Top Outdoor Activities for Seniors

It can be difficult to find fun outdoor activities in older age, which is why seniors are bounded to their beds or sofas. Mobility and movement have benefits to the human body because the blood keeps pumping this way throughout the body and the joints also remain healthy. This is why people …

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What is a Couch Cane and What Are Its Benefits?

elderly man holding onto a cane while sitting on a sofa

Besides getting up from bed, standing up from the couch can be very difficult for seniors and patients with disabilities. Most of the time, patients would need assistance from caregivers just to get out of the sofa, and this is sometimes not possible all the time since caregivers would sometimes have to …

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Essential Items to Help Elderly Patients When Eating

an elderly man eating soup

One of the essential parts of taking care of the elderly is providing them with nutritious and delicious food to keep them healthy. In addition to that, it is also great to serve them their favorite meals or bring them to their favorite restaurants and spend some quality time with friends or …

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What are Over the Bed Tables and What are Their Benefits?

elderly man eating breakfast in bed using an overbed table

There are many seniors and people with disabilities or special needs that are already bedridden and aren’t able to move their legs properly due to injuries and weak bones or muscles. For bedridden patients, the caregiver would need to assist them 24/7. To help caregivers have an easier time taking care of …

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How to Make Your Home safe for an Alzheimer’s Patients

a graphic puzzle depicting Alzheimer’s

Is your loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s living at home? If so, your living space might not be safe enough for them. A plastic toy left on the floor or a rug can easily cause a fall – something which can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. That doesn’t mean Alzheimer’s patients …

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Making Alzheimer’s Easier For Our Loved Ones

a happy old man sitting near a blue table

Finding out that a loved one is diagnosed with severe illness is a life-altering situation and watching someone close to you suffer through Alzheimer’s or dementia, a disease that slowly takes away a person’s identity, is definitely heart-breaking. Making the journey of the patient easier through the pain is the number one …

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Effective Retirement Planning Guide for Seniors

Elderly couple sitting on a bench at a beach and enjoying their time

If you are currently working for someone, then it does not mean that you are going to work for that employer for your lifetime. One day you will be retired. What will happen after your retirement? Do you have plans for your life after that? You must have answers to these questions …

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Prevention and Precaution in Dementia

old man sitting near a beach

Alzheimer’s or dementia is often not a result of a single factor. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease would mean reducing the number of risk factors that are known to increase the chances of this disease developing. Factors such as lack of activity, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. are known to be few alterable reasons behind …

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Dementia and Alzheimer’s

old patient swinging happily

The diagnosis of any disease affects a person’s life overall. Your lifestyle, personality and social circles, all get affected just by a single diagnosis. Alzheimer’s is an incurable illness. It gradually affects a person’s ability to function normally by slowly killing away brain cells. A person with Alzheimer’s not only gets affected …

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