Motion Sensors with Remote Alarms: Care From a Distance

Motion sensor with remote alarms are the need of the day now. They are cost-effective solutions to the issue of security around your home or office. You can set up a motion sensor at any place you wish to secure, and a remote alarm will help you keep a tab on the area. The fact that they can sense motion from a good distance means they don’t need to be installed near the patient’s bed

The remote alarm is great for hospitals, assisted living facilities, garages and warehouses. Even if the patient is far, the alarm will alert you about intruders or any other danger. When you receive the alarm, you can perform take various depending on the risk at hand. 

For example, you can call 911, get the patient back into his or her position, or request extra help from fellow caregivers if you’re short of helping hands. Most motion sensor alarms use microwave or sensor technologies to pick up movement. The alarms usually have a motion detector, a control panel and a remote alarm. Smart motion detectors can also be managed through a smartphone or tablet. As a result, you can perform a variety of tasks rather than sitting near the patient 24/7 to ensure they don’t suffer from falls and other similar injuries. 

We have made a list of the best motion detectors with remote alarms for you,

Where to Buy
Extra Loud Motion Detector
WJLING Motion Sensor This sensor is perfect for homes wit
Strobe Motion Alarm
Motion Detector with Remote Alarm
Smart Motion Sensor Alarm Kit

Extra Loud Motion Detector

This alarm provides an additional level of security to your home or office, especially when you are away for a long time. The motion detector is capable of sensing movement and triggering the alarm as soon as there is commotion around. It is a passive infrared sensor that can detect movement up to 24 feet. 

The transmission range of this alarm is 300 feet, and you can receive a trigger even if you are physically away from the property. In order to keep the infrared sensor effective, keep it away from all heat sources like heaters. 

 The alarm has 3 types of settings, doorbell ringer, LED light or alarm/door ringer and LED flashlight. It can also trigger a doorbell or alarm if an unwanted presence is on the premises. You can also set up this alert to get notified if toddlers are going to restricted areas. 

It is an expandable alert system, so you can increase protected area by putting in more sensors. Installation is very easy, and the devices run on battery so no wiring is required. 

WJLING Motion Sensor

This sensor is perfect for homes with long driveways and properties like shops. The detector triggers an alarm and sends wireless signals upto a range of 328 feet. You will be instantly informed if someone enters the area. 

The infrared sensor comes with two plug-in sensors and a wireless receiver. Plug in the sensor into any standard outlet, it will take around 30 seconds to configure and then start working. You can turn the alarm off through the receiver/remote controller. No difficulties will arrive in the installation process because it is very simple.

You can choose from 38 alarm tones and set volume levels. Bright LED light also flashes when movement is detected. The sensor runs on AAA batteries which are not included with the set. 

Strobe Motion Alarm

This wireless alarm system is very easy to install and start. It can detect movement from 30 feet and sound an alarm of 120dB. The alarm comes with one remote controller that runs on infrared technology. 

When the alarm rings, a strobe light also goes off, this is a special feature of this set. You can install the alarm in homes and any types of offices. There is an option to put it on the table or hang the sensor on the wall at a set place of its own. 

The strobe light shines and warns an intruder to stay away, and the loud alarm signals the owner about possible trespassing. The device runs on both batteries and AC adaptor, which is not included in the set. You can also use the strobe light as an emergency light during emergencies and power outages. 

The unit comes with one remote controller, but more can be purchased and used with one alarm. 

Motion Detector and Remote Alarm

This alarm is ideal for those who are looking after sensitive patients at home or hospitals. It can detect motion around the bed or room and signal the caregiver. If patient moves out of the bed, they will stir movement and raise and alarm. A chime-like sound will signal people and save the patient from harm or wandering.

Even though it has significance in medical applications, the motion detector can be used in securing any location. The set contains one infrared detector and one controller, both devices run on batteries. 

Smart Motion Sensor Alarm Kit

This smart motion sensor kit can sound an alarm to the receiver while making no noise at the detecting end. This makes it ideal for pathways and offices for optimum security. You can mount the sensor on a wall or keep it on the floor with the built-in stand. 

The receiver can get alarm up to 100 feet away from the detector. The remote alarm includes three different volume settings and an on/off switch. The devices run on batteries which are not included in the set, but you can also get an AC adaptor that is sold separately. 


We hope you find something useful from our list of motion sensors. Each set has its own unique feature, and you can choose based on the requirement of area to secure. Of course, the design also plays a crucial role in the purchase decision. We’d recommend going with a white-colored unit if the walls of your care or assistant living facility are painted in white.