Outback Pain Relief Review

This Outback Pain Relief review goes into depth on just about everything you need to know about the product.

With Dave Irland’s beaming smile from Wildlife Man films smack on the front, the product certainly seems interesting. However, the Australians seems to have pain relief figured out. Outback Pain Relief is credited as one of the most effective products on the pain relief market today.

The most common and versatile Outback Pain Relief solution would be the 50mL roll-on, but there are also relief sachets filled with the oil as well.

Regardless, this Outback Pain Relief Review will go into full detail on the product so that you can know if its right for you.

Where to Buy
Outback Pain Relief Roll-On Oil 50mL (1.69 fl oz) - All Natural Topical Oil Pain Reliever

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What does it treat?

Outback All Natural Pain Relief treats a host of inflammation and deep tissue pain. The formula can treat sufferers of


  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder pain
  • Bursitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Tendonitis
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Shin splints
  • General muscle soreness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Plantar fasciitis

How it works


Ultimately, Outback All Natural Pain Relief seeps into your skin and soothes muscles and joints that are irritated or inflamed. This solution is different than other products that simply elicit a burning or cooling sensation on the skin which provides a temporary fix to pain. Formulas like this only act to confuse and stun your pain receptors for a short amount of time before the pain starts to come back once again.

For using the rub-on stick, first, wash your hands and pat down the inflamed area to make sure that it’s dry. Next, rub the stick generously on the area – don’t be afraid to overdo it. The oil does not elicit an intense feeling of heat or coolness or give off a tingly sensation so there is no harm in applying generous amounts. From here massage the skin where the oil was applied onto until the formula seeps in. It should take 10 minutes or so. Soon you should feel the soothing effects of the formula.

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Outback Pain Relief surprisingly only uses 4 ingredients- Australian tea tree oil, blue mallee eucalyptus oil, olive oil, and vanilla. That’s it.

The Australian tea tree oil and the blue mallee oil are most important as they contain valuable anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. These native Australian ingredients have been used for centuries for the purpose of relieving pain.

Although the product only contains these 4 ingredients, the companies patented blending process ensures that the ingredients work most effectively. The ingredients are aged and blended over the course of eight weeks to create a powerful bond.

What sets it apart from other pain relievers


The formula contains 100 percent natural ingredients that are cruelty-free and GMO-free as well. There aren’t too many products on the market that contain such simple ingredients without any unnecessary filler at all. Many companies even provide pain relieving products that contain harmful ingredients that may cause side effects.

In addition, the formula focuses on the deep penetration of the joints and muscles to treat the root of the pain. Many other products such as Icy Hot will stimulate the pain receptors that trigger the sensation of heat or chills in the area applied. This might feel like there is some effect but really the pain relief is temporary since solutions like these only temporarily confuse pain receptors. Outback pain relief seeps into the areas of pain and soothes these areas for hours after application.

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  • No gimmicks- Only natural ingredients without filler
  • Extremely effective in reducing inflammation and soothing pain
  • The product can restore range of motion and even improve sleep quality
  • Patented formula eliminates pain for many hours on end
  • Extremely affordable



  • Smelly – Some claim that the fragrance of the product is a bit too strong for them
  • Does not relieve pain from serious injury or rashes
  • The texture is slightly greasy until it sets in which can be unsettling for some
  • Not a guarantee- Although the product has known to be extremely effective for most pains, there are exceptions and like every other product, it won’t work for some people
  • It doesn’t cure painful skin infections such as ringworm or jock itch

Verdict – Outback Pain Relief Review


The information in this Outback Pain Relief Review should give you a pretty good idea of the value of the product.

All in all Outback Pain Relief is highly recommended for anyone who is suffering from aches, pains, and soreness. Coming from a company who has a reputation for making not only simple products but extremely effective products as well, you can’t go wrong with Outback Pain Relief.

In addition, it is rare that you will find a product this effective for such an affordable price. For a product under 20 dollars this pain reliever provides exceptional value. In addition, there is also a money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work or if you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all.

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Others Opinions (from the official site)

“Willing to try anything for plantar fasciitis relief and came across Outback. I put it on at night, and it’s definitely easier to get out of bed in the morning. It does have a scent, but I find it kind of comforting. I’m generally not a fan of topical rubs, but this one actually helps!”

“Awesome product! My hands used to be so stiff in the mornings and the pain when I flexed them, OMG!!! I have tried lots of products and this product is the best by far!!! I no longer have stiff hands in the morning and no pain!!”

My husband started with the topical Outback. It worked great. Then he tried the krill oil supplements. Even more relief, together with the topical. Then he tried the green lipped mussel supplements. Amazing relief and with only occasional topical applications. He was beginning to think he would need surgery for his back and knee. Now he hardly ever notices the pain at all. Great products, Outback!”

I hope this Outback Pain Relief review provided some value. Thank you for reading!