot harder for them to put the food in their mouth.

Things That Can Help Make Eating Easier for Parkinson’s Patients

1. Weighted Utensils

One of the best things for people with Parkinson’s disease is weighted utensils as the weight can prevent their hands from shaking. You can buy these utensils as an entire set, including a soup spoon, teaspoon, fork, knife, or you can buy them individually. They are often made from stainless steel, and the brass color makes them look like regular utensils.

2. Spoons With Large Handles

The heavily weighted spoons with large handles are also very helpful for people with Parkinson’s disease as they offer a very smooth eating experience. You can use these spoons as they have a black rubber handle that is excellent for people with limited hand control.

The spoon’s raised edge around the spoon’s bowl prevents the soup from spilling when the handshakes slightly, hence helping the patient, eating smoothly without any spillage or problems.

3. A Unique Bowl For Keeping The Food Warm

You can use a particular type of bowl that keeps the soup warm for your loved ones as people with Parkinson’s disease take a longer time to eat than an average person because of their condition. They also get very frustrated when the food that they are trying to eat gets cold. Weighted Bowls exist for this very reason to prevent food from spilling and getting cold.

Benefits of Weighted Utensils

Benefits of Weighted Utensils

4. Helps in Eating Food

The weighted utensils have large grips and are easy to handle for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. However, if the tremors worsen, they will require the help of their friends or family members in eating; these utensils will help them quite a lot if they are in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

5. Helps in Detecting Physical Movement

Besides having large easy-grip handles, these utensils also contain electrical components similarto the technologies used in noise cancellation headphones or cameras with image stabilization. When a person uses it, it detects his or her hand movement with algorithms’ help.

6. Helpful for Many Diseases

Other than Parkinson’s disease, weighted utensils also reduce problems like hand arthritis, muscle control, grip strength, and other sensory issues. They also help restore a person’s dignity, allowing him to be more confident in restaurants, coffee shops, or other fast food places.

7. Help in Stabilizing Tremors

The weighted utensils also help stabilize tremors that people get from Parkinson’s disease conditions by providing essential proprioceptive feedback of symptomatic tremors like these. Because of their heavyweight, they reduce the hand tremors and give the person more control when eating.

8. Prevents Shaking

When a person shakes or trembles, these weighted spoons respond by preventing the movement and going in the opposite direction. This action stabilizes the spoon and allows the person to eat comfortably by bringing the fork near the mouth without dropping it.

9. Easily Washable

As these utensils are made of silver, you can easily wash and use them without worrying about health issues or the spread of diseases. They are also very durable, and even if you pass them on to your future generation, it will remain the same as when you first bought them.

Where to Buy
Weighted 7 oz Eating Utensils by Celley, 4pc Stainless Steel Knife Fork Spoon Set for Tremors and Parkinsons Patients
BunMo Weighted Utensils for Tremors and Parkinsons Patients - Heavy Weight Silverware Set of Knife, Fork, 2 Spoons and Travel Bag - Adaptive Eating Flatware Helps Hand Tremor, Parkinson, Arthritis
Linelax Weighted Utensils for Tremors and Parkinsons - 5 Piece Heavy Weight Steel Silverware Set of Knife, 2 Forks, Teaspoon and Soup Spoon - Adaptive Eating Flatware Helps Hand Tremor, Parkinson
Adaptive Utensils WEIGHTED (4-Piece Set) Non Slip Wide Handles for Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or Elderly use | Cutlery Silverware - Knife, Fork, and Spoons
Weighted Fork with Wide Rubber Handle
Sammons Preston - 40057 Plastic Handle Swivel Spork, Adaptive Utensils for Elderly, Arthritis, Shaking Hands, 6" Long
Sammons Preston - 49227 Sure Hand Bendable & Weighted Soup Spoon, Stainless Steel Bends to Any Angle for Customized Eating, Built-Up Handle Grip Spoon is Weighted for a Stable Non-Slip Grip, Adaptive Utensil
Insulated Weighted Bowl


Best Weighted Utensils

Best Weighted Utensils

Following are some of the best-weighted utensils that you can buy for your loved one who has Parkinson’s disease:

1. Weighted Eating Utensils by Celley

These eating utensils are for people who have arthritis, neurological impairments, Parkinson’s disease, etc. It is beneficial for tremors, stabilizing the hand while eating, and provides a comfortable grip and a guarded appearance. It is made of a stainless steel material that stands up to punishing temperatures.

2. BunMo Weighted Utensils

These eating utensils are just like your regular silverware utensils. They contain rustproof stainless steel material, and each spoon weighs about 7 oz., including fork, knife, soup, and tablespoon. These utensils are suitable for tremors and shaking hands. They come in a bag, which means you can easily take them anywhere you like, such as restaurants, hotels, cafés, and relatives’ homes.

3. Linelax Weighted Utensils

These utensils are also suitable for people with Parkinson’s disease. It allows people with Parkinson’s disease to independently eat their food without needing other family members or friends. This five-piece set also reduces the tremors caused by weak grip strength. It allows the person to be confident while eating and restores nobility and normalcy.

4. Pulse Brands Adaptive Weighted Utensils

These weighted utensils prevent trembling hands from affecting independent eating ability. It makes mealtime a lot easier for people with low grip, weak hands and wrists, limited mobility, and functional movement problems. Each of these utensils’ handles is chaffed with a high textured grip that improves the hold and capability.

5. Weighted Fork with Rubber Handle

This high-quality stainless steel utensil is attached to a durable rubber handle. It is ideal for people who suffer from diseases like arthritis, hand tremors, Parkinson’s disease, and skill issues. This handle gives a good grip that allows the person to eat independently without needing others’ help.

To use it, you have to bend the metal at the base right before the handle starts. Doing this helps in angling the metal according to the requirements of the person.

6. Sammons Preston’s Plastic Handle Swivel Spork

This utensil serves as a spoon and a fork at the same time. It has a unique swivel design that keeps the food even if it is at any angle. It is one of the great utensils for people suffering from problems like shaking hands and muscle control. It prevents shaky hands that affect eating food independently and makes the mealtime a lot easier.

7. Sammons Preston’s Sure Hand Bendable Soup Spoon

These spoons have a soft and non-slippery grip with an extra-wide edge that stabilizes the spoon’s grip and prevents the hands from slipping forward while holding. The spoon has rubber with plastic ribbing on the handle that allows you to clean it quickly, and it also resists the particle from building up. It is great for people who have arthritis, weak grip, stroke, or other neurological impairments.

8. Physical Therapy Aids Insulated Weighted Bowl

It is a specifically designed weighted bowl made of plastic and metal for the elderly with hand tremors and Parkinson’s. The bowl weighs about one pound and makes it easier for the patients to eat from it.

Weighted Silverware – Useful Tools for Parkinson’s Patients

Weighted silverware utensils are a must-have for you if your loved ones suffer from problems like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, tremors, neurological impairments, etc. These utensils prevent their hands from shaking and at mealtime make it a lot easier for them to eat their food without taking a long time.

These tools have proven to be of better quality and good looking, but they’re also effective in helping the elderly eat and enjoy their meals like before without worrying about the side effects of shaking hands and spilling food.