Best Chair Exercises for Senior Citizens

Physical strength, vitality, stamina, and of course, flexibility are the traits that are equally valuable for both young and seniors. If you want to fight the aging process, then you need to make your body strong enough to tackle the challenges of old age. For a healthy and happy life, you need … Read more

Best Picture Dialer Phones for Elderly

If you want to buy a phone for yourself or your elderly loved one with vision/sight problem or dementia, you should go with a picture dialer phone because senior citizens are unable to use that normal telephone because it may be challenging for them to remember numbers or names. These special picture … Read more

Best Senior Safety Medication Dispenser

Senior patients and their caregivers or family members may have a tough time remembering and following a strict medication routine – their routine of taking meals, exercising, and most of all, medication on time is disturbed. Taking medicine on time can prevent and slow down illness or disease. Medication dispenser is the … Read more

Top 7 Dementia Guidebooks

Books are a remarkable and best source of getting knowledge or guidelines regarding any aspect of life. Families or caregivers who are taking care of people with dementia may not have proper knowledge about its prevention, how to deal with it, and most of all, how to improve the person’s physical condition … Read more

Best Sensory Cushions For Daily Use

Have you noticed lately that your kid is having a hard time concentrating? Does he or she feel they need a little extra to lock their concentration in place? What could that extra be?  Sensory sensitivities are one thing that kids experience at an early age. This leads them to lose concentration … Read more

Best Day Clocks for Dementia and Elderly

Dementia is one of the most common health issues of old age. People suffering through this problem start forgetting many things. Their memory becomes weak, and they start forgetting even the names of their loved ones.   People with dementia, in worst cases, are not even able to keep track of what date, … Read more

How To Home Care For The Elderly in Their Own Homes

When someone gets old and crosses the age of 65, they become as sensitive and emotional as babies are. Senior citizens have a special place in any modern and developed society. They are facilitated in all possible ways so that their life can keep moving as smoothly as it was back in … Read more

Best Motion Sensor Alarms for Fall Management

Cordless Fall Monitor

When someone you love reaches a certain point in age or health that may hurt them, the need to be more vigilant arises. This is especially for those who become too sensitive and prone to falling and injuring themselves. According to a research, fall prevention is a major concern for every caregiver … Read more

Reading and Writing for Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s or dementia, a disease that erodes on a person’s mental capability by gradually eating away the brain cells responsible to receive, comprehend and store information. As a result, people with Alzheimer’s slowly lose their memory. This affects their ability to comprehend things and also, makes it difficult for them to communicate … Read more

Best Activity Books for Dementia Patients

Need a hand in helping people with dementia to get more progressive results? Other than physicians and care centers, books can also be a beneficial source in preventing and treating dementia. Dementia can be reduced with the help of activity books. These books help sharpen cognitive skills and recall the memories. They … Read more